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Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for January 2018

January 2018 Monthly Forecast Capricorn // 4 of Cups Open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings, this is the month where you want to be as grounded and attentive as possible. The 4 of Cups can symbolize a solution, answer to your question or offering that is for your betterment, being extended to you but you may not be present to realize it. If you’ve been sending your intentions out into the universe, be prepared to receive them, open your senses up to perceive things from the non-physical realm as well. There are a variety of ways in which our requests can be met; make sure that you’re staying to the possibilities in which this can happen. Start off the year with your attention on gratitude and abundance. What have you conjured in your life thus far and how does it mirror the person that you are today? Meditate on the ways that you can protect your energy as you enter the new year with bigger and more powerful intentions to shake things up. Perhaps it might serve you well to keep your ideas and dreams to yourself, only telling those whom you really trust. Energetic protection is [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for December 2017

Sagittarius // The Emperor Give yourself the opportunity to assess all the victories that you’ve established this year. The Emperor has many responsibilities because he dreams big and his ambitious are heavy. He does not fear taking on these responsibilities in exchange for a valuable empire he can call his own. What is your legacy and what are you willing to sacrifice for it? What commitments have you made to attain your personal goals and dreams? And what can you improve upon? Use your wisdom and sound judgment to bring success into 2018. Be mindful of what your personal formula for success is and what your toxic habits and patterns are, so you can stop these in their tracks. As with all things, creating a legacy will be a lifetime pursuit with gradual progression. You’re in it for the long haul, so there is no need to rush. It’s important to be patient, compassionate with your journey and to take notes from others along the way. The Emperor saves himself from making common mistakes by learning from those around him and taking mental notes. You may find yourself to be more comfortable with your power, your potential to unleash more [...]

Illuminating the New Moon in Sagittarius, Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The influence of this last New Moon direct us to focus on our focus: What is our target for this year to come and how do we intend to get there? Five planets present themselves during the time of this moon, therefore the emphasis on being attentive, is high. Revelations will be made, epiphanies appear to illuminate our paths and minds and you will be led to release limitations, beliefs & habits that hinder growth. A new approach and direction is shown for you to open up to, trust that you will receive what you must in this time and during the new year - not everything might be clear. High vibrational frequencies will be accessible to you, allowing you to channel new insights but this time will provide adequate grounding for you to receive this without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. All that you see for yourself is possible but it will take time; slow and steady wins the race. Tap into your inner resilience to be able to transcend sorrow, pain and hardship for you to come on top. There are rewards for your perserverance and your tunnel vision - determine your destination and stick to it until [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for November 2017

Scorpio // Justice + Knight of Cups Justice’s energy brings things into balance and perspective; the bigger picture is now in clear view and what you must do to make sure all loose ends are settled, is no longer a mystery. Justice partnering with the Knight of Cups, can introduce karmic peace into your life, especially regarding past romantic relationships or relationships that have had no closure. Expect to be able to settle emotional disturbances and find the lesson that pushes for your evolution and greatness. A chapter is finally coming to an end, allowing you to take a more mature and conscious route in your life. You will find that everything has transpired exactly as it needed to and November brings the gift of divine timing and cosmic interference without much of your meddling. What are some repetitive themes you’ve been dealing with that have been difficult to put an end to? This combination sees that you will receive unexpected help to put an end to perpetuating challenges and challenges you to live your truth. You will have space in your life to pursue more important matters and interests that have captured your heart but that you’ve once held [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for October 2017

  Libra // 8 of Wands + Rada: Houngan The 8 of Wands reveals fiery progress and a shift for the better. During this month, we may be in over our heads with the energetic acceleration happening around us, which is overall positive, but can be overwhelming. Staying grounded is the best way to cope with what you’re about to handle and you’re certainly capable of handling it all. This card can bring multiple opportunities at once, responsibilities grabbing all the attention that you have and one situation happening after another, it will feel as if you’re on a rollercoaster ride. Rada : Houngan is entranced by his beating of the drums, his direct communication to the spirit world and the information that streams from the rhythm. Rhythms carry their own fluctuation of vibrations, Houngan knows when to take advantage of these vibrations and what they’re prompting him to do. This card reveals the importance of our intellect as well as our intuition. In October, you will need both in order to successfully navigate the energies and make the most of what is being offered to you. It is a call to sharpen your logical sensibilities and to think smarter [...]

Tatianna Tarot’s Tarotscopes for September 2017

  Virgo // Page of Swords Exciting news is in store for you this month; the Page of Swords brings in a rush of good development and prepares us to be on the “look out,” for opportunity. This card alerts us to be mindful of what’s going on around us, on an intellectual level; your mind can be very sharp at this time, easily putting pieces together and hungry for information. This can save you a great deal of trouble if you’re looking to avoid challenges and difficulties that can potentially lie ahead of you. If you’re looking to achieve some specific goals or set out to do something, this will be the month where you get all your resources together to support your cause or you may just hear some great news. You can be called to act swiftly when it comes to your logic, your emotional side is great but it’s best to rely on the facts for now and to observe how others have been operating around you. You will learn a great deal from other’s actions and emotions, and this can end up serving you in a great way if you’re proactive enough to pay attention. [...]

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