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January 2018 Monthly Forecast

Capricorn // 4 of Cups

Open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings, this is the month where you want to be as grounded and attentive as possible. The 4 of Cups can symbolize a solution, answer to your question or offering that is for your betterment, being extended to you but you may not be present to realize it. If you’ve been sending your intentions out into the universe, be prepared to receive them, open your senses up to perceive things from the non-physical realm as well. There are a variety of ways in which our requests can be met; make sure that you’re staying to the possibilities in which this can happen. Start off the year with your attention on gratitude and abundance. What have you conjured in your life thus far and how does it mirror the person that you are today? Meditate on the ways that you can protect your energy as you enter the new year with bigger and more powerful intentions to shake things up. Perhaps it might serve you well to keep your ideas and dreams to yourself, only telling those whom you really trust. Energetic protection is of the utmost importance this year; do what you can to ensure you are inviting in the highest of frequencies and that you are projecting the same as well. Reflect on whether or not you’re looking at things from an angle of lack and adjust as necessary. Snap out of your daydreams and into reality. Remaining in your head space keeps you oblivious to reality & what the universe has to offer you at any given moment. You may be receiving an offer that requires you leaving your comfort zone. If you’ve been asking for it, don’t ignore it when it comes your way. Seize your blessings but be mindful that those blessings can appear in all shapes & sizes & at any moment. Be proactive don’t just expect things to fall into your lap.


Aquarius // 7 of Swords

Time to clear out the air; the 7 of Swords is highlighting disingenuous energy or the possibility of you being all over the place with your thoughts and intentions. You may have piled on more than you can handle, so come through with a steady plan and strategy that allows you to chew off a bit at a time daily. Don’t negate help from close friends and family, or hiring extra assistance if need be. Stay focused on what your agenda is in the present moment; if you make the intention to allow spirit to handle things or put the past behind you – then do so without periodically checking back on progress that isn’t yours or worrying about things you don’t have control over. The 7 of Swords can point out to someone you know that might not be telling you to the truth, sometimes this can even represent an aspect of ourselves. What must you honestly confront this month before heading onward with the rest of the year? The 7 of Swords can also speak of internal avoidance and the resistance towards self-reflection. It’s important to reflect on what you feel you are protecting yourself from and why. There’s no better time than now to be authentic and clear about your beliefs and choices, but it also requires you to align yourself with your beliefs and walk the walk. Are you focused on supporting yourself in this journey or are you looking to see what others are doing? Focus on your own agenda & learn how to move in silence. Big things lie ahead, the small glimpse you’ve already captured is nothing compared to what the months hold. Make your hustle simple and direct, there is no need to over complicate things in your mind. Sort out your priorities and tend to things one at a time so you don’t fumble along the way.


Pisces // 2 of Pentacles

A jack of all trades this month, you begin the year with a head filled with ambitions and the desire to orchestrate them all. The 2 of Pentacles is all about learning the delicate balance of applying new responsibilities and intentions onto your workload and managing to care for self and have some time to play as well. It is possible for you Pisces but you will need to discover this formula for yourself. January is a fresh new month to contemplate that which you have already been carrying and what you would like add on for the rest of the year. Clarify your load; does it bring you great value and worth? Have you been living aimlessly throughout life, taking things one day at a time or setting deliberate intentions to ground and find purpose and practicality in your actions? Lose the need to control things that are out of your reach and to go with the flow of what life is presenting to you. Trust your instincts rather than second guessing your impulses; you hold more power than you think. The 2 of Pentacles creates space for you to analyze your life from both the logical and emotional standpoint; what do you need to detach more from in order to get a “matter-of-fact” perspective. Emotions are to be used for our support and nourishment, how are you serving yourself with your emotions and what is currently draining you? A constant flux of moods is to be anticipated this month, particularly with your ability to juggle personal needs with increasing obligations and responsibility toward your goals. If you maintain your momentum and find balance within your daily moods while remaining committed to the end result without succumbing to vices nor lower consciousness, you will be well rewarded.


