Illuminating the New Moon in Sagittarius, Sunday, December 17th, 2017

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The influence of this last New Moon direct us to focus on our focus: What is our target for this year to come and how do we intend to get there? Five planets present themselves during the time of this moon, therefore the emphasis on being attentive, is high. Revelations will be made, epiphanies appear to illuminate our paths and minds and you will be led to release limitations, beliefs & habits that hinder growth. A new approach and direction is shown for you to open up to, trust that you will receive what you must in this time and during the new year – not everything might be clear. High vibrational frequencies will be accessible to you, allowing you to channel new insights but this time will provide adequate grounding for you to receive this without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. All that you see for yourself is possible but it will take time; slow and steady wins the race. Tap into your inner resilience to be able to transcend sorrow, pain and hardship for you to come on top. There are rewards for your perserverance and your tunnel vision – determine your destination and stick to it until you arrive. The journey will be filled with challenges and work, tap into that place in which your resonance steers you intuitively. Marry your discipline now to ease the bumps along the road. The cosmos are driving you straight into your future and a beautiful one at that, use your artistic sensibilities to create what you will and to act when necessary.

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