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Sagittarius // The Emperor

Give yourself the opportunity to assess all the victories that you’ve established this year. The Emperor has many responsibilities because he dreams big and his ambitious are heavy. He does not fear taking on these responsibilities in exchange for a valuable empire he can call his own. What is your legacy and what are you willing to sacrifice for it? What commitments have you made to attain your personal goals and dreams? And what can you improve upon? Use your wisdom and sound judgment to bring success into 2018. Be mindful of what your personal formula for success is and what your toxic habits and patterns are, so you can stop these in their tracks. As with all things, creating a legacy will be a lifetime pursuit with gradual progression. You’re in it for the long haul, so there is no need to rush. It’s important to be patient, compassionate with your journey and to take notes from others along the way. The Emperor saves himself from making common mistakes by learning from those around him and taking mental notes. You may find yourself to be more comfortable with your power, your potential to unleash more creative work and manifest what you will. Honor your commitments and buckle down so that your discipline produces the magic that you seek in your life. Your masculine energy will be heightened and the desire to act is stronger than ever. Take advantage of this momentum and your drive, more than leading others, seek to lead and guide yourself appropriately. Themes relating to fatherhood and authority figures could pop up during this time, helping you to tap in deeper to that energy of protecting and fighting for what is yours.



Capricorn // 2 of Swords

Are you looking at the full picture with honesty and a clear lens on how you’ve participated in the equation? The 2 of Swords shows that you may be exhibiting avoidance tendencies, which can make matters worse. Be accountable for your actions but also be willing to observe the full story without judgment or criticism. Important decisions will be made, try not to prolong them due to fear of change or resistance. A shift is inevitable but you will only make things harder on yourself by ignoring that fact. You still have time to tend to your wounds before the New Year; in fact, you want to seek closure so that you don’t bring that energy with you into the New Year. Something may still be causing you pain or has you wanting to look in the other direction due to its intensity. There’s no better way to get over it but to rip off the bandage and see what you’re dealing with face-on. The heart is blocked in this matter and you may find yourself reacting more emotionally to things than normal. If you can remove emotion from this equation then things will be a bit easier for you. Your goal this month is to gain clarity on where you hold power and how you give it away. Empower yourself to take action exactly when you need to, not to procrastinate until the last minute. This will save you from many headaches and troubles down the road. Carry the intention of becoming more solution oriented than focusing on any problems. Taking action on anything, even in the smallest of ways, is better than being inactive and ignorant to your own creations.


Aquarius // The Emperor

Life might get a little real for you this month; the Emperor takes on an abundance of responsibility, all in the name of his passion and his vision. Before stepping into 2018, take the time to marinate on all the creations and manifestations you’ve successfully executed this year. What are the most valuable lessons that you need to take with you? Which areas do you need improvement on and what qualities within must you bring out more in order to thrive? The Emperor is only interested in thriving, and in doing so for the long run. You cannot afford lower vibration nor petty energy to bring your conquest and momentum down. Residing in that energy would be a waste of time and energy, however, you must be certain that you can recognize such vibes from a mile awhile – be that from yourself and from others. It is time to focus on bigger and more fearsome dreams, the kind of dreams that get you excited upon waking yet leave a bit of anxiety within you because of their massive scale. The Emperor dedicates his life toward the greatness he sees within him and towards helping his people; most see power but it is truly life of servitude and established order. Order within yourself will create the success and longevity that you seek; it might also be a lonely ride because there won’t be too many others pursuing what you seek and in the same caliber as you. Meditate on your sacrifices because they’re about to increase. Is it worth it? If not, you might want to reassess your goals and dreams. Discipline, commitment and consistency is the Emperor’s formula to establishing a successful legacy. All is within reach if you are driven enough to do so. Execute your authoritative power by controlling yourself first.


Pisces // 5 of Cups

You are so close from finding closure on an troubling aspect of your past; don’t beat yourself up for experiencing what you had to, in order to grow. It is time to embrace where you currently stand and the trials and tribulations of 2017. Where you are traveling to, will be much more gratifying and pleasurable; however, you will have to believe you are worthy of it. Waste no time feeling sorry for yourself and instead embrace the fact that you have done your best with what you are. Leave the hardships in 2017, where they have served to build your character, strengthen your spirit and get you further grounded in the present. The lesson here is to reside in your blessings, keep consistent with your gratitude and always seek for a solution. A solution is always present, if you choose not to victimize yourself or the situation at hand. The 5 of Cups can represent toxic and draining energy, holding you back from your potential. Reflect on the times that you have succumb to these vibrations and how you were effected as a result. Make a vow to stop these energies and to leave them in 2017, where they now represent the past, not a continuing pattern. Everything has its pros and cons, perhaps its time to look at both sides of the coin before sticking solely to the negative or the positive for that matter. Keep a well-rounded perspective so that you don’t limit yourself where you’re at. Make peace with your emotional burdens now so that you don’t carry them with you into 2018. Consider cleansing yourself with a spiritual bath, writing down things you desire to let go on a piece of paper and burning it and prepping your house by making space for the blessings to come.


