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Divination is the act of foretelling energy and discovering hidden knowledge via your intuition & mystical practices, through a tool that provides the portal to this sacred information.

The Tarot Cards are my portal, an ancient divination system of 78 cards that illustrate energetic archetypes and universal lessons that the human condition collectively experiences.

Tarot Session are a means to access that tool with me and receive personal wisdom in a completely approachable and relatable way.

Receiving a Tarot Session is an alternative and effective method of checking in with your intuition, accessing guidance from spirit/higher source and receiving clarity from an ancient practice.

Have any curiosities about the decisions you’ve made, your personal path/journey or concerns over a particular topic?

Looking for a fresh perspective on a situation and you’re open to receiving guidance from an alternative source?

Maybe you don’t have any questions and you’re just seeking to have a mystical experience.

This is just for you.

Your intuition led you here and nothing is coincidental.
My Tarot Sessions are held 1-on-1 via Phone/FaceTime, Skype, Email or In Person in Brooklyn, NY.

Select the session that best aligns with your needs and budget.

I’m excited to explore with you!

*If you do not hear from me, please double check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder, as sometimes communication can end up in the wrong folder.*


What to do:

After you’ve made your payment (payment must be received before scheduling), please email me at urbanillumination@gmail.com with a couple of timeslots that work for you to connect on the phone/Face-Time/Skype (or in person). I will correspond with my schedule & find a time that works best for the both of us. In an email, we will confirm a time & date and exchange contact information for the session.

All phone readings include a complimentary photo of your Tarot Spread from our session.

How to pay:

Click the drop-down menu that is aligned with your needs above and choose the length and number of readings you’d like to purchase. You’ll receive a payment confirmation note shortly after.

15-min Tarot Session = $25

15-Min Tarot Sessions

30-min Tarot Session = $45

*One Session ($45)
*Two Sessions ($90)
*Three Sessions (135)

30-Min Tarot Sessions

45-min Tarot Session = $55

45-Min Tarot Session

60-min Tarot Session = $75

60-Min Tarot Session


Looking to provide someone with an experience they’ll always remember? Why not gift them with a memorable session of intuitive direction, choice clarity and spiritual connection?
If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one or friend, simply purchase your intended reading or package using the drop-down menu below and email me at UrbanIllumination@Gmail.com to tell me the name and email address of the lucky gifted.

I’ll conjure up a digital gift certificate and drop it into your inbox to print out or pass on with your own personal touch. If you’d prefer me to email it to their inbox directly, please let me know.

Choose your option from the drop down menu:

Gift Certificate of Tarot Sessions

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