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#Tarot #Meditation // The Magician + Mask | 1•31•18

Mask reveals an aspect of ourselves that we are hiding from, or perhaps you will discover what is being hidden from you. This is a time of great revelations and new insight that may compel you to take action in ways you've yet to. Focus on the Mask's message, it may also be a warning to protect yourself and mask your magical intentions and moves from others until they are ripe and strong enough to support themselves in motion. It may also be the case that you are playing it too safe and are in need of shedding layers and revealing your truth, perfect timing with this full moon eclipse. The Magician is filled with conviction; he has complete faith that he will get his vision accomplished and that everything he needs is already provided for him. Unleash your power out into the world by embracing your faith and confidence. The most high supports those that support themselves; the tools surround you, get to work. It is a period of great innovation, creativity and subtle moves. You don't need to act fast on this influence but you must act as you have the ability to conjure anything onto the physical plane. Once you get into the root of your desires, what is revealed to you? Do you truly desire all that money or do you want the freedom it provides? You are being called to [...]

#Tarot Meditation // Page of Wands + 7 of Wands

The Page of Wands remains inquisitive about his potential and areas of life that he has yet to tap into. Perhaps you are filled with curiosity and have a thirst to switch things up; it is time to leave your comfort zone and go in the direction of your heart's desire. You will never discover what talents lie within unless you try your hand in the things that capture your interest. This is a period of personal enhancement, wet your pallet with new hobbies, cultures, philosophies that can expand your spirit and perspective of the world around you. Dare to do and to be spontaneous with your life at this time. Do not fear being bold or having a different opinion from the masses; the 7 of Wands suggest that you continue standing up for what you believe in and for what your gut is communicating to you. This can signify great breakthroughs this week and movement in areas that were once limiting you and your expansion. This combination may potentially lead to confrontation from shadow sides or disingenuous energy that is suddenly revealed to you. Know that you can rise above this and that you already are doing so. Set aflame these energies by shining your own light on the truth and revealing its roots. That which you exert yourself in, will be overcome. Use your drive and passion to finish up any tasks [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Wheel of Fortune x Serpent I 1•26•18

The Wheel makes its appearance again, reinforcing its theme of patterns, cycles and unpredictability surfacing in our energetic fields. Expect the unexpected but don't get to caught up in the anxiety of that. This highlights fortunate events occurring due to diving timing, finally learning your role in the cosmos and how your frequency plays a role in what happens around you. A sense of magic & synchronicity can plague us, making us feel as if the world is working in our favor or that there's this unshakable feeling that something impactful will occur at any moment. Be mindful of your surroundings, of the omens that you encounter, the dreams you have and the people that you meet at this time. You have the opportunity to stop something that has been going on for some time or simply jump on the bandwagon for successful energy happening one after the other. Serpent energy provides us with the healing that we need by inviting us to shed limiting ways, old associations that are toxic to our spirit, insecurities & wounds. You are transitioning into something much more powerful than you could ever imagine. Work your magic, in whatever form this may be: ritual, meditation, communication, the arts, movement, stillness, etc - use what you know to further fascinate your growth. Deep healing is already happening and the cosmos are lining up the right people and circumstance for you [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // the Wheel + Queen of Pentacles 

The Wheel marks a period of repetition, perhaps similar energies we've already encountered in our past, popping back into our field. Karmically we are to learn of how we contribute to these patterns or what the over all message is for us at this time. The opportunity is ripe to change your destiny but be aware that everything is as it should be, for everything holds a vital lesson/message for your evolution. Excavate the meaning things can be relaying to you at this time. The Wheel can signify a release and ending to occur that gives way to fortunate beginnings and a fated outcome. Recently we have been receiving messages of some grand energy approaching our lives but bear in mind that this can enter in the most subtle of ways, don't go looking for anything blatantly obvious. The universe's subtle whispers can be the loudest & most impactful with time. Overall, pay attention to the theme of synchronicities, being exactly where you're meant to be that is seemingly coincidental. "You have arrived" to a particular destination in which the lessons were numerous and heavy, how has this journey taught you to tend to your self-care and own stability? What does stability, success and wealth, mean to you? The Wheel x Queen of Pentacles combination can introduce a great deal of responsibility into our lives, but with this comes great power. If you have asked [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // Judgement + the Moon

Judgement is a radical awakening we experience, a sort of divine timing that we experience unexpectedly shaking us into action. Judgement appears when the cosmos shout at us from the top of its lungs to grab our attention and get us to Wake Up from our previous slumber and into our power. We align with our inner calling and feel lifted from our past pain and difficulties onto a new identity/chapter in our lives. This represents your truth in all its glory and that which you are shaping into. It is time to pass your skills and talents as a healer forward and use your connection to Spirit & Source to help move others. You may feel compelled to do something big this week or shift in a way that's been calling you for some time. You are filled with infinite power; use it for good. Infuse your life with poignant meaning and magic; dare to use your influence to serve others & self. Something tremendous is being brought to the surface within these days. The Moon has us tapping deeply into our intuition, aspects that we can feel but not rationalize. You may be picking up on some major changes on the horizon but are not quite certain on how this will impact you or what will happen for sure. Revelations will be made, clarity through dark times will be found and you will [...]

#Tarot #Meditation // 7 of Wands + 6 of Wands + Queen of Pentacles

The 7 of Wands reveals our persistence to beat our opponents and thrive despite the "haters." We all have our fair share of opposition, some are obvious to the eye, others choose to mask themselves and lurk behind the scenes - regardless, they can all be felt. Your ancestors have your back; remember their lessons & tap deeper into that wisdom in the dream realm, as they can be revealing important information to you & ways to protect you from lower vibrations. Do not hesitate to do what you must to combat these forces, be that confrontation, strengthening personal & social boundaries, delete & blocking, cleansing, or any other means of taking care of your space & energy. You're no fool & you won't back down from a challenge, but ask yourself: is it worth it? Meditate on the energy you want to project outward, it might be best to reserve that on winning in other areas of your life rather than on petty pathetic energy. The 6 of Wands illustrates your path illuminated w/ blessings & greatness. Your persistence will pay off & you will be celebrated & honored for your efforts. Honor yourself as such & maintain your self care regimes by putting you first. Recall those that came before you & their struggles. Channel their strength as motivation & a reminder of the power you contain within you. The Spirits smile upon [...]

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