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The 4 of Pentacles can symbolize selfish behavior, is desire to hold back and refrain from giving due to fear of lack. The two women are shown giving their coins to figure with the outstretched arms in front of them, but with possible hesitation. Traditionally, the 4 of Pentacles teaches us about the lesson of lack – believing in such can cause one to hold on to their belongings for dear life, never opening up to new possibilities on receiving wealth. Regardless of the imagery, the 4 of Pentacles can also allude to selfishness being a good thing, contingent on the intention. At times it is needed to guard your belongings, your time, space & energy – not because you believe there isn’t enough to go around but to preserve and protect yourself. This energy can represent a period of cultivating smarter moves regarding your space & investing in yourself as you grow. Once you have enough for self & have tended to your own self-care, you can provide for others as well without draining your own supply.

The 8 of Cups is a repetitive message we are getting that communicates detoxification, cleansing and letting go of that which does not align or serve your highest good. At times it is simply an acknowledgment of that thing’s role & service in your life coming to an end. Ultimately in letting go, one can feel lighter, freer & with more space to embrace the energies that best match the frequency they are currently in. The overall theme here suggests that you tend to your own during this new chapter & year. Bring awareness to your thoughts of lack of when you choose to resort to that during the day. How can you shift your awareness to focus more on your power and what you do have? In addition, what do you need to scale back on and guard, is it the time you spend in certain environments, personal habits, people, spending, etc? You might receive some good insight on what it is you’ll need to leave behind or support so you can best focus on self and your success this year. Take this day to clear your space by focusing on your intentions for the New Moon coming up, cleansing yourself from old and toxic vibes & upgrading.

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