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Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for September 2017

  Virgo // Page of Swords Exciting news is in store for you this month; the Page of Swords brings in a rush of good development and prepares us to be on the “look out,” for opportunity. This card alerts us to be mindful of what’s going on around us, on an intellectual level; your mind can be very sharp at this time, easily putting pieces together and hungry for information. This can save you a great deal of trouble if you’re looking to avoid challenges and difficulties that can potentially lie ahead of you. If you’re looking to achieve some specific goals or set out to do something, this will be the month where you get all your resources together to support your cause or you may just hear some great news. You can be called to act swiftly when it comes to your logic, your emotional side is great but it’s best to rely on the facts for now and to observe how others have been operating around you. You will learn a great deal from other’s actions and emotions, and this can end up serving you in a great way if you’re proactive enough to pay attention. [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Pisces // Weds, September 6th, 2017

The Full Moon in Pisces is in alignment with Neptune, opening the portal to the most potent of mystical, creative & psychic of times. This moon has us deep in our feelings, revealing to us the secrets of the past Solar Eclipse & New Moon; be still and acknowledge the mysteries that are being presented within you. We are still experiencing the aftermath of the Solar Eclipse still moving through us. Rather than organize these insights, be mindful of how they appear and what new revelations are being made known to you now. Touch base on what has been ignored due to your need to “get things done.” Stillness will allow unity with your darkness & when you are in alignment with this, you are in the best shape to create any transformation you desire. This astrological influence will bring to light aspects of our souls and areas of our life that need to be re-edited or have been on pause. Acknowledge your power so that you can be an active force in your world and towards those around you. There is much that will be shown to us that may have us in our feels. You have the choice [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse // Monday, August 5th, 2017

This Lunar Eclipse is bound to shape us up towards our finer selves, yet it prompts us to reflect on what causes us to react in our lives to particular habits and patterns and why do we operate the way we do. It is a time that is very auspicious and mystical, illuminating the reality of who we are and making clear to us the result of our choices. That which we’ve resisted or have made disappear into the depths of who we are, will now rear its head for our attention. We must acknowledge these shadowy aspects in order to integrate the new changes that are being demanded from us. Our darkness is still a part of what makes us who we are, this is the time to validate and acknowledge that. The Lunar Eclipse teaches us the importance of paying attention to our inner turmoil and that of those around us, to be more compassionate to this human experience we live in and to know that by ignoring these emotions we go nowhere. Breakthroughs happen during eclipses because we are confronted with our avoidance. We have the opportunity to close doors & find immense closure with the past, [...]

Illuminating the New Moon in Leo // Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

The New Moon in Leo grants us the space to be our most authentic, radical selves. We have the floor to present our next act, in all of it’s glory and expression, giving us the energy to radiate and be fierce with our presentation to the world. Leo’s energy speaks volumes when it comes to internal strength, resilience, courage, confidence and passionate authenticity. Through living in our heart space, the center of our truth, we project to the world around us our inner light and spirit. Consider what YOU truly want for yourself in all aspects of your life. What needs to change in order to manifest your rawest self that  most aligned life? Show your true colors, don’t fit into the mold, don’t play nice if that’s not in your heart; this influence is about being real with yourself. This influence regards the freedom to create your own path, fearlessly; what does that mean, look and feel like to you? In order to discover this, pay close attention to your instincts, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Know yourself better than anyone else & the motives behind what you do. Clarity will be shining on you now and nothing is better [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for July 2017

Cancer // Knight of Swords A phenomenal sign to “go for it,” the Knight of Swords can mean that you are filled with determination and drive this month. Your ability to think analytically and see through any obstacles to resolve them directly is key this month. You may have the opportunity or a “breakthrough” to advance through your circumstances when applying your intellect, holding a quick wit about you. A month of great inspiration and many ideas, you are suggested that you act on them but don’t destroy others along the way. The Knight has an impulsive demeanor to him when it comes to communication. Bear in mind the way you articulate and communicate thing so that your words are not misunderstood and you don’t come across as harsh or aggressive. This is a sign of many messages making their way to you. If you’ve been waiting to hear back on any news, expect to be notified soon. There is a stream of information making its way to you. Be on track of your texts, emails, social media messages because you can very easily receive the answer to your questions there or there can be people reaching out to you [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Capricorn // Saturday, July 8-9th, 2017

This Full Moon will provoke confrontations, awaking problems stirring deep in our subconscious and bringing them forward for our awareness. Establishing firm boundaries, knowing what you will and will not allow & being proactive in clearing your energy & protecting it, is of the utmost importance during this time. We are pushed to learn how to respect and honor our needs, emotions and feelings during this time but also are cautioned to navigate carefully around a difficult astrological time. It may be common to experience or witness, irritation, frustration, emotional explosions, projections, intense anger and other discomforting energies at this time. Especially coming from aspects of yourself that you are not fully conscious of, or from individuals that cannot label or articulate why they feel this way. Therefore, being hyper aware of your personal energy and those around you, will help you to avoid unnecessary drama. Pay attention to what you focus on during this time and what you gravitate to, naturally. Is it serving your energy for the highest good or is it provoking the situation & making it worse? It is quite the dramatic time in which it may be the norm for others, including self, to overreact. [...]

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