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Scorpio // Justice + Knight of Cups

Justice’s energy brings things into balance and perspective; the bigger picture is now in clear view and what you must do to make sure all loose ends are settled, is no longer a mystery. Justice partnering with the Knight of Cups, can introduce karmic peace into your life, especially regarding past romantic relationships or relationships that have had no closure. Expect to be able to settle emotional disturbances and find the lesson that pushes for your evolution and greatness. A chapter is finally coming to an end, allowing you to take a more mature and conscious route in your life. You will find that everything has transpired exactly as it needed to and November brings the gift of divine timing and cosmic interference without much of your meddling. What are some repetitive themes you’ve been dealing with that have been difficult to put an end to? This combination sees that you will receive unexpected help to put an end to perpetuating challenges and challenges you to live your truth. You will have space in your life to pursue more important matters and interests that have captured your heart but that you’ve once held back on pursuing. The Knight of Cups encourages you to be vulnerable enough to explore what is capturing your spirit at this time. You can handle the responsibility that comes from your pursuit and are emotionally levelheaded to face its realities. This influence brings unexpected help from those who have your best interest at heart; even if this comes from strangers, invite this assistance in. New love interests can also come into play as you work your karmic baggage out; take things slowly and use your intuition to guide your moves. This month can be light if you allow it to be.


Sagittarius // 4 of Cups + Wheel of Fortune

Stop over analyzing everything that you are confronted with. The 4 of Cups will alert you to open your heart, mind and third eye. You will need to trust your instincts and be able to see beyond the physical, to perceive some great benefits that are coming your way. You may be stuck thinking that things need to appear a certain way or follow a particular path in order for you to acknowledge it. This is not the case for November, the 4 of Cups shows that you are clearly being given what you ask but it may not appear in the form that you’ve anticipated. It may also be that you’re too mentally distracted to focus on what’s going on with your heart, or to feel the changes around you. Do not fear reaching out towards what’s being presented to you. It’s for your best benefit and will only encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. You’re in for some vast changes this month. Your world may just do a 180, leaving you with a different but more optimal mindset. The Wheel of Fortune teaches us to expect the unexpected. The world will be turned upside down for our best benefit but for a limited time only. It is up to you to take advantage of these connections and magical makings. Thoughts become things, so use this power to your advantage. You have the opportunity to make amends with past difficulties and to finally key into some huge reward you’ve been waiting for. Your role in life has dramatically changed to accommodate greater things; in many ways, you are being asked to leave an old life of limitations and hesitation behind. Allow this current flow of things to reveal to you where you must put in the work and to restore faith your path. Despite how unpredictable it is, this month proves just how in alignment you are. Use your senses to your best advantage this month so you don’t fall behind.


Capricorn // 5 of Pentacles + The Hanged Man

The 5 of Pentacles presents the energy of Simone who lacks internal guidance. This month can prove to be challenging if you do not seek the opportunity to tap out of the rat race and seeks some good one-on-one time with self. Rather than search for insight within, the 5 of Pentacles can have you in a frantic state, searching for validation in the external world and thus forgetting the very power that you yield. It is a card of hardships, sacrifice and difficulties but as above, so below. If you are encountering a rocky time, check to see if you have any internal clarity or if that is also looking like a chaotic circus. November is not the month to sit back and contemplate on what is going wrong and what can go worse. Look at all the avenues that are presented to you. How can you mold them to your advantage and what can you do to help yourself out of a tight situation. Alternatively, the 5 of Pentacles can signify a person that is in need of your help. Don’t seek to enable them, but to provide a mirror that reflects their own greatness. Get back up on your toes by not giving yourself an option to fail and not holding back on action that you know you must do. The Hanged Man can get you to adapt a new perspective, one that removes you from poverty consciousness and believing in lack. November requires work from your behalf, be willing to shake up your own programming and routine if you’re truly interested in making a shift. Procrastination can literally be your downfall but it will always be your choice. Administer some self control and know that you always have another alternative than that which you’re on.


Aquarius // 2 of Pentacles + 7 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles has you juggling many projects and opportunities this month and it’s all due to your vision. If you want it, you believe you can have it all but the 2 of Pentacles serves as a reminder to be organized about it. Keep your emotions at bay and focus on your hustle. It is quite possible to be overwhelmed with the amount of work flowing your way, in addition to that, which you’re already engaging in. Know what brings you balance and what can easily center you, should you go off course. Finances are thriving but other projects can take their sweet time coming to fruition. The 7 of Pentacles advises you to think long term. These cards suggest that you pace yourself carefully because you’re in it for the long haul. What your handling now, will produce great fruit for you in the future just be on top of your managing game. The 7 of Pentacles advises that you assess what you’re investing in and see how you can improve or make things progress faster. There is always room for improvement, so why not discover what your personal formula for success is. There is much weight on your shoulders due to the pressure that you place on yourself, relax into a realistic flow that can have you tending to many goals with ease. Bear in mind that if you are making the choice to meddle in many projects at once, then it will all take its time to transpire. Consider making your life easier by focusing purely on what will bring you the most impact before moving on to the next best thing.


