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Libra // 8 of Wands + Rada: Houngan

The 8 of Wands reveals fiery progress and a shift for the better. During this month, we may be in over our heads with the energetic acceleration happening around us, which is overall positive, but can be overwhelming. Staying grounded is the best way to cope with what you’re about to handle and you’re certainly capable of handling it all. This card can bring multiple opportunities at once, responsibilities grabbing all the attention that you have and one situation happening after another, it will feel as if you’re on a rollercoaster ride. Rada : Houngan is entranced by his beating of the drums, his direct communication to the spirit world and the information that streams from the rhythm. Rhythms carry their own fluctuation of vibrations, Houngan knows when to take advantage of these vibrations and what they’re prompting him to do. This card reveals the importance of our intellect as well as our intuition. In October, you will need both in order to successfully navigate the energies and make the most of what is being offered to you. It is a call to sharpen your logical sensibilities and to think smarter not harder. It is not a time to go against the grain and resist the direction in which things are flowing externally. Make the best of what you’ve got, by working with the forces as swiftly as possible. Know what your intentions are ahead of time so that when a small opportunities comes you way, you are able to make it into something great.


Scorpio // 7 of Pentacles + Congo: Simbi D’L’ EAU

The 7 of Pentacles reveals that you are progressing, things are growth slowly but surely. It is a month to access your investments and where you place your energy and what you expect to gain from such investments. Reference your work ethic in all areas of your life: Are your friendships and relationships supporting who you envision becoming? Are your efforts paying off with your spiritual pursuits, health, self-care, finances, etc? If not, then its time to trial & error how you do things and what needs to be edited for better results. It is the season to plant new crops so that they manifest next year, but in doing so, know that these things take time to work – have patience. Congo: Simbi has the ability to navigate frustrating waters, giving us the message to know where we stand at all costs. Remind yourself what is illusion and what is real in your life and within your emotions. It’s time to note if your actions in this world are providing good enough results or if you are living idealistically with your time. Information will come to you easily from the deepest aspects of you being. You will need sacred time in order to translate this information in a clear and effective manner, to understand the next steps you need to take. Great happiness is inevitable for you, as this can be a time of amazing blessings and the ultimate glow up. It will require that you work; however, the pot of gold won’t just land on your lap without you searching for it.


Sagittarius // The World + Carnival

The World will give you the opportunity to grow and mature from old patterns and cycles this month. Your sense of identity is expanded, as you now see yourself worthy of attaining all things and accomplishing more than you could have ever imagined. October represents a rebirth in many ways, a spiritual graduation that requires you to make peace with the past and yet step into a more courage energy that encourages you to take initiative in the world. New possibilities that were not there before, are now available to you; perhaps the timing wasn’t right before but it certainly is now. You can seriously venture into many avenues in your life, which is why it’s important that you think about what you’re seeking to gain from your accomplishments and what your intentions are. You’ve outgrown many old dynamics and energetic patterns but now it is up to you to sustain this new frequency that is attracting all the right elements to you. Going back is no longer an option if you want to thrive. The World is your oyster, inviting you to play and be carefree with your exploration of what’s possible. Carnival marks a huge celebration of what is to come and also a release of the past. October is the month of illumination for you, over your shadows and hidden aspects that have once ruled your subconscious. You are awakening to bigger lessons and since you know better, you’re now doing better. Bask in knowing that changes will fall in your favor and trust the knowledge within.


Capricorn // 7 of Swords + Petro: Masa La Flambeau

If you are going to commit to something, make sure you do so wholeheartedly. The 7 of Swords can reveal many thoughts and intentions that you carry, but not enough consistent movement because of self-doubt or lack of trust in timing. It’s important to get clear on your intentions this month and know your “whys,” and what value you’re seeking to gain out of this. Take action knowing that failure is not an option but don’t teeter back and forth between progress and regression. Organization is key, especially if you intend to make an impact on your life. Sit down with your thoughts and evaluate if they’re worth having and what power you currently yield to make them into reality. The 7 of Swords can also alert us to questionable behavior going on around us. At times, it can even be an aspect of ourselves that isn’t in alignment with our integrity. Are you not being honest with yourself in any way? Is your gut instinct picking up on someone or energy around you that isn’t for your highest good? Petro: Masa La Flambeau illustrates the actions of the Masa, working in tandem to move fire, their movements in harmony, mirroring another. What is transpiring around you, is mirroring what is going on inside of you. Reflect on the grace and power of the Masa, who is transferring power and establishing the connection but not exactly using it at this time. It is a card of receptivity and of taking note on what is transpiring around you and the details in such transactions. Additionally, this card can be pointing to maintaining strong emotions within a calm demeanor that will soon reveal itself to you. Stay alert.


