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Virgo // Page of Swords

Exciting news is in store for you this month; the Page of Swords brings in a rush of good development and prepares us to be on the “look out,” for opportunity. This card alerts us to be mindful of what’s going on around us, on an intellectual level; your mind can be very sharp at this time, easily putting pieces together and hungry for information. This can save you a great deal of trouble if you’re looking to avoid challenges and difficulties that can potentially lie ahead of you. If you’re looking to achieve some specific goals or set out to do something, this will be the month where you get all your resources together to support your cause or you may just hear some great news. You can be called to act swiftly when it comes to your logic, your emotional side is great but it’s best to rely on the facts for now and to observe how others have been operating around you. You will learn a great deal from other’s actions and emotions, and this can end up serving you in a great way if you’re proactive enough to pay attention. September may be a great learning period for you, encouraging your mind to develop a bigger version of yourself and to absorb as much wisdom along the way. Be on the look out for any way that you can win. Your heart is in the right place and so is your drive, with your mind in alignment, all is possible.


Libra // King of Pentacles

You are ready to come onto your own this month; the King of Pentacles signifies a mature step in your career, personal development or perception of self. Stability, fertility, nurturing and growth are involved in the King of Pentacles’ domain, allowing him to thrive as the ruler he is, expanding into new territory and creating more abundance for him and others to enjoy. If you’ve been working great lengths towards success, this is the card that will show you exactly what you’re manifesting. The King of Pentacles has the Midas’ touch, encouraging you to launch your financial ideas or entrepreneurial intentions because this can serve as a major advantage for you. Be practical with your finances and bear in mind that if you are starting a new career, or seeking to be an instant success in your endeavors, it will take some time. The King of Pentacles is practical and down-to-earth, he’s realistic with the amount of time it will take for him to see the results he’s seeking but he doesn’t hesitate to do the work. Do the work this month because you will certainly be rewarded. Think of testing the limits on how you generate income for yourself and how you can potentially be creating more. There is much responsibility involved but you’re in the best position to handle it with ease and confidence.


Scorpio // 10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups allows you to enter a space this month of much gratitude and appreciation for how everything has transpired in retrospect. You may be considering how difficult things were for a moment and now entering a grace period of great prosperity and internal peace. This is a time where past lessons are fully integrated into the being that you are now, and you can begin trusting in the timing of things. This card speaks volumes on having a life that you’re proud of, feeling in alignment with the flow of the universe and extremely knowledgeable of self so that your confidence does not waver. The future seems more possible than ever, now that you’re entering a new stream of success and fluidity. There won’t be much resistance this month and you may find yourself seeking middle ground and balancing yourself with a sense of ease. Family dynamics can be harmonious or lead to great healing overall; welcome this with open arms as it brings you much relief. If you’re considering having a family of your own or long-term dreams accomplished soon, September may be a time in which you see yourself closer to that destination. This month serves as a new chapter in your life where you gain much emotional closure, it’s best to make peace with what was in the past and embrace the destiny that the universe has in store for you. Blessings unfold as you surrender with open arms.


Sagittarius // The World

The World exposes us to the possibility of entering a new paradigm where all our needs are met and we are exposed to radical opportunities and possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations. Are you ready to shed your layers, finally integrate those cosmic lessons and truly step into what you are meant to become? September is a great month for many fortunes, it will leave you feeling immensely grateful for all of your past experiences and can possibly lead to a personal rebirth. We’re heading into a period of manifestation, to see how the work we’ve done thus far has finally lead us and to prepare for bigger chapters ahead of us next year. For now, indulge in these amazing energies that surround you, as you can be feeling that it is possible to have it all with the wisdom you contain. Life should be a bit easier for you now, in terms of flowing with the universal will and not allow your own mind to obstruct your glory. You may be getting recognized for your work and efforts, or it can seem like the spotlight is suddenly on you, socially. A chapter is finally seeing completion in September but you are ready to upgrade and are satisfied with how everything has transpired. It’s time to travel, be that physically, emotionally or spiritually, to other places you’ve never been before. Allow yourself to be exposed by new experiences that support your growth or to challenge your current consciousness by expanding your education and belief system.


