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Tatianna Tarot’s 2017 March Tarotscopes

March’s Theme

Teacher + Mawu: Mother Earth + Centering/The Present + King of Swords + Knight of Cups

March is the ideal month to learn a great deal about yourself, past experiences and major lessons you must integrate before moving forward into the year. There will be opportunity for you to transcend limitations, grow spiritually and in conscious awareness and teach yourself to do better, when you know better; it may also grant you the opportunity to move forward and begin teaching others with your own wisdom, fearlessly. It is a month of transcendence, of giving you not challenges but the portal to know thyself more intimately and to be secure with this knowledge and wisdom. We are ever transcending but maintaining eye on the present and how our current energy dictates what is to come, makes all of the difference in the manifestation process. During this time, old pattern may emerge allowing you to rectify them or to end them once and for all. Lessons may provide some frustration but once you understand the gift of their presence, they will give way to new experiences that you’ve been interested in acquiring. Ask your Spirit: “What can i gain from this situation? And what is the underlying lesson here that will make me wiser?” Additionally, during this time of transition, you may be called to educate yourself be that in your diet, spiritual pursuits, hobbies, health, romance, finances, career, etc. Do not limit yourself from what you can do; your mind is a sponge, absorb that which will bring you nourishment. This is what will ground you and keep you centered during such a time of emotional fluxuation. Participate more with the Earth, learn more of what you are consuming and heighten the quality of that. Spend time with nature or learn to nurture by taking care of nature in your own home (plants, cooking, etc). By being practical and dealing with the present moment, you will have all the tools that you need to transcend the past and troublesome obstacles. Logic will allow you to go far this month, coupled with your intuition, which you should not negate. The King of Swords can be very self-assured, calm and with an intellectual demeanor, allowing him to carefully analyze all that he participates in, before giving his complete heart to a pursuit. The Knight of Cups will be revealing the “new you” in a very unexpected but pleasant way. Keeping your heart open & being optimistic, makes all the difference this month.


Aries // The Last Laugh/Future + Purification + Hathor: Receptivity

Here you hold tremendous potential this month. You have had to go through the process of birth, death & re-birth, a karmic cycle that is reminding us not to take life so seriously and to go with the flow in the present moment – whatever that may appear as. You have been lead to follow your intuition in the most comforting and discomforting of ways, which has given you a glimpse into the future. Know that you can ascend anything you are encountering in the present moment and your future is assured as a success. What will best serve you this month, is humor; laughing at yourself, laughing at life and liberating yourself from attachment that make it difficult for you to assume other important shapes, identities and new forms of being. You may be called to reassess your intentions and goals this month so that you are focused on your own personal growth, development and competing not with others but with your current stage. It could be an opportunity for you to realign all your actions with your current beliefs and integrity, as there are many changes for you this month that lead you to a new life. You will have much assistance and blessings from others that make this process very harmonious, despite that it may look or seem lonely, it is not. Focus more on: “How can I benefit from this? What do I have that can best serve this situation?” Purify yourself of toxic habits, behaviors, beliefs & situations. Leave that which holds you behind. You are in a position to receive more than you ever have, but the catch is in letting go and in trusting the process. Do not feel guilty asking for h help and assistance. The process of being open also furthers your gift of listening to your intuition and receiving what you most need in the moment. This is a tremendous learning cycle for you, mother & nurture yourself at this time & know you are worthy of all of best blessings.


