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Terms and Conditions

  • About Lateness + Cancellations: I ask for a 24 hr notice if you cannot make it to your appointment, without sufficient notice, your fee for the Session will be forfeited. Please contact me via text or email:, in this day & age, it takes an instant to connect. I expect the same respect and courtesy as you (hopefully) extend to yourself and professionals.
  • No-Show policy: Unfortunately, If this should ever happen, I will not be giving you another appointment whatsoever. It is to be understood that if you do not take the time to call or show, I cannot make the time we booked available for another’s needs, or my own.
  • I am here to serve your needs, therefore, I treat everyone with respect, regardless of ethnic background(s), religious denomination, gender(s) or orientation(s). I believe we’re all derived from the same source, thus, we are all equal.
  • Tarot Sessions are administered with the understanding that you are an adult with your own free will. I am not responsible for any actions or circumstances which may take place following the reading. I strongly believe that we must be accountable for our choices and actions in our lives; aligning your actions with your values & morals makes for a powerful individual.
  • I cannot predict the future, changes can happen in an instant and nothing is set in stone. Your personal energetic patterns, subconscious behaviors and actions, can lead to a predictable outcome but that can still be altered with awareness – therefore, employ your free will and have an open mind towards possible outcomes.
  • I present myself & gifts with integrity and the honest truth.
  • If I feel your behavior is addictive or not receptive to spirit’s guidance, I may refuse to read for you.  I do not encourage addiction to any sacred arts practitioners (psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, etc).
  • All sessions are confidential. Your information & secrets will never be shared with anyone.
  • I will never harass and bother you to get a Tarot Session. If you’re in need, i’m here for you, you can contact me here. 
  • I am not a mind reader (as of the moment ;-P) establishing concise and details questions is the best route to getting a more direct answer from the Tarot. Predicting exact dates is a no-no, if you need specific advice on those terms i’d advice you to consult an astrologer. 
  • I do not read for under-18s. Sorry Loves! Contact me when you’re 21. 
  • Sessions are not completed until payment has been made. Sessions will normally be scheduled within one week of payment, however I am only human and sometimes life throws you unpredictable curveballs! If I am likely to be delayed, I will let you know.
  • Sessions are administered either in person, over the phone (or via FaceTime, Skype, or Email); I am accessible from any state or country.
  • I will refer clients to appropriate support organizations (mental, physical, spiritual) if I deem it to be necessary.
  • Tarot Sessions are provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse any session if I desire. In these cases a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.

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