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Claim what is yours, take pride in your journey thus far and visualize the beautiful future ahead of you. The 10 of Pentacles symbolizes strength in walking the walk and putting in the work, ultimate happiness, pride, abundance within and without, complete manifestation and interconnection. It reminds us how every little moment, every single day, ties into the next – an important member in our unfolding story. Here we are reaping the rewards for keeping the faith, for being consistent with our efforts & maintaining balance through it all. This card presents the jackpot of all rewards & tells us that it is possible to reach the “top,” whatever that may mean for you. This outcome is not too far from our reach but we must stay in motion, motivated & constantly challenging ourselves to surpass our own expectations. When that chapter is done, we will find gratitude for all the hardships experienced that have cultivated the person you’ve transitioned into & the prosperity gained.

You are royal; it’s time you begin acting like it and truly believing in it. You have started a journey from nothing & now look how far you’ve come. Reminisce on the struggles, the fights, the lower vibrations, blood lost & souls departed; here you stand, a full plate ready to take on the new year and to accept the karma that you’ve cultivated for yourself. A new purpose awaits, new ambitions, new responsibility, a new sense of satisfaction & being has arrived. Where you are going will blow your mind, stay humble in your roots. Who would have thought years ago that you would be lavishing in these experiences to come – that you’ve even amassed such wealth for yourself now?! Give thanks to the little things that have once irritated you, diminished your spirit, kept you down or kept you hustling. They’ve served their purpose well. Cherish your foundation. Your status is rising, your sense of self-worth is ‘off the charts’ & there is no stopping you from acting on your heart’s desire – there are no limits. You now know that wealth is not attached to a green piece of paper but that it is a mindset that you bring towards you with ease. Welcome home.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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