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#Tarot #Meditation // The Hanged Man 

The Hanged Man symbolizes our inability to act when we must, often going against our own intuit & gut instincts. One leg is tied up and the other is loose, leaving you in limbo land, second guessing your own motives. The Hanged Man traditionally yields a halo around his head, a sign of his divine connection & intelligence. What areas of your life do you "know better" but are refusing to act on it? Receiving this card can point to energies of procrastination, hesitation, fear of progress & actualizing one's greatness, or doubt over one's intuition. Another alternative may be that you simply need a new perspective and in doing so, you become more enlightened. It could be time to leave your comfort zone and remove yourself from the norm that you're accustomed to, in order to enhance your personal touch to things or expand in your field. Look for inspiration in unexpected places. Dare to learn something that does not correlate with your passion or field. You never know what value you'll receive or how that experience contributes to a refreshing idea or a rebirth within. If you already know what you must do, however, do not stall in taking action. Life has a way of handing us plot twists that throw our plans in the opposite direction, but are really the blessings & momentum that we need in our lives. Surrender to what [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 4 of Swords

The 4 of Swords demands that we slow down our pace and allow ourselves to rest and contemplate over our actions. Gift yourself some sacred time to be introspective and to reflect on what your next course of action will be in the months to come. If you settle down and create space to catch up with self, you will find that your insights will stream in clearer and your psychic facilities will be greatly sharpened. Before making any rash decision, look over the details and employ you logic to benefit you at this time. This card can suggest calculating or creating a strategy that sustains your positive momentum and supports your thriving energy - not drains it. If you're in need of guidance, we can see that your mind is seeking an outlet to receive. This is possible by reading the mind and resonating on what naturally pops up for you during this time. Great responsibility lies on you, but you will make the right choices by aligning with your heart and acknowledging any emotions that surface & the messages they have for you. You cannot be in full-time mode all the time - the 4 of Swords reminds us that self-care is heavily important for the long term. Spirit communication can be strong during this time, especially while recovering. Be attentive to subtle signs and the dream realm that clues us in, the [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // The Hierophant 

In what areas of your life do you have to exhibit more autonomy? The Hierophant asks you to review the traditions you've adapted in your lifetime: your spiritual beliefs, role in society, family dynamic, financial scenario, etc. Question if these habits serve you or if you can free yourself from the influence of others to establish your own law & order. It can be a great time to immerse yourself in education, supplement your passion with knowledge that will inspire you and enhance your greatness. Take this inspiration to build upon your own vision & heed to your intuition. When you serve your Higher Self, that connection to Source energy & the universal mind, then you fall in alignment with your purpose. The Hierophant encourages you to show up for your power and to honor it by using it proudly. Do you and allow others to find inspiration through your actions. Your focus should solely be on your blossoming and evolution. Create new rituals that support your glow up, that continue to motivate your drive - even on the darkest of days. During this time, you may be committed to discovering your potential and seeing just how far you can go to make shit happen. This energy speaks about the conventional & mundane, there is balance in both worlds because you are far from such, but you mustn't neglect the value of discipline, patience and [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // The Sun

The Sun brings illumination into our lives, helping us to find a deeper understanding & clarity over confusing times. When pulled, we can expect a period of joy, happiness and inner peace. Authenticity is key during this time, your ability to be real will attract the right experiences & resources to you. The Sun reveals your inner radiance, confidence & power. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This is the time to project your magic and influence out into the world and take advantage of the blessings revealed to you. Believe in your ability to make things happen and make peace with your mistakes. Your focus should be on what supports your inner and outer glow. During this time, you may be recognized & acknowledged for the energy you bring into a project, your work ethic, or simply your Vibe. You will have the opportunity to exemplify your greatness and with that many more doors will open for you. The gates make themselves accessible for those that put in the work and carry faith within themselves. Your task is to rise above dense energies and to shine regardless. Project your best energy rather than being a leech to the energy around you. Focus on enhancing the world around you and further empowering yourself. The Sun allows us to experience a dynamic renewal, a rebirth is in store for us - [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Empress + 8 of Wands + Hermit

The Empress exemplifies autonomy, beauty and creativity in our lives. She is the manifestation of the divine feminine within us, revealing our ability to manifest our deepest desires with ease and receptivity. That which you have been asking for, can be easily accessed if you simply let it in. Allow the universe to make space in your life for the blessings that you deserve without your interference. For this week, act as if, and welcome yourself into the possibility of miraculous wonders taking place. Indulge in self-care routines that enhance your inner and outer beauty, create art - be art, and focus on what you can give birth to that will better yourself and the world around you. Adapt a positive perspective to things and see how every circumstance, thought, emotion & action, benefits you in some way. You are ripe with valuable and innovative ideas; opportunities are flying at you as we speak. The 8 of Wands enhances your ability to magnetize what you want to conjure, just be ready to receive and do the work when it lands in your lap. This is a fertile time for you to thrive but doing so requires much responsibility and accountability on your half. Are you ready to put in the work and sacrifice where need be? Are you ready to uphold yourself to a new standard and only expose your spirit to the best that [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // The Emperor + 6 of Pentacles + The Moon

What is your legacy and what are you prepared to do to manifest it? The Emperor speaks of dedicated work, long term labor, executing your vision by all means and great sacrifice. We have the potential to go above and beyond our expectations but have you sat down to consider what you are truly made of and what mark you desire to leave on this world? The Emperor is a leader, driven to actualize all his visions but in the process has established his our routine & traditions that work for him. He's in it for the long run, so there is a great deal of sacrifice involved in his journey. Self-discipline has granted him his throne, teaching us that the power of acting is more important than speaking about it. Keep your moves to yourself and simply allow your energy to speak for itself. You'll reveal your intentions as you do them, but don't expose your premature motives so that others have the opportunity to copy or impose their vibrations on your wishes. This is a great time to strategize your wins for the next year and the end of this one. Allow your wisdom to take lead, don't get carried away with quantity, focus on the quality that you give to the world. The Emperor shows radical independence and you showing up responsibly to do what you must for your desires. The 6 [...]

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