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Welcome to My Urban Illumination


It’s no coincidence you are reading this right now. My Urban Illumination is an ongoing personal journey I have dreamt of manifesting online with the focus to highlight the benefits & services of “Magic,” for those whom seek to transform, discover self, & connect with spirit through traditional practices that society deems as taboo. As a multi-cultural woman, I’ve explored various spiritual denominations only to discover that:

  • They all lead back to unification with Spirit & connection to Energy/Earth.
  • Spiritual practices that stem from the African diaspora are not revered or properly advocated – instead, it is feared, ridiculed, discredited for its potency & power in connecting our cultures & reminding us of our truth.
  • I found myself wondering: Where are the women & the educational outlets in which I can learn more of these mystical practices?

These questions & personal experience working in various spiritual/occult stores inspired the start of My Urban Illumination. I have been working with the Tarot for over 21 years, as a therapeutic service to help others tap into their spirituality & connect with their potential. Through this tool, I have learned that the immense power we yield is unfathomable, yet we choose to live our lives oblivious to the magic that surround us. I enjoy guiding others to develop further inner peace, self-awareness, heightened intuition & an expanded consciousness on life. Tarot Sessions get you aligned with your creative powers and full potential; the objective is to get you to know that your free-will & intuition are always at your disposal. As the portal of My Urban Illumination grows, I hope to provide a plethora of spiritual tools, services & resources for use, that can help you personalize your own experience with the divine and design your life as you see fit, regardless of what background you stem from. My Urban Illumination is just that, your personal development in illumination. It is my intention that it aids us in finding more unity amongst ourselves, balance between the inner and outer worlds & encourage you to seek your truth & know your magic, as it should always be.


Tatianna Tarot

  • Tarot offers clarity on your choices, subconscious beliefs, unconscious patterns, transitional life cycles & your paths.
  • Tarot Sessions will show what energies benefit & block you & how you take charge of your life to re-route your story.
  • You will feel lighter, clear-headed, purposeful & calm; gaining a greater knowledge of self & feeling in control of your personal frequency.

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