Tarot Meditations: Written to Awake and Inspire the Source in All of Us

//Tarot Meditations

#Tarot #Meditation // A-Musement + Porcupine

A-Musement correlates to the divine feminine energy we contain, now rising within. This heightened power awakens our ability to naturally attract what we need, unleash our passions & make us radiant & magnetic. We are tapping in deeper to our power of creation & this card guarantees further fulfillment & pleasure when we surrender to our sexual energy & our currents of manifestation. Some are undergoing a mystical initiation that can only be sparked on a spontaneous level. It begins when you surrender. This can spark an excellent time to engage in artistic endeavors or redesign your life in a radical new way. The Porcupine's ability is to trust & have faith. It teaches that Spirit has a divine plan for us and with faith, we have the ability to maneuver through all obstacles. A Porcupine is generally a very friendly animal, who would most likely eat from your palm if offered. His quills come into good use, however, should trust be broken. We are reminded of the power to have child-like wonder, as it supports our creativity & encourages us to look beyond the surface of things. Trust & faith are needed in the process of discovery; these are two important components you must bear in mind as you enter a phase that you're unclear of. The Porcupine engages in play to seek its answers & it dares to ask the right questions as [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Eternal Life + Ant

Eternal life indicates illumination over darker days, clarity over confusion & the completion of a difficult cycle. It introduces the concept of reincarnation & the process of rebirthing one self. You have the opportunity to re-create a new paradigm for yourself & to elevate from lower levels. It's a card of great fortune & success, indicating the fulfillment of a task or cycle. Strength in all forms is embedded in this card, showing that we have transcended difficult emotions & have become more conscious of how we maneuver in the spiritual & physical realms. The Ant engages in the community, everyone helps the other & collectively they are content to see their dreams come true gradually. It's medicine is patience, which in time has its rewards. There is no doubt in the ant's mind that victory for them is inevitable. It is that visualization that sustains their drive. The Ant teaches you to eat slowly & devour your food w/ pleasure, knowing that there is more to come & what is yours, will be. Trust in the universe & in self is required to continue. The Ant appears to encourage your faith & patience in your situation; things are almost done. You always receive what you need when you need it the most, never forget. Be mindful of this "waiting" period, in which you can utilize your creativity & powers to manifest getting ahead. What [...]

#EarthDay #Divination #Pull // Black Panther

The Black Panther's message is 'embracing the unknown,' its medicine allows us to face our darkest fears & unconscious behaviors, excavating our shadows sides & giving us a wholesome understanding of the darkness. The Darkness is where we find our answers & can allow the truth to emerge, along with healing. We are being taught to dive into unfamiliar places in order to discover the areas that need healing. Dreams may be extra vivid during this time, pointing us in the right direction & bringing us closer to spiritual wholeness. This card is a message on not to worry about the future. You're not supposed to mentally "figure things out" at this time, but you must confront something that is being presented to you. This could be feelings of inadequacy, fears of the unknown, or the inability to just BE. Release blockages & limitations & flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. You may be called to take a leap of faith & have immense trust in Source & Self. Take this time to submerge yourself in your own darkness. Explore the void without interruptions or distractions; the deeper you go the more you discover & can heal. Black Panther is providing you with unexpected blessings in these areas, but they are for the ones that are the most courageous. You are never alone, if you enjoy your own company. Do some [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Hermit + 7 of Pentacles + Tower + Truth + Void + Shadow

The Hermit represent a time of distance from others so that you can focus on your own growth & any important themes you must tackle in the moment. Sacred time w/ self fosters wisdom, confidence & emotional intelligence, it will give you space to analyze the energies that you've been involved w/ & the habits that you're more inclined to participate in. When solely focused on your own vibration, you have no other distractions to keep you away from your own intentions & progress. It is a phenomenal time to invest in education, whether is this learning more of the metaphysical arts or diving into deeper into other areas that will expand your awareness; the Hermit invests in his self-growth & is selfish during this time to nurture his soul. It is a period of expansion, there is much to absorb & learn from the lessons that surround you & much to fine-tune. The 7 of Pentacles can demonstrate a strong work-ethic; improvement made based on self-analysis & a realistic view of what you've been choosing for yourself. Alternatively, if you're ready to put in the work, the pay off could be great, be that emotionally or monetary gain. Prepare for a dramatic insight, perhaps one you're already mindful of but have been avoiding. When you center your mind, important news comes your way. The Tower reveals that our lives are to be shook, to [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Page of Cups + Judgement + King of Pentacles + Talisman + Mask + Earth

Judgement hits us hard with personal moments that resurrect our spirits from conscious living into higher awareness. Be this a harsh awakening or not, it is what it is; it's best to learn how to cope in a healthy & helpful manner rather than destructive means. Because we are due to be lifted from our slumber, be that in any aspect of our lives, the Page of Cups may soften the blow by allowing us to land on a cushion of comfortable emotion & support. This is nice, but should not substitute for the work you must clearly do. If the cosmos are sending you in a new direction & pointing towards what needs to be rectified, escapism that the Page of Cups brings, is not your best ally. The Page can have us indulge in sleep, lethargy, excuse making, alcohol, drugs, sex & other forms of pleasure that can equate to avoidance. All in balance. Don't mask the new you due to fear or hesitation because you're uncertain on how the future will play out. Allow your story to unfold organically & be rational & practical (Earth) with whatever power you have in the present moment. Know what you can & can't control & ease up on extra energy trying to force things to go your way. The Page can also be a highly intuitive card; instincts & resonating feelings that you've been storing [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 8 of Machetes + Queen of Machetes + the Sun + Kirpan + Burden Basket + Growth

There may be remnants of you that still feels hesitant or doubtful of the change to come & that which is already transporting. The 8 of Machetes keeps us from being vulnerable w/ the world & actively participating in our lives. It can represent our mental habits coming into play and getting us into a mode of victimization & helplessness. This character however, is showing small signs of liberation; although, blindfolded, she is walking towards a sword in front of her that can untie her bounds & make her face reality. It's time to be extremely real with yourself. The Queen of Machetes knows that honesty is the best policy; she holds her integrity through this belief system and always stays true to her feelings. More logically based & practical, the Queen is prone to observe the facts & actions for what they are. She analyzes & then makes her decision based on what is real, yet does not hold back from expressing her two-cents. Purging through verbal, written or other forms of expression may be required here. You can be holding back from your best self & essentially your resurrection (the Sun) by neglecting your own voice. The Sun emerges w/ clarity, universal understanding, deeper inner healing, joy, happiness & vibrant creativity! It is a card of renewal but if action; there is still work to do & it can be prolonged by ignoring [...]

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