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#Tarot #Meditation // Santeria: Oshun + Ace of Pentacles

The glory of creation lies within you. Take a look at your life carefully and take your power back with honest analysis. What have you conjured for yourself: the good, bad, ugly, beautiful & blissful? We must take the pros with the cons & accept that we create our own demons, along with our angels - you cannot have one without the other. The combination of these cards is to remind us of the beauty we yield; we can learn how to control our creations when we learn how to control ourselves and that requires intimacy, self-care and mindfulness. Tend to your own business rather than focusing on others. Instead of judging beyond you, focus on your own perception of things and what you're creating out of that lens. Oshun carries the gift of fertility, sweetness, abundance, sexuality, playful fluidity & nourishment. Yet she also scorned, jealous, temperamental, moody, a sorcerous of divination & yields the intense potential to bring severe downfall for those that disrespect her essence. Balance your aspects and choose to walk the tightrope carefully. Oshun reveals that we should perceive our lives as mothers, we nourish new beginnings, still feed the past & give way to the future through our intentions & thoughtful energies. We create and we often serve something that is not ourselves. Her presence reminds us to indulge in the beauty of our spirits & lives & to [...]

#Tarot #Mediation // Simba La Flambeau + Ace of Swords + The Tower + 8 of Swords 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and admit where your current hardships lie, you can't save everything but you can save yourself. It may seems as if there is one challenge after another or that things that were once stable, are now fragile and crumbling before your eyes. If you were busy feeling sorry for yourself or playing the victim, ignoring the signs, then reality may have been more harsh than usual but it is not a permanent moment. Give yourself some credit and tend to your needs before resolving any baggage and blockages. You will need to be rejuvenated before jumping into the game and managing unstable grounds. The key is in mental clarity; what do you want and what can you do now to get it? You may feel inspired to write down ideas, organize different aspects of your life or vision board & affirm for greater results. You are a natural artist,  use the power of your mind to get ahead. Your creativity can help your more than expected, loosen up and play with your options. Do your best to relax with the circumstance that you have, and you'll note that new options will present themselves to your benefit. Simba La Flambeau reveals quick action, quick thought & much passion in the mix. Within this combination holds the potential to get yourself out of any mess, especially if it has been one you've dwell [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 7 of Swords + Hanged Man + World Egg

If you're intending to make your move, do so full heartedly & don't look back. You are being granted the opportunity to participate in a rebirth, to start over fresh and on the frequency of what you desire to embody. Spirit may have given you some time to reflect on the chaos of your life and how you've participated in it or how to seek balance. The work is not yet done but time is approaching that will lead toward new beginnings. You can ask for space to meditate on these changes in the meantime, as long as you don't take the excuse to avoid what must be dealt with. Taking a blind eye to the obvious can cause you to halt progress, induce anxiety & have more responsibilities pile on your back than you can handle. You don't have to rush ahead if the present moment is too much to take on, but you should be aware of your feelings & how you may be resisting change at this time. Look at things from a different perspective and angle, perhaps there is something left undiscovered that can bring closure to your life. Trust that you are birthing a new phase of self and chapter in your life, most of which will come as a surprise. Don't constipate your spirit and learn how to go with with flow without assessing everything too deeply. Reasoning will [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Secret Societies + 5 of Pentacles 

It may be the case that at this time many illusions and secrets reveal themselves to you. It doesn't have to be the kind that is of shock value, but may be a very subtle essence that uncovers itself from your subconscious. This information is to illuminate your current state of consciousness & assist in its elevation. It until you face the darkness & trials of your own secret levels within, that you are able to unite with your true power. Those that join secret societies long for power, often studying the metaphysical arts & occult, as it is the path of mastering one's psyche & psychic abilities. The reality of this card is the pursuit of seeking balance in what already is but cannot be visibly seen. The 5 of Pentacles shows struggle, feeling a lack within and therefore suffering in the external world. It may reveal falling upon hard times emotionally or the current struggles one may have in getting over the past. Everything has its pros and cons; we are responsible in seeking the balance in all things, to keep us afloat and centered. You are required to plunge within, a personal initiation is inviting you to participate and be one with your own hidden realms. Contemplation is needed, the strength to assess your pain and challenges is what's needed at this time. Be mindful of what's going on in a minor [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Justice + Petro: Masa La Flambeau

Justice establishes fairness and balance into our lives. This is a period of reaping what we have sown or discovering our karmic patterns and cycles, so that we can progress from them in a healthy way & make peace with what is. Justice can illustrate that the truth will be revealed to us, prepare to get ready for that in any form it chooses to manifest in. At the same times it's important for you to be living with integrity: act, think, & do things in alignment with what resonates with you. It is great learning period where you have the opportunity to set the record straight and attend to old baggage for your evolution. Petro: Masa La Flambeau transport fiery liquid, the elements of glass that will form a mirror. The transferring of one aspect to another speaks of balance, harmony & adjusting one self to attain a healthy equilibrium. They are working to eliminate impurities in the process and are dealing with temperamental forces that can be severely destructive but are managing along in a calm & collective manner. This intensity is subtle, the change in which it brings is also somewhat hidden & unpredictable, but powerful nonetheless. Take heed of their process & the message of Justice. According to what is transpiring in your life and those around you, what can you take from these mirrors? What have you learned about yourself [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 8 of Pentacles + Petro: Houngan

The 8 of Pentacles welcomes the energy of perseverance, dedication and great vision. This illustrates an individual who is unwilling to give up, seeking improvement in all avenues so that they can manifest their best and honor their potential. It is because this individual holds such conviction over their own greatness, that they are motivated & passionate to work towards the manifestation of that. Effort is involved, work here is present for you and with that, financial rewards and much praise. We get the lesson to continue our crafts with hope and dedication. Seek ways that you can surpass your previous successes and levels of being. Be your best competition and focus on self improvement. Petro: Houngan has been revealing its presence frequently, putting fire underneath our asses to make moves and claim what is ours. What you seek is possible but it won't just land on your lap. You will need to engage more in the world & the resources around you. You are the Magician surrounded by endless tools, use the physical and invisible realms to mold what you will. Petro: Houngan shows that you've got what it takes at this moment to invoke major changes as inspired by your imagination and calling of your spirit. Use his internal drive to knock down anything that is attempting to stop your path. Enhance your own intensity and focus on your own winnings. Your work [...]

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