Taurus // Mercury + Retreat into Nature + Rhiannon: Sorceress

Epiphanies and sudden revelations will make their way to you this month, as you exhibit more self-control regarding your personal transformation & choices along the way. Will power makes all the difference this month; Mercury is the element that belongs two opposing forces together, creating magic. You have the ability to harmonize the duality within you, allowing you to function with more clarity, certainty and power. Perhaps you are finally coming into your fully realized self and feeling empowered with this new being that is emerging, nothing can hold you back. You are transforming into something beyond your expectation; if you will it, it will be so. Be mindful of your power to create via all forms: thought, energy, emotion and physical changes. Stressful conditions regarding your metamorphosis may induce tension or disassociation with the physical realm around you; retreating into nature will bring you back to earth. Spending time with the healing qualities of nature: herbs, water, trees, plants, etc – can help bring new epiphanies into your life, refresh your mind, body & soul & give yourself a new perspective that can provide answers to your questions. It may just be time to plan a vacation or go on an adventurous trip to refuel your spirit and get you on the right track again. You are invited to re-awaken your spiritual and mystical nature; it is in all of us, mostly dormant if not used or if we’re unaware of our abilities. Rhiannon is a Goddess, known for her sorcery; the ability to channel Source energy and create at will. Reconnect with your ancestors through your intention, ritual, prayer or meditation. They provide important messages regarding your legacy and personal path, moving forward. They can also remind you of the power that runs through your family lines and how to fully utilize this in the modern world. Clarity brings swift results, when you are focused on your desires and your betterment, you win & the world wins too.

Gemini // Solar Return + High Priestess + Positive Change

An important cycle is coming to a close in your life, additionally; this marks the beginning of a dynamic new one. One’s Solar Return tends to teach us of our personal evolution, lessons and experiences gained that make us all the more wiser, stronger & in alignment with who we truly are. It is advised that you consult your astrology chart this month for patterns, cycles and any important information that can clue you into vital changes you’ve been experiencing or will experience. Your task is to meticulously decipher the past in order to predict your direction in the future & to bring the future to the present moment through your current actions. At times, you may be called to confront your shadow side this month, that which you’ve been repressing & negating. This will only establish stronger relationships with others and with yourself; if you choose not to hide from your own shadow, then you have nothing to hide in general, you can love yourself unconditionally. There are clear obstacles to overcome this month, but nothing that you cannot handle. The majority of such will stem from your mentality and how you perceive yourself & the world. Thus, this is a time of the spiritual warrior within to do what is right for self and to consult the inner guru. You are burning karmic debris and forging the path into a more liberated state of being. The High Priestess holds all the wisdom and beckons you to initiate yourself through the darkness of your soul. Until now, you’ve been sleeping on your potential; it’s time to find the deeper meaning behind what has been transpiring in your life. You hold the key to your mysteries; don’t seek validation from anyone else when you can answer your own questions. Meditation brings you closer to the presence of your inner Priest(ess), trusting yourself unlocks the portal to knowing the unknown & accessing your mystical ways. Expect many changes in your life and personal taste; these are all great development and blessings that you should embrace. Although you may be pushed from your comfort zone, nothing would not be presented to you if you were not ready. Let go of who you think you are and welcome you are truly meant to be. Perfection is a fallacy, break your own rules and reassess your priorities and goals to align with your current beliefs. There is great positive change transpiring, welcome this in and be assertive towards that that drives you away from wellness & happiness.


Cancer // Holocaust + Health & Healing + Hathor: Receptivity

Take a stand for what you believe in, defend your boundaries and prepare for big changes this month. This month is a liberating one as you are able to rid yourself of much confusion from the past and experience a major shift in consciousness that can be brought on by a massive life event. Cause and effect is an important theme for you to be aware of, because this is where you receive and give your power away. Keep track of what builds your spirit up and what drains you and focus on how external events are also affecting who you are. Emotional changes are in store but rather than losing the physical, these changes urge you to control the ego and lead with the heart. A mass healing is occurring that you may be oblivious to, just as you are being healed, you may be aware that you carry potent healing powers as well, through the medium of your choice. The more you continue making choices with integrity and following the life paths that is right for you, the more you can allow the healing to impact you in profound ways.

Study different modality of healing that can change your life style for the better, be that metaphysical arts, herbal medicine, meditation, painting, dancing, crystal healing, energy medicine, etc. It is time to take self-care and healing into your own hands and not take it for granted. Hathor: Receptivity speaks further on this by asking you to still your movements and act in accordance to what resonates with you, instead of moving impulsively without thought or intention. Feminine energy just is, it flows freely without force and with grace. When you open yourself up to receive, you have more resources to give others without being drained. It is a time of great fertility for you, of birthing new things and appreciating what you have in order to create what the universe lacks. If you find yourself stuck this month, the universe is waiting for you to accept what you need and to empower yourself by accessing your imagination and creating a new outcome.



