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Illuminating the Full Moon in Libra // Monday, April 10th, 2017

This Full Moon in Libra allows us to take a clear lens into the matters of our heart, our emotional disposition and what our logical sides have been prompting us to do as well. There is more harmony amongst the two, rather than discord and this balance brings forth the opportunity to heal many areas in our lives. For some, you may have been feeling the heat of unexpected changes compelling you to go in a completely different direction than expected. There could be emotional disturbances forming as turbulence in your lives yet presenting the potential to do what you’ve always desired, or felt was right. Flexibility, a heightened self-awareness and the desire to attain a different perspective will be needed in order for you to make the best out of the situation and ultimate choose what’s right for you. Chances are, you already know that you must move forward with such great change but the idea of it is unfathomable or you’ve lacked visualizing its positive outcome. Expect limitations, fears, blockages and resistance to blossom and appear for your own knowledge and awareness. Know that this is being cleared from your energy field but you have to acknowledge this [...]

Illuminating the New Moon in Aries // Monday, March 27, 2017

Aries carries a dynamic energy that gets us to resurrect ourselves and spark new change into our lives! They are the fire starters of the zodiac and this new moon signifies the beginning of a radical new cycle and the astrological new year! We each carry a genius making us equals, that when cultivated can change the course of our destiny. This astrological influence encourages to live our lives unapologetically, uninhibitedly, and to create our wildest visions. When you channel this energy it can induce mass transformation and creative potential. What is your calling? What are you most attracted to right now and what are the important changes you need to implement to allow yourself that space and room to create? You are being called to answer to and develop your individuality, as we seldom neglect our personal needs and focus on external responsibilities and distractions that drain us from pleasure and from liberation. We are being forced to reflect on our personal spaces and our hearts, especially in area that we are not serving enough or not opening further to. Therefore, relationships and epiphanies may appear unexpectedly to give you further insight on how you’ve been steering your boat. [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for March 2017

Tatianna Tarot’s 2017 March Tarotscopes March’s Theme Teacher + Mawu: Mother Earth + Centering/The Present + King of Swords + Knight of Cups March is the ideal month to learn a great deal about yourself, past experiences and major lessons you must integrate before moving forward into the year. There will be opportunity for you to transcend limitations, grow spiritually and in conscious awareness and teach yourself to do better, when you know better; it may also grant you the opportunity to move forward and begin teaching others with your own wisdom, fearlessly. It is a month of transcendence, of giving you not challenges but the portal to know thyself more intimately and to be secure with this knowledge and wisdom. We are ever transcending but maintaining eye on the present and how our current energy dictates what is to come, makes all of the difference in the manifestation process. During this time, old pattern may emerge allowing you to rectify them or to end them once and for all. Lessons may provide some frustration but once you understand the gift of their presence, they will give way to new experiences that you’ve been interested in acquiring. Ask your Spirit: [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for February 2017

February TarotScopes February’s Theme 6 of Pentacles + 5 of Cups + 3 of Swords February will bring opportunity for you to demonstrate your power to the maximum capacity and to sustain this for the months to come. The Theme of Power and Transformation is eminent; It is time for you to feel safe and aligned with your greatness. You will be called to serve out of love and passion, be this through your hobbies or personal developments, what you have to offer should not be underestimated in your mind and further promoted for personal development and universal healing. You may feel comfortable with your spiritual capabilities or notice that they are gradually growing stronger. Trust your instincts and the signs that are alerting you along the way; this will be quite the exciting month that reveals amazing changes in store for us. Each one, Teach one, is a phrase that should not go unnoticed. If you are keen to your life and everything that goes on in it, then it won’t be difficult to pin point lessons that can save us heartbreak or difficulty, in advance. Similarly, you may be pulled into an organic position to teach and guide [...]

Illuminating the Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse // Friday, February 10, 2017

We are granted the opportunity to flaunt our most authentic, dynamic and raw selves; we are about to unleash the totality of our wild natures. This is about grabbing life by the reigns and showing it exactly what you’re made of, after all the Full Moon is ruled by Leo, the King of the Jungle. Are you capable of taking advantage of what the present offers and acting on your best accord? This Power Full Moon encourages us to choose freely what we desire to become and to act on that uninhibitedly. The right decisions to make will appear through clear signs that will get your conscious attention; you have the power to go in any direction you choose. The lunar eclipse will reveal the darkness we contain within and for some of us, that which we avoid to see. The collective astrological influence, however, encourages us to own up to our true selves and to find solace in the full picture. You will be given the opportunity to confront your insecurities and transcend them, knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect and no one believes themselves to be ideal. Regardless, the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse will gift you [...]

Illuminating the New Moon in Aquarius: Friday, January 27th, 2017

The first New Moon of the year falls under the sign of Aquarius who grants us a strong drive to be independent and authentic yet allows us to seek ways serve the universal collective. Aquarius encourages us to find radical ways to be a visionary in our own lives, to lead in ways that we’ve hesitated before and to seek the liberation that we’ve always desired. Akin to the theme of Death & Rebirth, today also marks the Chinese New Year in the sign of the Fire Rooster; giving us the opportunity to make this revolution a profound one. We are all being called to renew ourselves, like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes; who you were will be completely irrelevant moving forward. Some of us may be feeling a slump of energy, a lack of self-worth and beaten up all over but this doesn’t mean that you are avoid what you are to do. What needs to be shaken off? What will you no longer take and will feel the need to fight against? This is an exciting time because most of us have felt the remnants of 2016 still lingering much to our dismay but with the [...]

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