Aries // 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands represents your readiness to go on to the next level; if you want something that badly, you have to go out there and do it yourself. Consider this a direct message to make your move and change the scene for yourself. You are leaving something behind, but this is supported in your favor because it is time and you may have been receiving spirit messages regarding this that is pointing you towards expansion. Trust what you receive, the feeling may be so profound that you are certain of this next chapter in your life. It is time to make the leap, to discover what else you can do with your time and energy. There is a distinct difference between who you were and who you are ready to become; own the new vision found. The time to emerge from darker times is approaching. Mask urges us to take ours off, to be fearless in living in our authenticity & owning whatever shape, form, emotions & experiences we acquire from the truth. Perhaps you have kept your vulnerability blocked in order to protect yourself & to better comprehend what you’ve been internalizing this whole time. Granted, we all need space & distance from the chaos of other’ energies & realities; when do we know that it is time to actually live? You are to embark on an interesting adventure, one in which you encounter multiple facets of yourself along the way, thus understanding more of your potential & purpose. Before leaping forward, reflect on the past: memories, people, experiences, choices, environments & absorb the value so that you can repeat the success & avoid failures made in the past.


Taurus // The World

The World will keep us on our toes with the promise of our dreams being actualize. This symbolizes the end and the beginning of a cycle, integrating old & new lessons to our advantage & the satisfaction of completing a major chapter/accomplishment in our lives. We are advised to do what we can with the time that we have efficiently and don’t hold back. Go full speed ahead. Once you’ve reached your destination, chill and engaged in the pleasure you were able to create for yourself. What are you receiving from your energetic projections & how does it hold meaning to your life? There are aspects of yourself dying & hidden aspects within that are being brought to the surface. A spiritual graduation awaits you, your soul knows better, so you cannot expect it to live in the same terms as it has before. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have been working diligently towards advancement. The fact is that you have the power to be your best, to actualize all that you envision for yourself. The more flexible that you are with the forces, the more power & wisdom you gain. You cannot control the universe, but you can mold & work around it. This a period of sacrifice & dedication to self. It is also the closing of a karmic chapter that has perpetuated from deep in your ancestral lineage. Learn more by connecting the dots. You live life in a perpetual need for balance, but it is to be understood that there is no formula in sustaining that balance; it is ever changing. Your desire to change and shift into what the present opportunity presents is golden, it will take you places you’ve never been before. Convince yourself that you are unstoppable, especially now that you’re more focused and on-course, than ever before.


Gemini // The Chariot

The Chariot provides a boost of motivation, giving us that extra flame to finish off what we’ve started. All pathways are possible when we receive the Chariot, as it symbolizes the magic that occurs when we commit to our will. You are unstoppable right now, great progress and developments are being made and if you’ve been waiting for a sign – the Chariot is the thumbs up you needed to go. Leave nothing to chance, initiate your moves and have complete faith in yourself. Continue onward doing the work, regardless if you see improvement or not; we get the reassurance that a breakthrough is on its way. Mentally prepare yourself for the work that is a part of your journey by giving yourself motivation, encouragement, surrounding yourself with positive juju & visualizing your success. Manage your emotions and learn how to master yourself during this time. How can you administer more self-discipline in order to meet your goals? Don’t bite more than what you can chew at this time. You might have to be extra strong and centered to confront whatever challenges and limitations head-on. Use this aggressive energy for your best benefit, channel it to get things done, not to compete or start arguments with others. Ask if you are masking your emotions with an armor and are not being honest with yourself? Control your fears and don’t give into self-doubt. By asserting yourself in the right areas, you will overcome the situation at hand. There is an alignment w/ divine timing & a deep sense of purpose. You’re access a magic formula making you unstoppable w/ a craving to win at all odds. View this as a sign to put the gears in motion if you’ve been sleeping on yourself; the time is now. Be solution oriented and thrive.