Leo // Serpent Power + Ishtar: Boundaries + Follow Your Heart

March allows you to experience a potent transformation where you are more keenly aware of your spiritual & mystical powers. Serpent Power speaks of our Kundalini energy, primal power located at the base of our spine that when awakened allows us to actualize our full spiritual ability, enlightenment and supernatural talents. You may be feeling a boost of energy at this time allowing you to manifest your desires, boosting your emotional relationships and enhancing your self-awareness. You may be feeling super creative, sexual, more sensual and in control. In fact, self-awareness & control are the themes of this month for you, because if you allow this energy to run uncontrollably, it will drain you and bring chaos. Know what your personal boundaries are and be prepared to defend them; know what is deserving of your time and energy. You may be giving too much during this time and your lessons are teaching you to hold back and give more to yourself. Become more assertive in your demand & more secure in your personal power. There is no need to feel guilty when accessing your greatness; lead by example and show the world how you worship yourself first. March will throw you situations in which you need to follow your heart. You don’t need to see the future to know that it’s coming; this is a time where you must walk in faith and be honest with yourself every step of the way. Validate your feelings; you are already receiving all the prompting and guidance you could need. Use this as your compass to steer yourself in the right direction. Focus on choosing what is best for you, what excites you and lifts up your energy. Pay attention to that which elevates you and stay on that path. The more you love yourself; the more love will come to you.


Virgo // Wave of Bliss + Let It Go + Abundantia

Many of your problems are washed away this month and you are greeted with great fortune and the promise of beautiful prosperity. Perhaps you finally perceive problems as a source of discord within yourself rather than any external circumstance, and you are tuning in deeper within self to find harmony and unity in your duality. Wave of Bliss brings on spiritual and physical union, be that with self or a beloved partner, that settles any discomfort and brings you the emotional support and love that you need. Sometimes solutions just come with a dose of faith and you need to submerge yourself into the unknown with conviction that everything will play out to your favor. This is formula for making it out alive from turbulent waters. You shed your ego by disassociating from the need to “fix it,” and learn that “it” or the present circumstance just need to play out organically as it is meant to do with your fate. You may discover a higher calling, love or spiritual aspect of yourself that you’ve yet to experience. This calls on your to tap deeper into your potential, expanding on your powers and ability to shine. Stop struggling with your reality, because you’re resisting the will of the universe and your own subconscious manifestations that you must learn from, for better or for worse. Give the situation to Spirit and that will grant you the gateway to releasing your stress, anger & anything that is holding you back. The universe is always on your side, but it is you who is not. This month calls for extra compassion, grace and forgiveness. It may also call for external and internal cleansing; cleaning up your space, being vigilant over your habits, emotions & beliefs, ending ties with toxic behaviors and limiting people or exceeding your comfort zone and stepping into a new platform. Abundantia is the goddess of abundance, prosperity and wealth, in all aspects. Be open to receiving a waterfall of goodness; accept new ideas, feelings, experiences and visions that come to you. Money will be on its way for you, success and what you’ve been waiting for is around the corner. Stay counting your blessings and keep your eyes on the prize.