Aries // The Moon

The Moon holds the power to play with our emotions, revealing energies that we have yet to fully confront within ourselves. It is also the teller of secrets, shining light on the hidden and secluded. It is a powerful time for you, as you venture into a new cycle in your life that is either revealing your new potential and identity or aiding you to shed some toxic layers you didn’t realize were still remaining. The Moon’s influence can still bring up things from our past, be that emotions, people, situations, habits or environments that we need to revisit for our healing and closure. What can make this a challenging time is your refusal to separate fact from emotion, or the choice to indulge heavily in activities that are not for your highest good. Whatever the Moon decides to present to you, it is for your best benefit; what you resist, persists – this is your opportunity to transcend challenges and hardships that hold you back from your potential. Along with the power to resurrect vibrations, the Moon also manages to amplify psychic ability and magic work. Keep track of your personal patterns: What comes up for you during the New Moon/Full Moon timing? What is your intuition picking up on and what do you have the urge to do during this time? Your sense of rationality and logical approach can be thrown off at this time, expect to be highly empathic and emotional in a deeper way. This can be beneficial to you, if you know how to channel it in creative and proactive ways but it can hinder you if you are dwelling on toxic emotions and resisting the message that they bring. Feel all the feelings but don’t get carried away, as the Moon has the potential to heighten an influence and manipulate our perspective. Not everything is what it seems, therefore it would serve you well to use your intuitive skills and engage in divination activities or discuss what is going on with someone who is unbiased and can give you a level-headed opinion.


Taurus // Justice

Everything is as it should be, the Justice delivers fair karma and brings with it the abundance of eye-opening lessons and truths for us to embody into the new year. The work you’ve been putting in these past years will now be delivered to you in the months to come. Justice has us considering various elements of our lives and whether they are in balance. What does it take for you to attain balance daily and for the long term view? Make sure that you have paid your debts and found closure with any open wounds that threaten to take your peace for 2018. Take charge in your life with your authenticity; it’s time to review your year and be raw about it, so you can assess where your truth lies and how you can act on it. Make a list of responsibilities attached to your passion and stick to them for the new year. Hold yourself accountable, Justice encourages us to be mature and handle our realities with a firm ground and stable heart. It’s time to be fully aware of what you’re involved in at the present moment: how did you actively participate in the karma that is being distributed to you now and what can you do to reverse the spell (if negative) or perpetuate it (if positive)? Elevate from a higher perspective and see how the dots are connected in your life, this will provide the insight you need to do what is right. You are where you need to be; if you don’t like where you currently stand then you must learn how you got there to change it. Make sure your perspective and mindset compliment the vision that you hold for yourself and prepare to teach yourself all about the law of cause and effect.


Gemini // 3 of Pentacles

You have the potential to become a skilled leader, if you trust your instincts and ability to manage. The 3 of Pentacles reveals many negotiations, clever and innovative exchanges, vast networking and much socializing on the horizon for you. Whatever you engage in, see the end result in your mind, have a distinct aim and intention as to what you do and why you’re doing it. Make the most out of this influence that fills you with great ideas and the energy to go out there to promote them. If you’re a shy one, you will need to get out of your comfort zone to make the 3 of Pentacles work for you. There is an abundance of work on the horizon for you and there potentially be great ambitions stored in you now – if so, get to work. Find the time to establish a firm structure and base for your ideas – go out there to do put in the work and find the resources that will land you exactly where you need to be. You hold great influence by trusting your momentum and genius, attracting exactly the right individuals and assistance to help you. Teamwork is of the utmost importance for you this month and into the new year. Hustling is the theme of the 3 of Pentacles and if you’re consistent, it will surely pay off. Make solid connections to last you a lifetime, promote yourself, gain knowledge that can enhance your current status and understanding of your craft, generate long term plans and commit to them. During this time, you may be acknowledged for your efforts and creations – keep on keeping on. The snowball will only continue to grow, if you choose to do so too.

Cancer // The Star

Profound healing is accessible to you this month by the Star’s influence. It reveals that you are being guarded and guided by higher forces that are attentive to your demands and needs. Needless to say, your prayers are being answered and you will encounter your dreams and better days, sooner than you think. Do not lose hope during this time. What is not revealed, cannot be healed therefore the Star makes it possible to reflect on that which we need healing on. The healing can take place in several ways, be that through a tangible source (book, piece of art, video, etc), an action or an individual who’s presence and vibration adds to your peace. Large synchronicities or a possible fated event can cross your path in December, leaving you believing in miracles. Nothing is too good to be true, if you spot an opening that is ideal or opportunity, go for it – the chance will only present itself in that moment and it’s just for you. Rely on your talent to make leaps this month and expand the vision that you have for yourself. The Star asks that we send our intentions out into the universe and release judgement, resistance and criticism on how we will attain these dreams. It is time to radiate your authenticity to allow the world to see who you truly are and what you are made of. The Star brings great creative potential for you to tap into you and much ease in your life. The months to come will be filled with miracles, a comfortable flowing pace, and immense healing and peace in your life. Maintain your vulnerability to receive divine guidance on your purpose and journey in life.


