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Aries carries a dynamic energy that gets us to resurrect ourselves and spark new change into our lives! They are the fire starters of the zodiac and this new moon signifies the beginning of a radical new cycle and the astrological new year! We each carry a genius making us equals, that when cultivated can change the course of our destiny. This astrological influence encourages to live our lives unapologetically, uninhibitedly, and to create our wildest visions. When you channel this energy it can induce mass transformation and creative potential. What is your calling? What are you most attracted to right now and what are the important changes you need to implement to allow yourself that space and room to create?

You are being called to answer to and develop your individuality, as we seldom neglect our personal needs and focus on external responsibilities and distractions that drain us from pleasure and from liberation. We are being forced to reflect on our personal spaces and our hearts, especially in area that we are not serving enough or not opening further to. Therefore, relationships and epiphanies may appear unexpectedly to give you further insight on how you’ve been steering your boat. As you make the appropriate life choices, challenge your spirit to face your shadows and that which you’ve repressed thus far. On another level, self-love & reverence are the themes of this New Moon, forcing you to focus on the most important person, YOU! How you invest your time & energy is your nourishment for your Spirit & Soul.

Take authoritative action and do what is right for your development in this lifetime. It’s an ideal time to reprioritize what is important to you and what carries strong meaning, because this will bring you clarity. Set some new goals to mark the second quarter of this year. Use this sassy energy to your disposal, it is up to you to discern what is the right way to channel it. Make things happen; you have innate mystical & spiritual abilities to transform your life and influence those around you. Regardless of your background or beliefs, there is a bit of witchery in you & witches get it done. Utilize this astrological influence to be bolder and more spontaneous than ever before. Flaunt your beauty, passion and intelligence; unleash the God(less) within. This is the opportunity to transform old ties & weights, to forge a path of spiritual freedom and self-acceptance. Channel this juju to express yourself in ways that will even surprise you.

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