Pisces // King of Pentacles + 9 of Wands

The King of Pentacles communicates your ability to transform something of the smallest stature into great value. This is the making of a great leader but a visionary whose creativity knows no limits. Trust your gift and use November to develop it further than you ever have before. You have the ability to make this month a huge success on your passionate pursuits. Rather than being idealistic and lofty, you’re exhibiting much grounding and practicality with your work ethic & pursuit of creative endeavors. The King of Pentacles manages to be a powerhouse of financial success because he takes his sweet time building his dream, making sure that it is stable and consistent. You may find that you’re working more than ever but for a great cause. The 9 of Wands precautions you to keep to yourself as you hustle and gain advantage. Trust your instincts when it comes to what to reveal and when to reveal it. You’ll want to keep your precious plans hush during this ripe time of growth and prosperity. Focus on long term investments and how your current routine can pay off in the future. Are you maximizing on your time or just thinking it away? Additionally, be mindful of the way your mind operates as it can wonder towards focusing on others progress, rather than your own. There is no need to be paranoid with the space that you consider in this world. Take up as much as you need. You are required to do what you must in order to contribute your service during this lifetime. Command your space and have faith in your own manifestation abilities.


Aries // The Hierophant + 3 of Pentacles

Heavy questions can seep into your mind this month, making you more inquisitive and curious than normal. A period of expansion, testing your limits and challenging your life’s choices thus far, are the result of the Hierophant in your life. It is because you choose to be a vessel of the divine, to be led one moment to the next that life is opening up to you. Your “dream” world is very much a reality, as it always has been. It is only the case that now; you have finally caught up to your potential and are giving it a serious chance. I predict a radical change on the horizon for you. One that you may not fundamentally understand but trust within your heart that it’s for your best interest. You have yet to Iive your best life but these choices you make this month will segway into that. Best is not easy, best is freedom. As a result, that which contains you and wears you down will either be magically eradicated from your life or you will have to make the choice in letting it go. Consider November a spiritual cleanse into the new year but an exciting one that leaves you more clear and determined to fill in every moment of your life with meaning and intention. Your purposes will be obvious, the Hierophant leads himself in accordance to what the moment calls from him. His master is his Higher Self. A time to edit and rebuild, the 3 of Pentacles shows that your finances are improving as a result of a new confidence in self, as goes for your relationship with others & ability to lead fearlessly. You will be channeling from God(dess); if it serves others in any way, let it be known and the blessing will return to you threefold.


Taurus // 10 of Cups + Justice

The 10 of Cups can reveal that something you’ve been working towards for some time will now be coming into fruition. November will have you reflecting on all the work you’ve put in to get what you have now. Gratitude & appreciation fill the air, as you can connect the dots and see why things have had to transpire the way they did. Slow and steady wins the race; you may find yourself focusing on building greater prosperity for yourself and loved ones in the long term. It is an ideal time to begin making small but impactful moves for long-term goals. Family matters & relationships are healed and finding closure. You are fertile to even focus on creating your own family, if desired, or simply being around supportive and living forces can add on to the energy of your success. Ancestor blessings fall upon you because you are doing the work that they deem honorable. Continue remembering their sacrifices and making conscious connection to your roots. Justice with the 10 of Cups can represent peace regarding troublesome matters with the family or your own family. Things are the way they are for a divine reason. Justice appears to communicate the truth in all matters and asks you to be levelheaded and neutral in your approach. This energy will bring balance back into your life and will settle any uncomfortable discord that has distracted you from your own momentum. For some, there may be an important talisman, heirloom or inheritance that you receive this month that is of great benefit to you. For others, you may have to step up in family with a new role. Don’t disregard the fact that your wisdom and personal transformation can be just the Medicine that your blood folk need. Serve as a healer and you will be healed as well.


Gemini // 3 of Swords + The Moon

The 3 of Swords reveals itself when you’re not on your own team. This can signify a conflict of the mind and soul, perhaps your heart longing for something that you’re convinced you can’t have. It can speak of lower vibrational energy surrounding you, thus clouding your own judgment or allowing you to attract situations & experiences that are not for your highest good. The Moon has the ability to pull strong emotions from the depths of our subconscious, making us face our truths. Dealing with what the Moon illuminates is no easy feat. Secrets will unfold and it may be uncomfortable to deal with. Rather than take the worse of the scenario, seek the deeper understanding on why this is being exposed to you at this time. What are these emotions prompting you to do or take further action on? It may not be a good month to make any rash decisions being that you can find yourself more emotional than usual. These emotions, however, will bring closure to what has been bothersome in 2017, forcing you to look realistically at what you’ve been dragging along and refusing to let go of before the New Year. Although your mind may not be on it’s best condition, this will train you to rely more on your gut instincts and intuitive feelings. When the Moon is revealed, the intuitive mind is sharp and your mystical sensibilities are heightened, use your senses to give you knowledge on what is ailing you at this time and how you can heal and grow from it. Rather than run from its secrets, embrace your darkness and allow it to transform you into a more enlightened and compassionate person, especially with yourself.