Leo // 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups highlights the importance of having a tight and intimate female crew around you. These are trustworthy individuals that elevate your divine feminine energy and remind you of your worth and potential. Marinate in these positive vibes and know you can rely on this group to unleash your inner emotions and truths, should you need additional for support. The energy of the 3 of Cups brings us potential reunions, joyful gatherings, celebrations and emotional renewal where you feel fulfilled and the promise of hope. You may feel inspired to indulge in activities & material goods that enhance your self-care, wellbeing and happiness. It can be a fertile time of unexpected joyful news: weddings, births, aligned opportunities, love, abundance – all permeates the air during this time if you are open to it. Regardless of these things are happening to others close to you, you can expect to gain some benefit through its vibrational association. Train yourself to perceive the beauty & blessings around you and you will receive more of it. The 3 of Cups can illustrate great success and progress within a team or relationship this month. The potential to heal deep wounds of your feminine side will be possible in December. There is appreciation & hope once you see that the universe is working in your favor. This card speaks of doing what you can to empower yourself and the loved ones around you. If you’re seeking support, compassion and understanding from a different angle, consider basking in the presence of the women you admire & asking them for advice & guidance. You may discover some interesting news from the ancestors of your matriarchal side that gives you clarity on your own journey and way of being. Seek to heal wounds you may still have my living your best life and tapping deeper into your creativity as an outlet of expression.


Virgo // The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the keeper of mysteries who has had to endure quite the journey to learn of them. She represent the vast wisdom that your subconscious mind contains and is often associated with insight received from within and from the universal mind. The High Priestess acknowledged that we all hold the power to conjure great Magick in our lives, to attain all answers that we seek and to expand our conscious potential. Her preferred method of communication is through symbols that uniquely pertain to our personal journeys & identities. She is subtle yet direct if you are trained to see her. Pulling the High Priestess can tell us that you are venturing into a more sacred period of your life in which you are relying more on your own instincts, intuition and manifestation abilities. As you grow in power, it is not the skill in you are expanding on that is giving you an extra boost, but the faith that you hold in yourself. Study crafts that will enhance your knowledge of self and the occult. Higher forces choose to connect with you at this time to relay important insights for your current development and new year. Write down the signs that you see, connect the dots in your life to put new symbols together, analyze your dreams with an open mind to decipher what is being shown to you. Logic will not be able to fix any areas that are in need of assistance at this time. The High Priestess is providing you with the knowledge you need to know but you must aim to be in touch with your subconscious mind. Know your feminine side; the lesson in trusting yourself is important to master now, for the year to come. You may also feel inspired to channel new creative works at this time – writing in particular can help you release some of the downloads you are receiving. Spirit encourages meditating to gain clarity and patience so that you are open to listen to guidance at this time.


Libra // 9 of Cups

Things are falling into place after much hard work and dedication, the 9 of Cups shows satisfaction with a job well done and the strong sense that anything can be accomplished. There might still be some work ahead for you but the light at the end of the tunnel is bright and things are looking optimistic. The 9 of Cups gives us the confidence to make bold moves in our lives – consider, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? There is immense emotional fulfillment due to your ability to work on self-development and expand throughout time, it can leave you borderline cocky if you’re not balanced. Regardless, be mindful of not overindulging in the spotlight and all of the things that are blossoming for you right now. Be grateful for what is and continue to persevere with consistency, do not get drunk on your own supply – there is always something to improve upon. Rewards will come streaming in for you and there may be others holding you in high regard for your efforts. The 9 of Cups reveals that you are able to discern what is worth your time and energy now, guaranteeing more wins for your life. You may find yourself feeling content with what is, not wanting to push your boundaries and potential. Take breaks if need be, but know that you’re reaching a golden period in your life that is aligning you with great openings. Reflect on the hard work you’ve put in this year and how it has allowed you to master where you’re at now. Moving forward should come with ease. Take the time to celebrate even the smallest of victories before heading into the new year and continuing the work.

Scorpio // 4 of Swords

Settling down to reflect is suggested with the 4 of Swords and it is required if you intend to be stress-free and intelligent about your next steps in life. Work smarter not harder; this includes incorporating self-care mindfulness so that you don’t burn out easily. It is imperative to slow down, rushing will cause you to miss the bigger picture and important clues along the way that can lead to shortcuts. Insights are accessible to you but to receive them you must create space to be introspective and at peace with self. A major decision still lingers, beckoning you to make a choice before the new year which could dramatically shift things for you. You may be feeling the pressures of your thoughts and any projections into the future but this all lies on you at the moment so you’re best option to to meditate on your options. You have several options directing themselves towards you, know that you have some time to sort them out and feel which one resonates best with you. It may be wise for you to tend to your own energy at this time, recharge your juices before the new year hits and you land running. Preparing ensures success, stand back from the chaos & learn about your approach so you can come up with a good game plan. In order to become who you’re meant to be, you must respect the cocoon stage and honor it by gifting periodic cocoon cycles for yourself.

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