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The 7 of Wands reveals our persistence to beat our opponents and thrive despite the “haters.” We all have our fair share of opposition, some are obvious to the eye, others choose to mask themselves and lurk behind the scenes – regardless, they can all be felt. Your ancestors have your back; remember their lessons & tap deeper into that wisdom in the dream realm, as they can be revealing important information to you & ways to protect you from lower vibrations. Do not hesitate to do what you must to combat these forces, be that confrontation, strengthening personal & social boundaries, delete & blocking, cleansing, or any other means of taking care of your space & energy. You’re no fool & you won’t back down from a challenge, but ask yourself: is it worth it? Meditate on the energy you want to project outward, it might be best to reserve that on winning in other areas of your life rather than on petty pathetic energy. The 6 of Wands illustrates your path illuminated w/ blessings & greatness. Your persistence will pay off & you will be celebrated & honored for your efforts. Honor yourself as such & maintain your self care regimes by putting you first. Recall those that came before you & their struggles. Channel their strength as motivation & a reminder of the power you contain within you. The Spirits smile upon you, they hold you in great favor. There might still be a bit of a road ahead of you but you can see the rewards to come as clear as day. Continue visualizing yourself as if you’ve already attained all that you desire & step into that role now: make it real. The Queen of Pentacles is chill, grounded, practical & financially savvy. She is the epitome of a Boss & can transform anything into a wealthy opportunity. Stay centered in your values & integrity. Nothing can shake your throne unless you allow it to. The amount of wealth you acquire depends on how you perceive wealth around you & what your resistance levels to it are. This can be a great time to settle down and focus on your personal investments, be that creative projects, businesses, career, etc. Mother your money; watch it grow.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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