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The Wheel marks a period of repetition, perhaps similar energies we’ve already encountered in our past, popping back into our field. Karmically we are to learn of how we contribute to these patterns or what the over all message is for us at this time. The opportunity is ripe to change your destiny but be aware that everything is as it should be, for everything holds a vital lesson/message for your evolution. Excavate the meaning things can be relaying to you at this time. The Wheel can signify a release and ending to occur that gives way to fortunate beginnings and a fated outcome. Recently we have been receiving messages of some grand energy approaching our lives but bear in mind that this can enter in the most subtle of ways, don’t go looking for anything blatantly obvious. The universe’s subtle whispers can be the loudest & most impactful with time. Overall, pay attention to the theme of synchronicities, being exactly where you’re meant to be that is seemingly coincidental. “You have arrived” to a particular destination in which the lessons were numerous and heavy, how has this journey taught you to tend to your self-care and own stability? What does stability, success and wealth, mean to you? The Wheel x Queen of Pentacles combination can introduce a great deal of responsibility into our lives, but with this comes great power. If you have asked for it, lead yourself with integrity and nourish your spirit so you can also nourish your creations and projects with balance. There may be a sound woman in your life, be that near or far, that can keep you on track with guidance, care and comforting vibes. It may even be fate for some to encounter this character or to possibly be presented with an abundance of flourishing rewards, resources and opportunities in the form of wealth. You deserve it. Bask in the glory and know that it is your time to rise and shine as well. Focus on the multitude of your manifestations and how you can pace and ground yourself while tending to their growth. For some, this combination reveals a delicious surprise on the

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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