Illuminating the Full Moon in Leo + Lunar Eclipse // Friday, February 10, 2017

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We are granted the opportunity to flaunt our most authentic, dynamic and raw selves; we are about to unleash the totality of our wild natures. This is about grabbing life by the reigns and showing it exactly what you’re made of, after all the Full Moon is ruled by Leo, the King of the Jungle. Are you capable of taking advantage of what the present offers and acting on your best accord? This Power Full Moon encourages us to choose freely what we desire to become and to act on that uninhibitedly. The right decisions to make will appear through clear signs that will get your conscious attention; you have the power to go in any direction you choose. The lunar eclipse will reveal the darkness we contain within and for some of us, that which we avoid to see. The collective astrological influence, however, encourages us to own up to our true selves and to find solace in the full picture.

You will be given the opportunity to confront your insecurities and transcend them, knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect and no one believes themselves to be ideal. Regardless, the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse will gift you with phenomenal opportunity to present your unique self to the world, a feat that can be intimidating to come. If you choose to offer your best to life, life will grant you the best it has to offer in return. Utilize this Eclipse to illuminate what is stopping you from living your best life and from your personal liberation. Connect the dots from what you know and what you may have not known until now. Information from the conscious and unconscious realms (dreams, environment, home, thoughts, etc) will be popping out excessively; listen and pay attention to what spirit wants you to know, it may not all be comforting but it is for your highest good.

Pull yourself into the depths of your potential, touch areas that you’ve resisted and create the breakthrough that is being divinely called from you at this time. Most of us are feeling the fire of transformation under our asses, trust the intuitive call to create yourself anew, one step at a time. This Eclipses gives us the chance to release everything that has transpired from the last eclipse, which was in September of 2016. This current Eclipse cycle remains standing until the next one in August 2017. During this time, do what you can to love and accept yourself unconditionally. What would it look like if you decided to take the extra mile in giving yourself this care? What would you feel and how would you look? Prepare to enter phase that may be “too good to be true,” but depending on your level of self-worth, it may just be the beginning of a serendipitous magical ride. Indulge.

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