Capricorn // Knight of Swords

September marks a period of sudden urgency, things are flowing in the same direction all at once. You may feel an inner calling to accomplish things you’ve left undone or have yet to do. This blast of air energy can support you to tackle on tasks such as writing that book, tackling on your finances w/ strategy, creating a business plan or allowing yourself to express your spirit in a way that commands attention and acknowledgement. Attend what needs to be immediately addressed and be wise about it. Be on the look out for sudden information that is unexpected yet beneficial or potential insights that seem to stream from nowhere. If energies seem to be intense during this time, bear in mind that it is temporary. Certainly feel the call to take action on areas of your life that you’ve been stalling on but the Knight of Swords should be taken with caution as it can lead you to be impulsive and reactive, rather than proactive. By all means, take a stand and be forthright with your intentions and direction but think before you make any moves, as you don’t want to make a mistake or be perceived in a way that serves as a disadvantage to you. Look into the details before proceeding so that you don’t miss anything important.


Aquarius // 6 of Wands

You are arriving to yourself. This month leaves you a deeper understanding of your inner workings and your potential to take on life’s challenges and use your inner strength to your advantage. Filled with confidence, assurance and security, the 6 of Wands does not anticipate the worse ahead of him but welcomes the reality of whatever his life may unexpectedly bring with open arms. There is no guarantee of your future, which makes you even more eager to mold it at your will. It’s time to step up to the plate and truly acknowledge what you can give birth to and how that leads way to new possibilities. The more you initiate things, the more successful you will be. Success is within your proactivity; don’t follow, lead. You are realizing how much of an influence you have on the world and those around you and where you can take this. The 6 of Wands can bring a strong sense of honor, deep reverence for self and for the mission that you are carrying out. It’s a great time to take from resources around you to further mold you into your greatness and to show appreciation for those spirits (seen & unseen) that have supported your journey thus far. Challenges seem to halt during this time as you enter a period of great success, victory and of overall thriving. It is because you think you can that mountains move from your path. Continue with this faith and allow miracles to work through you.


Pisces // 3 of Cups

Great harmony and peace is to be established this month, the 3 of Cups will bring you fortunate events that allow you to feel your best and present your best onto the world. It is a card of much socializing with purpose, flaunt your best assets and don’t be afraid to connect with like-minded thriving individuals that can support your needs and vice-versa. September has you surrounded by great feminine energy and power; use this to your disposal. You may find that you rejoice in the celebration of your close friends, family and colleagues but are also to receive amazing news as well. Focus on collaborating with new individuals, nourishing your spirit through creativity, beauty and the arts and healing those that you care about. In fact, this can be a profound month for you to revitalize your energy and give yourself a holistic makeover. Focus on thriving and your inner spirit; dare to influence others in a way that you haven’t before. The 3 of Cups can bring great healing amongst females in your life and much success comes from feminine energy so bear that in mind as you are working your way throughout the month. Many breakthroughs are in store, and this is a reminder to celebrate life as it is and to be grateful for your positioning. The more you indulge in the energy abundance, the more you will create it for self & others.


Aries // Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune will bring unexpected circumstances onto your lap so use this month to focus on the best to manifest the best; anything is possible. The goal is not to think heavily on the details, somehow, the cosmos find the right way to deliver just what you need when you need it. It is a month of great serendipity and magic, just when you least expect it, you experience major breakthroughs and interesting connections in your life that allow you to enter a prosperous phase of life and allow you to believe in magick again. Nothing is an accident in September, pay attention to reoccurring themes and cycles that may be jumping out at you through symbology, synchronicities and other connecting ways. It is not a time to ignore something that has been perpetually asking you to fix it. Should you move with right action, you will reap the rewards that you most desire. The Wheel of Fortune allows the best of situations to fall into your lap; your very thoughts and emotions may be answers within the same day. Embrace the mystery of the divine and feel worthy of getting all the support you need from the most unexpected of places. For some, the Wheel of Fortune can represent a big break, an opportunity that you’ve been intending to happen but just didn’t know how or when. You have the opportunity to spin the karmic wheels in the right direction; learn from the lessons in your past and take action on what you know you must do.