Libra // Castle in the Clouds + Twin Flame + Aeracura: Blossoming

Your imagination is a great asset to you this month as you are in the process of reinventing yourself and establishing new possibilities for you to venture into. It is important however, for you to keep your feet on the ground and stay practical while envisioning your dreams and desires. You may find it difficult to communicate to others while residing in your headspace, or perhaps getting others to get their part of the work done. This brings up the importance of developing your will power and sticking through your intentions. Your deepest wishes can only manifest if you are on top of your responsibilities and do not procrastinate. Remember that the power of your imagination creates new worlds and opens new portals to you, but it can make you project too frequently rather than taking action on the present moment. Goals without a deadline remain unattainable dreams; recognize the power of acting and taking advantage of the energy that surrounds you. Focus on completing the work that you’ve already started rather than piling up more with excitement. With Venus in Retrograde, some of you may encounter situations with your Twin Flame, a heightened sense of passion, love and connection to someone that shares a piece of you. Twin Flames are not an easy partnership and seldom are they lasting; they do however, contain the ability to quickly transform an individual to acknowledge their higher self and bring important self-growth lessons into your life. It is important to remain open and positive regarding this partnership, as it is a rollercoaster that tends to get one frustrated and confused. There is much to learn between the two of you and this can transpire within this lifetime or the next. Detach from the expectation of needing to be together and seeing it from the deeper message it’s providing you. Aeracura is the goddess of blossoming and change; do not give up on the process, there is much that is still unfolding for you and you’re still growing. Enjoy learning during this time and nature yourself with nature, water, sunlight and great emotional support. You are being called to slow things down and enjoy the ride. Maintain the faith because you never know what will happen next.

Scorpio // The Last Laugh/The Future + Positive Change + White Tara: Sensitivity

The future plays a big role on you this month as you may be focusing more of how your present actions are lending you the results that you need to acquire your ideal future. It is time to evaluate realistically how your actions are hindering or helping your progress. It is also comforting to know that your perception of the future is just a snapshot of possibilities that can happen, switch any negative projections into positive ones to ensure ease and manifest the best for yourself. You are never lost, just mentally displaced for a temporary time. Destiny is truly in the hands of the Self. Take strong authority over your life and do not seek victimization. Find the humor in what is transpiring for you and stay light headed as you navigate your way through life. Perhaps you will receive a great lesson in learning how to detach from what you think you must do or the path that you are currently on. Positive changes are in store for you, as you are growing to accommodate different needs and demands. You are not the person you were a year ago, a month ago, and even a week ago. The universe demands that you push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to make the rest of your life shift and work for you; do not stand in the way of what you must do. Let go and enjoy the unexpected. White Tara enhances your sensitivity to your internal process and external circumstances. You have always exhibited keen psychic abilities, but this time they are much stronger so it would be wise to pay attention to yourself rather than take advise from anyone else during this time. Strip yourself away from defenses and choose to enlighten yourself with awareness; you cannot hide from the truth or from what your heart feels. Pay attention to signals, patterns and cycles that repeat, showing the same circumstance. Things don’t change unless you decide to change first. Take action and serve yourself.

Sagittarius // Like a Bubble + Aphrodite: Inner Goddess + Nurture Yourself

The past is no longer relevant to you this month, as you find yourself shifting into a new person and wanting to shed yourself of limiting old stories. You may desire to experience life without holding on to any expectation or attaching yourself deeply to experiences. Like a Bubble suggests that you assume the qualities of water this month, being open to any form that comes into your life but still maintaining your own integrity and vibration. It is a great lesson in allowing things to pass by you without having such a tremendous effect. You can learn a great deal of your personal energy and how to manage it, in addition to what pulls from that and takes your attention. In any difficultly, remind yourself of the fragility of the bubble, how it suddenly appears in one form and disappears into nothing. This is the state of our emotions. That which you choose to retain in a form, will control your energy; choose wisely by allowing them to dissipate organically. All of these transitions require a release, taking excellent care of yourself is of the utmost importance this month in order for you to have extra energy on that, which brings you bliss. Nurture yourself is the channeled messaged, asking you to honor yourself and put your needs first. Everything requires balance but it is your responsibility to establish what that personal equation is and staying on track with it. Aphrodite demands that you allow your beauty to shine be this through unapologetic self-expression, beautification rituals and DIY projects, focusing on laughter and positive energy and honoring yourself with loving thoughts and supportive energy. You are being asked to acknowledge your feminine energy more than ever before, soften up to how you feel and feed your soul what it needs.

