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#Tarot #Meditation // Page of Cups

The Page of Cups offers a cup of renewal, a sense of refreshing change & uplifting energy. This is a youthful man who has much to offer the world through his heart & emotions, he can be prone to live in his imagination & love hard. There is an unexpected element in the cards, a fish jumping out from the cup to greet him! Surprises greet you with this energy. It's important to pay attention to your subconscious realm & what you've been projecting without your awareness. It's quite possible that the universe is answering your requests. You may feel inspired to approach life from a new perspective & belief system. It is a card that pertains to many artists, heightening our creativity & sensitivity to the world around us. For that reason, you are wide open, your senses raw & attentive to the supernatural & cosmic forces. Syncronicity can happen in abundance; unlikely circumstances can fall into your lap giving you an advantage. Play within the spirit realm. Indulge in Tarot, Divination forms, Astrology & other fun occult practices. This is the time to get clear answers & live your magic. Engage your imagination to create your best work yet & trust your instincts at this time. You are a clear channel, perhaps more than ever. The Page of Cups can bring us positive news: birth of a project, child, engagement, marriage, accomplishment, gifts, [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // The Fool 

With every beginning comes the ending of something old in our lives; the Fool is the card of initiation, welcoming us to a new pattern of karma and adventure that greets us. There is unlimited potential presented in the Fool & we all carry his energy within, when activated, anything is possible. The Fool teaches us to take a leap of faith for what we want. We can't always afford to be over calculated, attempting to know what the future holds when we don't. All the strength & resources that you need to thrive in any circumstance is within you. The Fool knows this on a fundamental level, therefore he is optimistic & has extreme faith in his path. His faith is that which he relies upon to lead the way; as long as he is attentive to the details, present minded & open hearted, he knows he will get to his destination. Anything can happen so why not hold the belief that things are transpiring in your favor. This card shows that it's time for you to change your pace and enter the new. Be that new scenery, belief systems, direction in life - if you've been holding back in any way, just go for it. The Fool is carefree & doesn't worry about what others think nor does he have anxiety over the future because it has yet to happen. Be courageous, live [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Knight of Cups 

The Knight of Cups offers his cup out into the world, a symbolic gesture of wearing his heart on his sleeve & going after his deepest desires. He is initiating his imagination, going directly after what resonates with him be this love, an interest in change in his life, or his art & passions. You may find yourself directing yourself towards new forms of artistic expressions or feeling vulnerable enough to pursue what's been on your heart. This could mean that you may go after a long love interest or decide to act w/ love and compassion towards that which you already have. We have a soft & romantic element here that makes us flexible & willing to work with difficult forces; remember that sometimes, a bit of sweetness added to any situation, can make it turn to your favor. Support your soul connections at this time; soul mates come in a variety of relationship forms & are of different dynamics. It is not always love & sweetness, these partners are meant to show us aspects of our soul that we've yet to accept or integrate in our psyche. I do perceive the Knight of Cups to be a deliverer of pleasurable sentiments, perhaps encouraging to indulge in fantasy or a message to offer your best to the world and to others in regards to your emotions & talents. The Knight of Cups can remind [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 10 of Pentacles 

The 10 of Pentacles is symbolic of long term success, achieving wealth on all terms. Pictured is a happy family rejoicing under an arch with an ancestor in the distance with symbols of abundance & luscious comfort. This is a positive sign that regardless of countless energy invested in overcoming challenges, working diligently & being persistent, a final point of completion will be reached in which you can enjoy your efforts & the reward it brings. There will be peace, comfort and prosperity in your life at the end of the road, all is not lost. The importance of family & community is highlighted in the illustration as a vital support system or perhaps motivational source. This can point to peace within your own, or working in tandem with close minded individuals & friends that have everyone's best interest in mind. It's a time of celebration, to bask in appreciation & the abundance that you already have. Wealth does not only represent financial prosperity but the ability to generate money through brilliant ideas, having a generous heart & feeling grateful. Focus on the present moment and how it lends to the results you want in the long run. Eliminate factors distracting you from this outcome. Consider how your actions influence you and those around you & work on establishing more peace in your life. This can be a prosperous time in your life; wake up [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles has an unshakable determination to him that guarantees his success. This is someone who tends to be on the safe side of things rather than act on his excitement or move impulsively. Ruled by the element of Earth, his characteristics are balanced, w/ a strong sense of practicality & rational to him. One wouldn't consider the Knight of Pentacles to be a dynamic visionary but he is a visionary none the less. Revealing the Knight of Pentacles shows that you can proceed with your intentions & goals one step at a time. If you're making the intention to rebuild or be serious on your dreams, then it's important to stick by them, regardless of what external distractions you encounter. Keep your eyes on the prize & make no excuses as you ascend. The Knight can deal w/ advancing financially, stabilizing relationships or building something from scratch. Regardless of the challenges, you will be called to be reliable, dependable and level-headed - be the bigger person and don't stray off course. This is a character who is loyal to his cause and will not allow emotion to sacrifice his ambitions. There is responsibility involved in what you want to attain; is it not simple but it is worth it in the end. If this regards relationships, you can bank of steady, slow, improvement. You will need to be grounded & lead, if [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 8 of Wands

The intensity of the 8 of Wands can catch us unexpectedly, knocking us off of our feet if we are not accustomed to "going with the flow." Here we will be tested with our ability to handle things beyond our control, our ability to tap into our wisdom & navigate ourselves fearlessly & to trust where the wave is leading us. The 8 of Wands symbolizes acceleration, energy finally directing itself towards progression and breakthrough, even if it may seem like the opposite. It's understandable to require adequate time for self, solitude or the need to distance one's presence from draining forces such as social media outlets & drama. Ask and you shall receive. But we are often accustomed to think that we will remain comfortable in the process & not have to change. In order to accommodate what we've haven't had, we will need to make room for it and it is not to us as to how that room is established in our lives, so brace yourself, ultimately all is in your favor. This card can have you dealing with pressure, making you feel overwhelmed at the changes; the more you resist, complain & lament - the stronger you will feel the pain. Progress is being made & it requires your full participation. Find ways to cope by focusing on your inner peace, being present & attentive to what is going on. If [...]

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