Aquarius // 3 of Swords + Petro: Houngan

The 3 of Swords can reveal a sense of overwhelming pressure on the mind, many thoughts or messages crossing your path at once that interfere with clarity. These are to be considered within your heart space and not pushed aside, as much of this noise can be telling you exactly what you need to hear at this time. It’s a matter of dissecting them one at a time and holding space to determine what the message is. The 3 of Swords is energy that will show you what has been keeping you from your heart’s desire; it is up to you to regard your intuition and allow it to fill the missing pieces. If you seem scattered brain, it’s because the mind and the soul are not in alignment. Don’t just take the logical route just because it seems more rational and reasonable for you. The 3 of Swords reveals a potential blockage this month because you are allowing too much to get to you rather than taking action on what is being shown intuitively. Petro: Houngan holds the power to initiate what the spirits reveal to him. This month, much will be revealed to you. Do your best to take it as it comes without getting too overwhelmed in the details. This is not a time to stall on your guidance or to wait until things are more settled, take action now. Activate your inner power and align yourself with the will of your ancestors and spirits. Take pride in trusting that you already know, any sense of confusion and discord is an illusion – you are not allowing yourself to be the open vessel that you are and it is against your nature. Petro: Houngan encourages you to move forth with passion and to allow Source to move you. Don’t overanalyze what is already there.


Pisces // Ace of Wands + Petro: Houngan

The Ace of Wands is the energy of initiation, October represents great beginnings for you and moves you to take action in a way that you haven’t before. You may find yourself extra motivated and feisty, nothing can hold you back when you are in alignment with yourself. You have a plethora of innovative ideas to launch; great opportunities that are appearing for you or you can initiative for self and the gusto to keep the momentum going. Prepare to reveal a new side of you that rarely seen. If you have been considering a makeover be that physically, business wise or even in your own space – this can do you wonders this month, as you present to the world that you’re serious with your space and what you intend to do with it. October will serve you well, if you take matters into your own hands, rather than fantasizing about them or waiting for others to get their act together. Don’t wait too long to get the ball rolling. The Ace of Wands is like lighting a match, once you catch the flame, be quick to ensure that it ignites what you intend to influence, otherwise, you’ll miss it. Don’t miss the wave this month, even if it’s a small one. Any thought, stream of inspiration or insight can truly be the catalyst to your glow up. Petro: Houngan encourages you to use the forces within you to make things happen this month. It is a card of proper aggression, confidence, trust within the spirit realm and honoring the call that they give you. This is not a time to second-guess your own abilities or visions but to take direct action on it. Be the leader that you know you are, allow the intensity of your hopes and dreams to motivate you to go further than you ever have before.


Aries // 3 of Pentacles + Rada: Agwe

The 3 of Pentacles is a great card of self-promotion, networking and for business ventures. You may find yourself to be inspired to act on your vision in a big way, going harder than ever before and perhaps pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to be seen and known. October can be the month where you find yourself amongst great influential people, don’t be afraid of putting yourself and your ideas out there. The 3 of Pentacles supports your preparation and will inspire you to get all your ducks in a row. Fortune favors the bold and the prepared, so act as if you’re getting your big break because the spirits will certainly place all the elements you need right in front of you. Take advantage. Spaces in which you are allowed to communicate your vision, initiate some collective groups and inspire others, is where you’ll find you’ll most thrive. Write those ideas down and execute! Find like-minded individuals who have something to offer you and vice-versa, work together to support each other’s goals and learn all that you can this month, as it will enhance your growth in all ways. Rada: Agwe is the workings of the collective in a cool and calm environment. They are engaged in a safe passage over the seas of creative nourishment and emotional influences. Their pathway is clear, as everyone on board trusts that they will be carried in good faith. You are riding an invisible wave at this time where your faith is worth gold. Should you feel compelled to act and move in any direction, do so, knowing that you are being led by higher divine forces. Matters may not be so logical at this time but they will turn out for your best favor. Communication skills are heightened and your way of expressing self is unhinged; relish in your authenticity and liberation.


Taurus // 7 of Swords + Santeria: Santero

Check the breadcrumbs you leave behind as you make moves this month. Clean up after yourself by ensuring that everything is in its right place; if you’re going to go after something, make sure you don’t half-ass it. The 7 of Swords can reveal progress, with a hint of second-guessing on your part. Certainly trust your instincts when it comes to sensing something out of the ordinary but don’t allow paranoia or doubt to get the best of your momentum. Your task this month is to do the work and finish it completely. You may be carrying on responsibility that lingers from previous months, while still intending to make moves this month. Be realistic about your approach and your goals; don’t pile on more than what you can handle, only to find yourself tripping along the way. Adequate stillness is required to know what the right course of action is this month. You will have to learn how to prioritize what is of most importance to you and what other factors can wait in the meantime. Finding your ground is of the utmost importance this month, Santeria: Santero, invests time and energy towards feeding the drums that are responsible to call forth the spirits. This act is synonymous with our need to create sacred space and honor the ancestral and spirit realm, in order to receive the clarity and guidance we need in the moment. The Santero is gracious and patient, knowing that his act is an investment that is to be consistent and patient. There is a reverence for the physical realm, as it is also connected to the spirit realm. Seek ways to navigate your inner world and find balance so that you can sort through your goals and dreams effectively. Over time, you will see that the investments that you make will pay off in tremendous ways.