Capricorn // As Above/ So Below + Teacher + Lakshmi: Bright Future

What happens externally is a process that one first experiences internally through the emotional realm; bear this in mind this month as you find yourself manifesting on the daily oblivious to your creations. As Above/ So Below speaks of the illusion of duality and how we perceive everything as separate from ourselves when in reality everything is connected. One aspect is the physical realm and the other is the Spiritual/Energetic realm; focus on how these two are one and the same and how you play a role in creating your live once you tune in first. You may be prompted to look deeper into situations, seeking a more spiritual & metaphysical reasoning behind them. The Heart has the power to merge both worlds together and to provide you with the answer that you need in order to move forward. The experiences provided to you this month are your teacher, but you may also exhibit great potential for teaching and guiding others; do not second guess your own genius. March is all about testing your growth and whether or not you’ve learned from 2016 to make the right decisions for yourself. The key is in accepting and understanding the reoccurring patterns that appear. In doing so, these karmic lessons will clear themselves from your path and you will open yourself up to more favorable experiences you’ve wanted to have. Be proactive with your education; if you’ve been asking for a teacher, know that it can come in all shapes and forms. Lakshmi guarantees much financial prosperity and opportunities entering your life; you may be expanding your income and increasing your abundance in ways that exceed finances. Do not worry; carry a strong vibration of faith, hope, positivity and of your desires to further attract that your way. Train yourself to refuse anything that deters you from the right mind and right course of action. Let go of baggage to make room for wealth.

Aquarius // A-Amusement + Yoga + Artemis: Guardian

A-Amusement speaks of being filled with passion, magnetism, charisma and great influence. There is great promise regarding personal fulfillment and the attainment of what you’ve been working to accomplishment. Even if personal projects are not complete, internally you feel satisfied with all progress and your personal development has your confidence high. Sexually, you may also be easily turned on, which is phenomenal energy when projected towards creating your desires. Incorporate more of your sense into your creativity and do not fear being more spontaneous than usual this month; it will certainly pay off. You are asked to let go of rigid beliefs of the past, old pains, and to find a deep reverence for the beauty within yourself and bring that out into the world as art. The level of all passionate love affairs are contingent upon the amount of love and respect one has for themselves. Seek to find pleasure in all that you do and all that you are for harmony, bliss and to induce more creative ideas. Yoga is the merging of the mind and the body, working in tandem to your will. It can benefit you a great deal, reduce stress, strengthen your body, clear your brain of mental blockages and allow you to access deeper aspects of your psyche that you didn’t perceive as possible, helping you to tap further into your genius. Artemis speaks of your purpose to spread new perspectives into the world with your innovative mind. Ease your worries this month and focus on what you can do now, rather than the irrelevant. There is great positive energy being shown regarding your family dynamic and your friends; all are well provided for and can give you the nourishment and boost you need to go the extra mile. The future that you are working for is within reach; worrying about this would be a futile attempt.

Pisces // Centering/ The Present + Peace Offering + Aine: Leap of Faith

There is so much responsibility that lies before you, instead of giving this word baggage and negative connotation, see to it that is duty allow you to actualize dreams that you’ve been striving towards. You will find that the more present you are, the more resources and brilliant ideas you can take advantage of, propelling you further into the direction of your desire. There is a tendency for you to flow in other realms than that of the Earth; this is great, it is where you get your genius from, however this is not the land in which anything can be built upon. Physical action and results demand that you are grounded, practical and consistent. March will teach you this lesson, because you will have no choice but to work and to hustle; a phenomenal time and great direction for you now. Realize that the power you seek depends upon cooling your head and finishing off what’s on your plate. Peace Offering asks for you to forgive yourself regarding past mistake or anyone that you may have had discord with. Find compassion in the situation and leave it to Spirit for resolution and clarity. You may also be called to find your calm spot while you’re accomplishing so much this month. Find humor in any scenario that may seemingly go wrong but is a blessing in disguise. Take things slowly and seek the sweet spot in all that you do. Aine demands that you leap from your comfort zone and have faith in this radical direction you are taking. It’s an exciting time and procrastinating about what to do instead of actively working toward it, won’t accomplish anything. Put yourself out there and dare to see what you can create with such bold energy. Trust your intuition and don’t hesitate the calling to take initiative. All of your needs will taken care of as long as you take the first step.

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