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Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for June 2017

June’s Theme: Judgement + Knight of Pentacles + Book The Judgement will “wow” you with the realization that you are leveling up in many ways, you now must meet your expectations half way. This ascension leaves you with the responsibility cleaning up the dead leaves so that you don’t carry them into this transition. Judgement awakens us up to be fully aware of our potential and what we must do now to ensure that we reach that greatness. It can come in the form of a sudden realization and clarity on the action we must take to move forward and is generally a card signifying liberation and enhanced consciousness. Because we are now aware of how to be responsible for our lives, new opportunities present themselves to be taken, opening an interesting chapter for us. The Knight of Pentacles as a blockage illustrates the need to progress and apprehension only hold you back. Don’t rush into anything new, look at everything that is being presented on a factual basis and don’t impart biased emotion. Things can still transpire if you are willing to do the work. Things will be easier if you bite off only what you can chew. June [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Sagittarius: Friday, June 9th, 2017

The Full Moon in Sagittarius gives us the right of way to achieve our greatest visions and dreams while establishing a sense of freedom and liberation. Analyze the experiences, emotions, thoughts and vibrations you are receiving in your life to best navigate yourself towards your best path. Listening to your soul will help you establish a sense of expansion and limitlessness, also clarifying any confusion on where to aim. It’s advised to best control your emotions and your thoughts because it is a favorable time for attaining personal goals and ambitions. Focus and determination is key. Get rid of anything that obstructs your path of clarity or leaves you feeling uncertain. A cleansing is demanded from you at this period, be that emotional, physical or spiritual; you will know what needs to be addressed based on what does and does not resonate with you. You may be forced to be realistic at this time and if you’re feeling vibrationally low, then pay attention to the quality of energy you are projecting and also that which you are allowing to engage in your field. Sharp epiphanies and realizations about your purpose and new changes will be made to you; your course [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Scorpio // Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

The Full Moon in Scorpio presents a portal into our rawest most vulnerable selves, allowing us to see our fullest desires and projections without obstruction. Scorpio invites us to partake in the dance of our own darkness, to accept our duality with appreciation and awareness and to indulge in our personal paths while healing and learning daily of our own potential. Scorpio rules intimacy, intensity and deep connection. It is often associated with Sex but this is a vessel in which we can best come to harmonize with disassociated fragments of our own soul’s energies. In order to best integrate with others, we best learn how to do so with ourselves, the Full Moon gives us this chance to do so while empowering our steps along the way.  We may be presented with good honesty and the urge to dive in deeper into our psyches and spirits, into the unknown where things lie uncertain and are discomforting. This moon is salty, make no mistakes about that. What you are hiding will pop out of the shadows. Mental fogginess is the norm right about now, but one can never displace their internal guidance. Scorpio is highly intuitive, knowing all the secrets [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for May 2017

Tatianna Tarot’s 2017 May Tarotscopes May’s Theme The Star + 3 of Pentacles + 2 of Pentacles  Here’s the month to prove yourself and work that magic; the Star will have fated events cross your path, if you’ve been wishing & waiting for it, there’s a big chance that this is the month it will happen. The Star reminds us to have the philosophy that we are always in the right place at the right time. May will provides us with the healing we needed over the past month and can also bring miracles our way. The Star is a sense of feeling renewed, of better days up ahead of us and a clearer perspective on our direction. Events can unfold serendipitously as you are awakened to more beauty in your life and to the possibility of new experiences and outcomes. The Star in May can highlight your talents and skill sets, making you the Star of your own world; own it. The 3 of Pentacles is about collaboration, a time to network and connect with like-minded individuals to get a similar mission accomplished. It could potentially get you into the limelight if you play your cards right. Your confidence [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Libra // Monday, April 10th, 2017

This Full Moon in Libra allows us to take a clear lens into the matters of our heart, our emotional disposition and what our logical sides have been prompting us to do as well. There is more harmony amongst the two, rather than discord and this balance brings forth the opportunity to heal many areas in our lives. For some, you may have been feeling the heat of unexpected changes compelling you to go in a completely different direction than expected. There could be emotional disturbances forming as turbulence in your lives yet presenting the potential to do what you’ve always desired, or felt was right. Flexibility, a heightened self-awareness and the desire to attain a different perspective will be needed in order for you to make the best out of the situation and ultimate choose what’s right for you. Chances are, you already know that you must move forward with such great change but the idea of it is unfathomable or you’ve lacked visualizing its positive outcome. Expect limitations, fears, blockages and resistance to blossom and appear for your own knowledge and awareness. Know that this is being cleared from your energy field but you have to acknowledge this [...]

Illuminating the New Moon in Aries // Monday, March 27, 2017

Aries carries a dynamic energy that gets us to resurrect ourselves and spark new change into our lives! They are the fire starters of the zodiac and this new moon signifies the beginning of a radical new cycle and the astrological new year! We each carry a genius making us equals, that when cultivated can change the course of our destiny. This astrological influence encourages to live our lives unapologetically, uninhibitedly, and to create our wildest visions. When you channel this energy it can induce mass transformation and creative potential. What is your calling? What are you most attracted to right now and what are the important changes you need to implement to allow yourself that space and room to create? You are being called to answer to and develop your individuality, as we seldom neglect our personal needs and focus on external responsibilities and distractions that drain us from pleasure and from liberation. We are being forced to reflect on our personal spaces and our hearts, especially in area that we are not serving enough or not opening further to. Therefore, relationships and epiphanies may appear unexpectedly to give you further insight on how you’ve been steering your boat. [...]

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