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“Tatianna is an amazing tarot reader.”

She is exceptional with the cards and gave me a very clear reading without fishing for prior information from me. I usually am not a believer in such services, but with Tatianna she made me truly a believer. Her reading gave me peace of mind and actually foretold me things that eventually happened and unfolded in my life later on. I would recommend her to anyone who might be seeking guidance or just some clarity on anything in their lives.” – Natalie Love

Tati!!! Man, this is on point, encouraging, and so positively propelling on many levels. You are bright golden light and I’m grateful for you. Many, many thanks. I’m a sucker for a beautiful NY Virgo! Probably selfishly so, being one myself. Again, gratitude to the moon and back.”

Megan D

“Thank you so much Tati this was awesome ! I got some clarity on things and a some extra. This will not be my last reading from you, love and blessing.”

Candace J.

“Tatianna, all I can say is wow! You are spot on! I’m so grateful for your gift! Talk to you next month!”

Ebony B

“Tatianna, WOW YOU’RE AMAZING! Thank you so much for this gift; it truly resonates with me and your words have been on my mind this week as I navigate some big changes. I look forward to a full session and will seek that out when things settle some. AND I’ll let people know about you!”

Janan A

I just want to thank you for your reading! 🙂 It has given me much insight on the present and to always remember how magically everyday can be if you are open to it. Thank you again. May you have a wonderful day!”

Demetra F

“I’ve been following your Instagram…most definitely a badass source of knowledge; intuition; utmost confidence in being. At any rate, this has been some education from on high Tatianna–I think you have a very gifted and beautiful way of connecting with people.”

Rob C

What if you could get a few tips and affirmations right now from someone who is extraordinarily blessed with a “Gift”. G-d made all things and he made Tatianna, She told me about people, places, & emotions that strangers would not have known about me from a first time meeting. She spoke of family members who have passed and how they are still with me, spoke of my relationship with my immediate family and gave me advice on how to improve or appreciate them. Between, Tatianna’s abilities to read the cards and the spiritually energized Oils she gave me (Tatianna’s Oils are not only deliciously aromatic but help remind us every day that the Universe is working for you, so be positive) it has all helped throughout the course of the year to keep me in the right mind set and now that we have come to the mid-point of the year I can see how the universe is bringing all the pieces together & I’m so very grateful. Tatianna will sit down and make a plan specifically for you because the cards are talking about You & your life; she makes the experience between you & her feel comfortable because she’s kind, caring, funny, light hearted, & a free spirit and throughout the reading she will constantly be reassuring you that life isn’t set in stone and we can change things for the better or to be more positive to make the great things that are coming your way even more spectacular! If you are curious about Tarot card readings, and Oils give Tatianna a call, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sabrina M

“Tatianna, I hope this message finds you well. I just reviewed your reading from April 16th, which you gave shortly prior to my deciding to leave for China. IT all rings very true and is a great tool of clarity for me still. I printed it out and brought it with me on the plane to read, and read it again tonight for the first time since i flew here.I read it out loud to my new friend and project manager ( the guy who asked me to come to china ) he was very impressed by it and would like to hire you to do a reading for him….”

Evan C

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