Tarot Meditations: Written to Awake and Inspire the Source in All of Us

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#Tarot #Meditation / Queen of Cups + Knoght of Cups + the Hermit + Love + Stormy + Focus

The Queen of Cups is completely comfortable w/ showing her vulnerable side, she knows that this is her strength & she would never restrain it. In tune w/ others emotions & sensitivities, she may also label herself as empathic & highly intuitive. The Queen encourages us to gain comfort w/ our soft spots & dive deeper into our natural psychic abilities, as she holds the gift to be a profound diviner. In order to be at peace with yourself, you must be in tune w/ all of your emotions. Because this is effortless for her, she can connect w/ other & help them through transitions as well. This can be a time of great self-love, acceptance & much clarity that appears to you. You may serve as the Knight of Cups, a messenger of love & creativity. Your focus is enhanced on beauty; how to live your fullest life & how to bring forth more beauty into your world. The Knight can be impulsive w/ his emotions, although sensitive because he knows ignoring them will leave him dissatisfied. Be mindful on what you're going after & make sure your intentions are clear & pure on all ends. Sometimes you have to dive in deeply in order to emerge with a new understanding & a solution. Stormy days are inevitable when dealing w/ the roller coaster of emotions. But as w/ all things, they will pass. [...]

#Tarot #Lenormand #Meditation / 9 of Wands + 3 of Wands + High Priestess + Mountain + Stars + Ship

The 9 of Wands suggests that you place some responsibility on others. You may be attempting to handle everything yourself when there are others eager to help you out if you are open & willing to put yourself out there. There is much importance in others contributions, allowing others to share the load frees you up to focus on other goals & intentions. The 3 of Wands brings you fire-starting energy; it reminds us the importance of taking initiative and doing what most are fearful or won't. There is determination & great purpose in this card which can bring you amazing success should you take advantage of your leadership skills. The 3 of Wands marks as a pivotal time in your life where you're learning how to put your needs first and establish your own journey rather than following the crowd. The High Priestess reminds us to listen to our feelings more than ever, as this is the key to other dimensions & accessing a deeper realm within ourselves. The High Priestess encourages you to trust in yourself more than ever. Move forward with your insight & creative imagination. If you've been feeling lethargic & delayed with your own motivation, prepare for an instant change. There may have been some slow progress, especially if you have not been feeling enthusiastic or motivated towards greatness but a boost in the right direction is heading your way. [...]

#Tarot #Lenormand #Meditation / King of Wands + Devil + 10 of Coins + Birds + Clouds + Letter

The King of Wands is passion, vitality & the willingness to use one's true power. You may be exhibiting great potential to be a leader, one w/ a phenomenal heart, open mind & internal structure. Most individuals can feel you without you having to say a word, which is a testament to the energy that you give out. Use this positive influence to command attention from those above you & to mold the future that you seek to live. Alternatively, this can represent a character in your life that is of high importance, perhaps they are inadvertently serving as a mentor, someone you should take good notes from as you will gain much benefit from their moves & strategy. Things begin operating easier for you once you believe that they already work in your favor. This character can have a particularly important role in your life if you are experiencing particular demons that are limiting your perception. The Devil will allow one to believe that things are outside of their control; he will grab a hold of your emotions & chain you into inactivity, lethargy & self-victimization. Your bondage is by choice however, for the Devil is an illusion & a fragment of ourselves. If negative habits, patterns, beliefs & indulgences are appearing, be mindful to let them go. Sometimes these patterns are pleasures that stem from our past; mastery & self-control are needed to [...]

#Tarot #Lenormand #Meditation / Temperance + Hermit + 3 of Cups + Rider + Anchor

Temperance will guarantee that your life is in a constant flux. It is always seeking to gain equilibrium, cleansing our paths and souls from past experiences & preparing is to encounter our truth. Clarity is presented at this time, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding regarding our personal processes & stages we encounter for growth. It is in these trials that we discover our true beauty. It is a time for self-healing and to acquire more harmony in our lives; allow the spirits to do their work by influencing you in subtle ways you're oblivious to. Master your self-control in the meantime. The Hermit seeks all answers from himself; he fundamentally knows that everything else is an extension of him. During this process of transformation & "waiting," meditation is needed to allow further clarity to appear. Don't rush to make quick decisions, marinate on some options & see how your heart feels along the way. In order to better understand where you are going, reflect on your past. It could be a great time to reunite & connect with family & friends. Invest valuable time with them & rejoice over what is to come & what everyone is in the process of creating. Make beautiful memories & find gratitude in all the small journeys. If you're open, you may receive exactly what you need to hear in order to move forward. The potential to [...]

#Tarot #Lenormand #Meditation / 5 of Swords + Sun + the Hanged Man + Birds + Child + Garden

The 5 of Swords teaches us the importance of detachment & how healthy it is to do so in order to make room for our betterment. There may be something that you're resisting parting from, whether that is an individual, a belief system, an old habit, environment or way of being, you know better than to hold on but perhaps your fear of change is keeping you from letting go. You may have pent up resentment from disagreements, competition, feeling lost or inadequate - but this is to shift fairly quickly. The battle you've been participating in is over. The Sun appears to brighten up our lives, illuminating our spirits and giving us a new set of eyes to see things work in our favor. It is the opportunity of a new start but encourages you to take action w/ this new boost of energy. The Sun reminds us of our free will and if we don't like something, we always have the power to change it - be our perspective or choice in the matter. It is the energy of vitality, joy and living! What would you accomplish if you no longer resisted what you wanted to do & had no care over the opinions of others? This is what the Sun teaches us in our lives, to shine consistently without a concern over burning others. It introduces a very successful flow & secure [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Empress + 5 of Wands + 8 of Coins + Fire + Earth + 2 of Water

The Empress reveals the process of our feminine evolution, the ability to be receptive to the abundance of the world & act as a vessel, the intermediate between the spirit realm & the physical. Because of her personal experience & trust in her wisdom, she is prosperous & is dominant in the manifestation game. Her power lies in self-awareness, love & creativity. Your evolution provides massive opportunity to demonstrate your powers & make your mark out into the world. Rather than focusing on others' business, it's best that you tend to your own development selfishly; it is when your own cup overflows that you can gracious give to others. It's best not to get caught up in the competitive battles of other individuals & their own low self-esteems. Petty arguments, vibrations & disingenuous energies only stem from an individual's disconnect from their own personal power. At the end of the day, it deals with how they perceive their own potential & worth. This is not something you should be bothered or distracted by, stay on your own grind. Competition should be w/ your own efforts & how you were before. The 5 of Wands can only win by maintaining perseverance & a strong will. You have the grace & strength to cope w/ challenges; hang in there & you will see the rewards. The 8 of Coins is only concerned with self-mastery & improvement. Prepare [...]

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