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#Tarot #Meditation // 8 of Pentacles 

You may be shown the areas in your life that need to be fined tuned. You have all the resources you need right now to improve & win. It's time to make magic with what you've got, this is the art of manifestation. Once the universe sees your will to help yourself and your creative resourcefulness, you will be granted more blessings. What can you create with what you've got? What needs to be improved and how can you grow a bit further than where you were before? The work does not go unnoticed but it will take work, resistance will to serve you at this time. Even miracles call for a spark of action to get them in motion. The 8 of Pentacles is a card of empowerment; it acknowledges your potential and indicates that there is infinite opportunity surrounding you if you are hungry enough to claim if for yourself. This is a time to consider how to upgrade your life as a whole. Where have you been living in comfort and how can you level up? On the contrary, if you've been putting in the work & effort, then prepare to gain the rewards and accolades that come with the energy. Your intentions provide, don't force things into place, flow into place. The universe knows what you want, work with it and get out of your own way. Work doesn't have to [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 5 of Cups + 6 of Swords | The High Priestess

The 5 of Cups & 6 of Swords fell in tandem. A major breakthrough is on the horizon, one that calls for a shift from your old perspective, habits & belief in what you think you can do. The 5 of Cups reveals that a solution is on the horizon, for some this is closer than anticipated, but goes unnoticed. We may be prone to wallowing in our emotions, fearful from taking the lesson being presented and moving on. We may find ourselves replaying mistakes, sadness, loss or our personal anxieties on repeat. Your focus is on what's not working, but now you must be solution oriented. How can I learn from the past or from what has just transpired? What bridge must I travel in order to fully heal, release & allow myself to transcend beyond where I am now? The 6 of Swords reveals that this journey is more of an emotional one that you will inevitably take. If not consciously, the universe or supportive friends, family, energy will have you do it for you. The 6 of Swords can at times indicate a physical trip that brings difficult closure in your life but certainly allows you to arrive to a healthier destination. You will be granted the opportunity to start anew, perhaps renewed yet still grieving the difficulty of such transition. What is up ahead is not guaranteed. Most of this journey [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups welcomes healing into our lives, if we are open enough to receive it. He is the bringer of emotional wealth and may be providing you with closure, clarity & a means to get over a particular rut in your life. The Knight has a heart of gold, his intentions are pure and he is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. You may be feeling more emotional than usual but look for the underlying message behind your senses & ways of being at this time. The opportunity to cross a difficult bridge is now approaching you, giving you the chance to start over anew. The gift that the Knight yields is one of nourishment & rejuvenation. You may feel as if something deep within has shifted for the better or has cleansed itself from your life. Clarity can appear in the dream world at this time, as your subconscious is willing to provide you with more insight than ever. For some, this card can have a romantic influence in their lives. We can be seeing relationships revealing some deep feelings that are conducive to stronger bonding & authentic connections. Inspiration may also grace your presence as the Knight of Cups will invite you to follow your passions with intense focus on your intuition & emotions that are conjured up. Self care and expression are advised at this time, you [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 4 of Wands

Take a sigh of relief, we are entering a chapter in which the work we've invested in will now be showing results. The 4 of Wands reminds us that we're so close to the finish line but we're not quite there yet. This is a time to find any ounce of motivation left in you and milk it until you land your mark. Keep visualization (vision boarding or creative visualization helps at this time), connecting with progressive & kindred spirits who are aiming & intending to thrive & elevate the space around them. Spend time with supportive family & friends, invest further in loving yourself, showing up for yourself and your partner. This influence speaks highly of success, a celebration on the horizon and finally attaining that goal/dream that you've been fighting for. You are the dream you desire to have, make sure you're not chasing something that you have already arrived to - align with it, embrace your truth. Partnerships, relationships, collaborations & a strong sense of community is shown to thrive & be beneficial for you at this time. You can't do it alone. For some, the 4 of Wands speaks of sacred unity, harmony & marriage - I would claim this more so, of a marriage with self. A comfort & honor with your own spirit that is unbreakable. This alliance makes you unstoppable and ready for any challenges that come your [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 7 of Cups

The 7 of Cups may have us indulging in the spirit realm, allowing our consciousness to float away with possibilities to be, visualizing various outcomes & daydreaming on the regular. This influence can have us summoning many solutions for ourselves, options and various directions we can take in life. This is beneficial if you're seeking to find creative ways to approach your current situation or are looking to engage in creative visualization. You may find several paths that resonate with you or options that appear out of thin air, but don't get too comfortable. You will need to implement balance to ensure that work is actually being done to make these visions real. Analyze what your priorities are and what you can manifest in the immediate sense? What are the factors that will realistically take more time & are not as important to your current needs? What is practical and what is fantasy? Clear the mental clutter to get yourself prepared to work efficiently. Alternatively, this card can bring up the influence of spiritual guidance through dreams & visions. Your subconscious can be communicating to you regarding what you most need at this time and not necessarily what you want. Bear in mind that what you want may not be what's best for you in the long run & other options that seem unappealing can provide a greater horizon. Be careful what you wish for [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Wheel of Fortune 

The Wheel of Fortune speaks of the unexpected blessings now pouring on your path. It is the Wheel of Fortune after all, hinting at a period of serendipitous success & fortunate outcomes. Even things that seemingly look like a "downfall" can truly work out in our favor or may be placed in our path for a higher purpose. This card is the reality that we are not in control of anything but our own actions. The Wheel has the liberty to spin in any direction it chooses, at any speed. It's important to focus on the repetition of your life. Ultimately everything is transpiring for a reason & on a higher level, there is a karmic lesson playing out. Discover how you are lending to this karma, whether it's through your subconscious beliefs or current actions, and stop it from landing on the same situations. If you are aware of how you are participating in this, then know you have the power to change it and it's your responsibility to do so. This influence will bring great breakthroughs and realizations that will encourage you to shift directions in your life & perhaps for some, shift your fate. It could be scary, we are uncertain of the unknown and what it will bring. Will you take matters in your own hands or just play autopilot with your life? It is a time to exhibit strong will [...]

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