Cancer // The Star

The Star puts us in alignment with our hopes and dreams, placing tiny miracles on our path for our advantage. Expect the unexpected; higher forces are listening to your wishes and responding daily through signs that offer encouragement and guidance. Your ancestors walk with you, sending reminders that you are never alone. Fine tune your ability to read between the lines in order to get the message. The Star is a positive sign that there will be calmer days ahead, a sense of being in the right place at the right time, limitations now freeing themselves & opening up new pathways for your advancement. You may be feeling unstoppable, finally understanding your divine power and ready to make real magic in your life. Bank on your talents and gifts during this time; the Star will highlight these qualities and bring attention your way and flashes of inspiration that may be exactly what you need to make it big. Healing going on in your subconscious suggests that you will feel more alive and open to share yourself with the world. Your influence over others will be great and impactful. Authenticity becomes you, others will honor and respect the truth you show up as. Embrace what comes your way these next days; answers will be revealed through the dream realm, strangers may come bearing gifts and what was once impossible now seems realistic. You are where you’re meant to be; everything is transpiring for a reason that may or may not reveal itself in time. The Star reminds us of our celestial power to align with our spirit and to create magic on the physical plane. It is assurance that we are closer to actualizing our goals than what our ego minds believe; faith makes all the difference at this point. Are you utilizing all of your skills, gifts & talents to make the most out of this lifetime and to get one step closer to your dreams? Are you allowing the opinions and thoughts of others hold your momentum back? If you truly want something, you will find a way to get it.


Leo // 2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands can hint at a journey, be that internally or physically, it marks as a vital shift in your life, indicating that you are ready to push forward and on to the next chapter. Seize the month by controlling situations that are within your reach and taking initiative in the areas where your life is clearly screaming at your face. You know what you want to do, all that awaits you is taking the risk and doing what is bold this month. It is a time where you are in alignment with your power, so it is best that you take advantage of it while you’re still in the limelight. Utilize your gifts to mold your future and invent something that does not exist for you presently. You are bound to shock others; be free and loose, and determined to make magick for yourself. Subconsciously, this is a long time coming, your patience will be tested and there is universal alchemy in the making – it would be rude to rush the process. The 2 of Wands shows much projection into the future, you may not know exactly where you are headed but you know what you want and you know that your passion mirrors you physical drive. All the elements that you need will manifest themselves as you stumble along your life in divine timing. Trust that you can take that step into the unknown and will be supported all the way by the grace of Source and your intellect. What is your legacy? This element brings up very important and deep questions that give you pleasure in exploring them. Not only are you learning about yourself, but you love the process of self-exploration and tapping into your curiosity. The 2 of Wands’ influence gets you to challenge the way you live your life currently, in hopes for a more dynamically fitting lifestyle. Expand into new territory and pushing yourself to your limits. If you are going to go hard, find multiple ways to execute your dreams.


Virgo // Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is an emblem of dedication, perseverance, nurturing & faith. Here we see the qualities of a compassionate mother, tending to her projects & ambitions as if they were her child. A positive card, the Queen symbolizes a perfect period of intentional cultivation, fast manifestation & abundance. Have you been putting in the work & are still waiting for the results? Prepare to get your nourishment. The Queen of Pentacles focuses on the real, what she can attain on the physical realm from the investments of her time & energy. She dedicates herself to giving all that she can to ensure that her visions bloom into fruition & because she also cares for self deeply, she has enough to care for others. An important reminder, the Queen’s garden is filled with a plethora of green life, not just one variety. She can have her hands full yet make it look graceful due to her consistent routine & watchful heart. You are reaping more than what you’ve sown; embrace the rewards & be encouraged by hard work. This queen is down-to-earth & very practical about her matters. She involves a great deal of consideration before choosing to meddle with things – wanting to know that value of such action is worth her efforts. Tend to your gardens, within & externally. If you have been expanding in conscious & in spirit, then your manifestation will too. Steady your pace because there is a never ending supply of wealth for you to acquire. And know what your personal formula for success is.


