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Mask reveals an aspect of ourselves that we are hiding from, or perhaps you will discover what is being hidden from you. This is a time of great revelations and new insight that may compel you to take action in ways you’ve yet to. Focus on the Mask’s message, it may also be a warning to protect yourself and mask your magical intentions and moves from others until they are ripe and strong enough to support themselves in motion. It may also be the case that you are playing it too safe and are in need of shedding layers and revealing your truth, perfect timing with this full moon eclipse. The Magician is filled with conviction; he has complete faith that he will get his vision accomplished and that everything he needs is already provided for him. Unleash your power out into the world by embracing your faith and confidence. The most high supports those that support themselves; the tools surround you, get to work. It is a period of great innovation, creativity and subtle moves. You don’t need to act fast on this influence but you must act as you have the ability to conjure anything onto the physical plane. Once you get into the root of your desires, what is revealed to you? Do you truly desire all that money or do you want the freedom it provides? You are being called to strip down to your most authentic self where your Asé and power lies. This is the source of all your magic & knowing who you are makes all the difference in the outcome of your manifestations. Be playful and indulge in your creativity & imagination. Do not lose this essence, tapping into your inner child will help you to discover new skills, talents and gifts that you logical mind is hiding from you. Don’t think so much, just do. Tap in within and allow your spirit to guide you with all things.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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