Taurus // The Hermit

It is a period of great stillness and contemplation for you this month. You may find yourself working more productively alone or receiving great insight in periods of isolation. Focus on your personal development this month and you will go far. The Hermit has the potential to be a great leader, guide and mystic consultant because he is in alignment with his own spirit and magical workings of the universe. Before getting directly into business, September can serve as a time where you fine tune and edit your space. Consider what no longer brings you peace, what no longer sustains your growth and how you can remove it from your energy. You may feel as if you’re being selfish but this a strong period of transformation, that once over, you will not be able to recognize your old form; take all the time you need to focus on your upgrade. The Hermit can also encourage you to dive deeper into your esoteric interests. Curious to learn more about ritual work, astrology, divination or other forms? The gateway to learning these arts is more accessible to you now more than ever. You can benefit a great deal and gain much clarity on areas that you need guidance on. September will show an aspect of you that may be regularly hidden from the public. You may find yourself to be filled with sudden knowledge, trust that it is streaming in just when you need it the most. Don’t fear taking action on these insights that provide great shortcuts for you.


Gemini // The Devil

The Devil brings the influence of our subconscious fears into play this month. Although it can be an intense ride, in terms of facing your shadow and deep truth, it can equally be an opportunistic moment to find clarity on why it exists within you and how you can best cope. The intention is not to avoid what is being presented to you but to understand why it exist and what the fundamental message of your fear is. The Devil revealed can also bring unexpected temptation into our lives or heighten disingenuous energy around us. Use your gut when disclosing important information or sharing yourself with others. Your vibes will tell you how to proceed and with whom. Additionally, you may want to check yourself from time to time to see if you are acting with integrity and honoring the responsibility in your life. The temptation that greets you can be in the form of instant gratification but ultimately does not serve your highest good. The Devil also rears its head as procrastination, victimization and avoidance. What are some major themes and tasks that you must attend to that you’ve been pushing off due to lack of confrontation? You want to make sure that all is addressed before the new year, so that you don’t bring any funky energy that blocks your blessings. Being that the Devil is more of an internal state of mind, it’s important to reflect how you’ve been giving your power away or negating your own magic by victimizing yourself. Defeating your own demons is an excruciatingly tedious task, but when you can honestly confront this energy and acknowledge its presence without reacting against your favor, you’ve won half the battle.



Cancer // 2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords highlight the importance of having a clear mind to make decisions that resonate with your well being. September may have you conflicted in many ways, perhaps with the addition of new options that you didn’t consider before or unexpected pressure. It is in your best favor to look at the facts for what they are, without applying too much emotional baggage that can further confuse the matter. You may find yourself hesitant to make a choice that is for your betterment and so you can stall and procrastinate. September won’t give you the opportunity to do so for long, a cycle is completing and a new one beginning, which requires you to be on your toes. Engage in some movement activities to release blocked emotions and tensions that can be holding back your progress. Journal to explore your options and which direction your heart is best telling you to go in. A problem/situation cannot go away just by you avoiding it, it’s time for you to align with your power and make the best move you can, even when your desired outcome is not guaranteed. Alternatively, you may need extra information before making a decision. Give yourself a fair chance to get what you need without prolonging your choices. It may very much be the case that you will have to compromise on certain things this month just to see progress. Open up to your true feelings to access what resonates with you, should you find your mind to be too blocked to make a logical decision.


Leo // 6 of Pentacles

Inspiration awaits you this month as you are greeted with great assistance and supporting resources around you. It will be up to you to take the offer. The opportunity to grow tremendously is present; September is the time to integrate past lessons and to see how you can pass the knowledge forward through your skill sets and talents. The 6 of Pentacles is a card of reciprocity, what you give and what you will get back in return but it is also a card of service. Give thanks to the help that you’ve received but also focus on who around you can benefit from your wisdom and experience at this time. It can be a month where it is easy for you to attract all your needs but bear in mind that this is coming for a specific purpose and you muse use it wisely. You can be appearing as a leader, guide, mentor, and therapist for someone or can communicate your inspiration or lessons through your work, artistic expression or passions, which have positive effects on your audience. September is where you stand in alignment with your power and you seek to be more of a light in the world with what you have. There is more balance in your life and in your finances, especially with all the creative ideas streaming in; take advantage. Certainly be receptive to what is making its way to you, be that information, physical assistance or spiritual guidance, especially if you’ve been asking for specific requests because it is easily accessible this month.

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