Cancer // The Sun + 8 of Swords

Radiant joy awaits you this month, as you are overwhelmed with happiness, positive energy and the gusto to complete any unfinished business. The Sun blasts open any doors that have been locked, keeping us away from achieving the best and manifesting what we most deserve. Coupled with the 8 of Swords, the Sun serves as a period of great healing and motivation, particularly if you’ve been feeling down on yourself and uninspired emotionally and physically. We see great progress and forward momentum in November, where as the 8 of Swords can show a period of lethargy, slow progress, victimization and possibly procrastination. You are gifted with great fertility this month, showing that you have the power to give birth to a new you and new developments that fulfill your soul. The Sun finds you attracting just what you need when you most need it. It is this shift in your mindset that allows you to function optimally with amazing results and enough energy to dish out toward future projects. What you feel you could not accomplish or get started now, is very achievable. You find ease and satisfaction in all actions this month. Allow the 8 of Swords to serve as a lesson on how you’ve held yourself back and what caused such emotions within you to support that.


Leo // Justice + 2 of Wands

The end to a long drawn out transition is near, the 2 of Wands shows that you have been envisioning great peace and the desire for freedom. What you gain from this transformation is authenticity and the ability to speak, do and act on what your truth is. November teaches you a great deal in facing your fears and not compromising your dreams. Justice can bring some paperwork regarding future plans; a way for you to settle desired abundance and establish yourself concretely outside of your comfort zone. For some, you may be considering a move or can sense that one is approaching on the horizon. Regardless, travel is inevitable here and you may be using your visualization skills to craft up what you’d like your 2018 to feel and be like, but also, the areas you’d like to go to. Great change is present this month, as you start closing in on themes and patterns left unexplained or misunderstood. Now holding a more savvy consciousness to these things, you are ready to move on and act on your fullest potential. The important factor here is that you take tangible steps towards the vision that you see. The 2 of Wands can often just lie amongst the familiar without taking the needed risk to go after what you want. The universe demands that you dare to live. Claim what you want into existence – for the most part, you have already mapped it out and integrated many lessons that prohibit you from making the same mistakes. The only thing stopping you at this point is yourself. Get ready to face your reality in all aspects and come out ready to build something greater than you ever have before.


Virgo // 2 of Wands + High Priestess

What is it that you can pick up intuitively this month, Virgo? It’s almost as if all your senses are super heightened and you can discern that there is something great on the horizon, yet you do not trust yourself enough to go after it. What good is it to have insight, if you don’t follow up on it? You are certainly gifted this month, the road towards a better way of living lies directly in front of you. Before making any leaps, prepare yourself because what is up ahead is different than anything you’ve yet to experience. Do not get intimidated by your own potential; own it. Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses well and that you’re living with intention. Everything that you do has an extra dose of Magick to it. The High Priestess can make you feel otherworldly & mystically inclined. Since we are still in season, take the time to indulge in activating your witchy ways and further practicing attaining guidance in ways that are esoteric (astro, divination, etc). Synchronicities are abundant, personal symbology stands out more than ever, divine timing is your best friend and perhaps your dreams may be too vivid to be “dreamlike.” Are you getting the message? If not, you are prying too hard to understand something that is innately understood. Trust your power and begin to use it in ways that you know how but seldom do. In order to get to where you want to go, the spirits demand that you travel outside of the box and this requires that you walk by faith and not by sight. An added bonus is that you develop characteristics and abilities beyond your wildest imagination, if you simply just move out of your own way and accept your fate.


Libra // Knight of Wands + Page of Pentacles

Things can get heated up in November, but rather than lose your cool, know that a solution will be presented in some form or another. The Page of Pentacles is great down to earth advice and practicality that you can engage in to make things settle from the heat of the Knight of Wands. The Knight is simply looking for cheap thrills and a reaction that will pull you from your center. You may feel the desire to heat things up on your end through your temper or means of meddling with your current circumstance – do not. Luckily, the Knight of Wands is quick to come and quick to go, definitely not a source to worry about. For some, the Knight of Wands & the Page of Pentacles reveals travel for new work, particularly if it is something that you are launching yourself. You may have the opportunity to go someplace that is optimal for your success. This combination can also show that you have the passion and motivation to go after a long-term plan. Take advantage of this extra fuel and use it to create stability for yourself. The Page of Pentacles brings the gift of prosperity due to researching his approach carefully. Something that you’ve been working towards or perhaps even envisioning, is possible. If you’re going to go hard for something, this is certainly the month to do it.


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