Gemini // 4 of Pentacles + Rada: Agwe

The 4 of Pentacles speak of reservation, learning how to discern when to maintain your boundaries strongly and keep your distance amongst energy that doesn’t benefit you. This month is a time of calculating on what you can cut back on; bad habits, poor belief systems and cycles that hinder your progress. You may find yourself a bit of a hermit, needing more time to spend with your spirit, rather than the outside world. The reality is, you are preparing to create and build something greater than yourself. You may not understand this on a conscious note but trust that a gradual transformation is undergoing within. You may want to prepare by nourishing yourself with education to support this change, anything that is alluring to your spirit is what you should follow up on and learn. Invest in yourself during this time and lay low; save your money, get to planning for when your energy more heightened and vibrant to pursue goals. The 4 of Pentacles teaches us how to rejuvenate ourselves through contemplation and grounding. Rada: Agwe reveals the process of providing offerings to Agwe, the Law of ships on the sea, for a peaceful and safe journey. As a result, things are calm and centered during this voyage. It speaks of tranquility and stability as you make your venture into a new plane and way of life. Calm your thoughts this month as the spirits are seeking to carry your burdens and handle what they can take on for you. Things are falling in your favor and you can have faith that they will remain so, for some time.


Cancer // 5 of Cups + Rada: Hounsis

The 5 of Cups illustrates the process of feeling lost and possibly displaced when in reality, things are working out quite well for you and you’re much closer to where you want to be than you can imagine. It can be an emotional month if you are prone to wallow in them without any rational thought or sense of direction. Don’t be so hard on yourself should you experience some setbacks or choose to revisit some setbacks due to your thoughts visiting the past. You are not your mistakes; the 5 of Cups attempts to teach us this by prompting us to cross emotional bridges that keep us from looking at the brighter picture and self-empowerment. The fact is that, all is not lost; this card reveals that it is our perspective that is keeping us from our desires. If you are able to get out of your own way, you will come to a healthy and quick solution. Rada: Hounsis takes the ethereal and intangible and works to make it into the reality she envisions. There is an energy of strong responsibility as she looks over her belongings and attention, serving to nourish and support them as they evolve. Your task this month is to prohibit your emotional losses on preventing you from creating the life you want to live. You have the wisdom to make it happen, October requires determination, focus and more aggression on your part. Discern what needs your attention and what is only draining your precious energy. Learn from your setbacks and use this as fuel to conquer your blockages.


Leo // Queen of Cups + Santeria: Oriate

The Queen of Cups yields the energy of strong sensuality, deep intuitive knowledge and compassion. She is the keeper of secrets, a phenomenal listener, and is giving you the ability to feel deeper and know more than you ever have this year. You may feel inspired to indulge in your dreams, goals and creativity this month. The Queen of Cups cultivates brilliant ideas, nourishing them with her love and feeling more than worthy to manifest them all. It is safe to care for yourself more than ever; you could even be exhibiting very therapeutic and maternal vibes that inspire you to do the same for others in an artistic way but don’t go out of your way to tend to the needs of others. Engage in your own world and focus on your glow. Pay close attention to the emotions that pop up for you this month and that which is going on around you. You can take a great deal from other’s lessons and save yourself some trouble by listening and honoring your own signs. Santeria: Oriate describes an ally who has your best interest at heart. This may come disguised as a female presence or someone with strong feminine energy, care and tenderness. Their wisdom clearly exudes, and their presence is that of a calm wind. The Queen of Cups can reveal themselves as someone that is here to guide you in matters of the heart. Whether they appear in the physical form or in another way, their task to help you bring things into fruition, in a practical way. Absorb the advice, the knowledge or just take the opportunity to listen or to discuss your point of view. You have a reliable resource at your hands, take advantage.


Virgo // 6 of Pentacles + Santeria: Oshun

The 6 of Pentacles is all about servitude, giving back that which you’ve been given and taking the leap into teaching and guiding others. Whatever you need to facilitate your growth will be given to you this month. Resources flow abundantly if you are willing to seek them and take what’s yours. It is a time to integrate many lessons and see just how far you’ve matured from them. October can provide great financial prosperity for you; seek the blessings within all things, as the spirit of Oshun seeks to fill you with more abundance. The 6 of Pentacles encourages us to share our best work and selves with the crowd. Don’t be shy about what you have to offer, if you feel compelled to venture into new territory or test out new waters, then do so. You’ll never know what you’re good at unless you try. You may be sought out for your wisdom and expertise during the month, be mindful that what you give is what you will receive. Share your internal wealth and you will be rewarded externally. Oshun is always provided for because she truly believes that she is infinitely prosperous and is the living embodiment of abundance. This belief system will do wonders for you in October. You may even notice some rewards coming to you as a result of your labor and generosity from the past. Embrace the frequency of wealth and know that it will be approaching you in various forms. It’s up to you to recognize how this will look like in your world and how to take advantage of it.

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