Libra // 8 of Wands

The 8 of Wands creates the energy of success and fast opportunity. You already know what you must do, but the work is in getting others to follow suit; worry about yourself and hop on some other tasks that you’ve been wanting to get accomplished if you notice that no one is pulling their own weight. What you want is coming; it just may not be coming in the form that you’ve expected. The 8 of Wands symbolizes the theme of acceleration, passion and rapid development for you this month. You may be overwhelmed with a variety of opportunities and responsibilities hitting you from every angle. This is exciting development to be made in the area of your highest passion; be careful what you wish for, often we tend to forget that we are to be accountable for every little unknown detail that arrives with our desires. January may be a reality check regarding your career or other personal matters; don’t allow the wands to smack you in the face by surprise. If you are anticipating much success and creative stimulation, then you must be prepared to juggle all of this flow so that you don’t miss out on anything. Don’t get caught up in the change, take control of it and direct yourself while the iron is still hot. You may be conjuring great innovative ideas and reigniting old interests that you’ve taken for granted. The 8 of Wands suggests that things are not as bad as they seem, you may very well just need some rest before the next big rush. There is much advancement in store for you on many levels, it will seem like new territory in your relationships, creativity, finances, family, pretty much overall. Don’t get too overwhelmed the changes will all work out to your advantage.



Scorpio // 3 of Wands

Be it a physical or a metaphorical one, you are on a journey symbolizing a new chapter where much is required. Excuses will weigh poorly on the evolution of your spirit. The 3 of Wands is the reality that you are being pulled into uncharted territories. Expect to leave security behind, and any sense of control you may had assumed to have. Your foresight is sharp, and in many ways you already know what is coming but something is up ahead that you can’t quite put a finger on. It is not a time to be cocky but to anticipate obstacles and to prepare for what lies ahead. You will be wearing many masks and assuming several roles; do not lose your sense of self by forgetting your roots or the power of humility. It may be time to leave the familiar, this can be a great voyage, a move/relocation, or a change in belief – surprising others with your spontaneity. This month is best effective if you initiate change instead of waiting for it to happen; there is a shift in your ability to do things and what you truly want for your heart. If you are a part of any group efforts, it is time for you to be the leader rather than standing in the sidelines. Show others how you perceive the way to be and set an example through your actions; your motivation is highly needed this month and you may be the catalyst to explore greater heights. A leader must be willing to first travel to these heights themselves before others can follow. Perhaps you have already internalized what you are capable of and are now ready to meet your destiny.


Sagittarius // Death

Death cleanses us of what we no longer need & what we have managed to learn during the cycle of 2017. It always leaves room for something new to grow and inspiration to emerge from. Death can shock us on what it chooses to eliminate in our lives, but trust that this is for your highest good. Support this cleansing process by eliminating baggage from your home: extra clothing that can be given away, belongings you no longer need, clean your space and cleanse it up. Make new commitments to stop toxic habits, stalking your past be that physically or emotionally & bringing up complaints. Death waits for no one. This period can be a bit foggy as no one has full guarantee on what will transpire after this transition is over, but you can feel that there is hope and greatness on the horizon – remain optimistic. Your task is to simplify, eliminate, make peace with and find closure within the past year. You are on the path of leveling up and it is inevitable. Accept the changes and put the past behind you once and for all. It is time to clean out and begin organizing your life the way you see fit. It is your season and that means time to begin to create anew. Review your prior cycle and making the necessary changes that lead to your evolution. Death guarantees a new chapter in your life; a graduation of sorts, you are ready to step up into a new level and that entails new responsibilities and different angles to similar scenarios. Your lesson is to make room for what makes you truly happy. Many scenarios are shifting for you and you can be extremely sensitive to these changes but it’s important to know that you are ready to elevate your life. Embrace the unknown, knowing that it is exactly what you have wished for.

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