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#Tarot #Meditation // The Empress + The Seer

The Empress is the full embodiment of the Mother; the woman who can do it all and has her intuition as sharp as a blade. She is the woman that she's always envisioned to be & never ceases in creating what her heart desires. The Empress cultivates her power and exemplifies her magic by projecting it out into the world. She is a master at balancing her creations & tending to her own needs as well because she cannot give from a place of lack. Inherently knowing her worth, the Empress is full abundance, bountiful, loving, nurturing and ever creative - the world is her oyster because she knows she is deserving. Prepare to gain great creative inspiration, the Empress reminds us to put our needs first and to treat ourselves as royalty when we are busy taking care of the world around us. Use your sensuality to tap in deeper to your inner and outer wealth; welcome new & invigorating experiences into your life and don't fear putting those seductive skills into play. Mother yourself like no other & tend to your manifestations as if they were your children. This is the makings of a profound & powerful woman, the empire that you seek is being built before your eyes. Embrace all that has transpired to get you here, all the characteristics you embody (the good, bad and ugly) - the Empress is ever [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // King of Pentacles + 10 of Pentacles 

The King of Pentacles is the epitome of security: financial, health, spiritual, etc - he is successful in creating long term abundance for himself without the possibility of that well draining itself. His pride comes in the work he has put in, pushing his limits in all aspects of his life so he can attain his goals of security & comfort for him and his family. In order to thrive he must be consistent, grounded, faithful to his mission with the support of his loved ones and his community. His manifestations grant him financial wealth along with other material goods and a spirit of benevolence & nurturance. The King of Pentacles reminds us to focus on the long term. What are you doing today that can produce the rewards that you seek in years to come? How does it appear in your daily to-do list? What are you doing to bank on your genius and talents? The King of Pentacles has the Midas touch, as long as he is faithful & confident, anything he involves himself in, is a success. Patience and gradual persistence makes this man a gold-mine. Keep on keeping on. Your path will yield the results that you seek. Do not hold back from your power & find ways to monetize from the wealth you have within. Be mindful of your ideas on wealth; the more you can perceive it in various [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Full Moon + Ace of Wands 

The Full Moon is a messenger of new revelations, illuminating what is now completed and ripe for the taking. It heightens our emotional sensitivity, making us raw to our senses & receptive to non-physical information to stream in. It also has the ability to manipulate our emotions & drive us to over look any rational faculties we might have. Alternatively, if used in a conscious way - it can positively heighten your energy - enhancing your power and experience. It brings to mind what we have acquired that makes us full and complete? What now enhances our potential & supports our greatness? How will you use this energy for your manifestations? The Ace of Wands brings forth the flames of pure potential - something spectacular is being birthed within you. Any spark of insight, inspiration, idea & intuitive inclination to be taken action on. A little bit goes a long way; plant any seeds that are springing up for you daily. You can receive a sudden opportunity to land on your lap that excites you and inspires your blossoming. Use this passionate energy to direct your creativity & manifestations. The Ace of Wands can also enhance your sexual vibes, making manifestation ripe and your essence alluring. Empower yourself and be mindful of the exchange. Often when something new arrives, something old leaves. Embrace the change and take charge of the direction your life is now [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 7 of Pentacles + the Hermit (Obaluaiê) 

The 7 of Pentacles reminds us to practice the power of patience and cultivation. Rome was not made overnight, neither will your goals bloom so suddenly. It takes persistence, discipline & periodic check-ins with your investments. Are things growing the way you'd like them to? What do you need to add on to support/enhance the growth or take away? Scale your progress, monitor your habits. Instant gratification serves no one & we are aiming for the long term, not fast rewards. The 7 of Pentacles shows how consistency breeds growth, continue practicing your discipline in your craft, with your finances, health, spiritual pursuit, business/career, art, etc - the golden pot of fortune is inevitable if you continue on the road. The Hermit speaks of this journey in which we start off being lesser than that which we transform into. The process can be tedious & long, with much need to reflect on one's actions & philosophies - training & teaching ourselves how to improve over time and to trust our own wisdom. Nothing about these cards communicates speed or sudden results. Whatever you are pursuing or transitioning into will need time and space to bloom. How can you honor and support that today? The Hermit needs solitude in order to best focus on his personal rhythms & spirit within. You will need space to assess what you have been creating and the path you have [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 4 of Wands 

The 4 of Wands has us embracing our paths, appreciative for the work we've put in but also seeing rewards appearing as a result. This energy is of accomplishment, celebration, connecting with others who share our journey & finally establishing a sound foundation. Through your consistent effort & dedication, the 4 of Wands is your reward and shows the strong stability you have created for yourself. This can also allude to a marriage on the horizon, blooming & supportive relationship, healing amongst the family, a new & flourishing home life, milestone accomplished and just major achievement. It reminds us that all of life does not have to be a struggle, we should indulge in pleasure, celebration & the good company of others that empower us & support our drive. It can also hint that there may be a bit more work to put in but the finish line is visible and so near. For some this can symbolize a period of joy, inner peace, confidence in the journey & security. The need to struggle is non existent as you are blessed with good fortune and support + appreciation from your community. Feel proud for the growth you've exhibited and for what's to come! Let your hair down and play with your manifestations. Gather with your friends & rejoice over drinks & great food. Abundance is yours!

#Tarot #Meditation // 5 of Wands + Queen of Wands

What good is it to have all these ambitions & goals, if you cannot make sense of them and organize your life? The 5 of Wands brings awareness to our internal chaos, the mass of desires we store and all the passion that comes along with it - our struggle to find grounding in our journey towards manifestation. So you have hella resolutions this year - great! What are you going to do to make sure you actualize all of them? The 5 of Wands reminds us that a game plan & structure is what's going to keep the ball rolling. We find more ease & happiness in knowing that work is being put forth towards our dreams by being consistent and doing a little each day towards each of them. Perhaps you might want to edit your goals & visions this year - are they realistic or did you go overboard attempting to everything at once? Scale your progress & focus. All this disorganized energy can make you bitter, resentful of your own momentum & critical too. This card shines light on the battles we face, be that with our own worth or external challenges encountered on the way to discovering that. Question the purpose of getting into a mess. Is it worth it? The Queen of Wands heralds an energy of resourcefulness; she can do it all with a dash of sexual/sensual essence. [...]

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