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February TarotScopes

February’s Theme

6 of Pentacles + 5 of Cups + 3 of Swords

February will bring opportunity for you to demonstrate your power to the maximum capacity and to sustain this for the months to come. The Theme of Power and Transformation is eminent; It is time for you to feel safe and aligned with your greatness. You will be called to serve out of love and passion, be this through your hobbies or personal developments, what you have to offer should not be underestimated in your mind and further promoted for personal development and universal healing. You may feel comfortable with your spiritual capabilities or notice that they are gradually growing stronger. Trust your instincts and the signs that are alerting you along the way; this will be quite the exciting month that reveals amazing changes in store for us. Each one, Teach one, is a phrase that should not go unnoticed. If you are keen to your life and everything that goes on in it, then it won’t be difficult to pin point lessons that can save us heartbreak or difficulty, in advance. Similarly, you may be pulled into an organic position to teach and guide a loved one or a stranger, as seen by the 6 of Pentacles. What you contain within is much more valuable than you know. Spend some time reflecting on your own genius and how you can contribute to the beauty of the world by using it at your disposal. Alternatively, the 6 of Pentacles can reveal that you are now ready to further your own education or may be needing to gather resources of knowledge in preparation of what’s to come. Some of you may be feeling to pull towards a higher calling: healer, teacher, guidance, mentor, etc, this may be the sign that you need to pull you in the right direction. Rewards will begin streaming in, as a result of your dedication and commitment towards improvement and growth. The 5 of Cups is our reminder, however, to keep our heads up and to lighten up on the criticism. We always have the opportunity to get to where we need to go, from where we currently are. Do not allow the past to interfere with your present and stay alert to your resources and personal energy. There may be a habit of mourning your losses, if you remain anchored in the present and learn from those losses, you’ll be at an advantage. The 3 of Swords can interfere with your plans if you do not think ahead of the game. February requires that you are mentally clear and balanced with your heart’s desires; all is possible but you must believe in your own momentum and not have a conflicted brain with a conflicted heart. Write out your intentions this month and affirmations to go with it; track down your motivation and give yourself some reward for staying on path.

Aquarius // 6 of Cups + the Devil + Ace of Cups

The 6 of Cups brings you down on a trip to memory lane, whether this is visiting a loved one, gathering some inspiration from the past or finishing up a project left undone – this experience is to be a positive one. The energy of the 6 of Cups can bring healing, especially if the Devil is involved, reminding us to gain hold of our temptations and mental games. A close friend or associate, may provide you with valuable words or ideas that you can use to get over a hurdle in your life; or it just may be the catalyst to great change that you did not expect. The Devil has a way of manipulating us into thinking that we have no free will. He will remind us that we are enslaved to his bidding, when in reality; we are victimizing ourselves and allow this enslavement to occur. He utilizes guilt, shame, fear and makes one believe that they are inadequate in some way. February may bring light to the areas in your life where you are coming close to encountering the devil within yourself. Perhaps you will find a productive way in transforming this energy to your benefit. The Ace of Cups alleviates some of this pain and resistance by putting things into perspective. It is a card of great healing, benevolent energy and creativity, allowing you to experience a great release of emotion placing this state back into balance. What can you create that doesn’t already exist? How can you change your life by switching your perspective? This influence leaves you more sensitive and artistically inclined. It is a great time to explore your inner vision and tap into hobbies that you’ve yet to discover.

Pisces // Ace of Wands + Queen of Swords + 6 of Cups

The Ace of Wands is manifesting as your personal theme for February 2017. It is a time to take charge of your destiny and to truly claim all of the fantasies and goals you’ve envisioned from last year and this year. Much action is required from you but you may be feeling motivated on a whole different level. Take this boost of energy and allow yourself to call the shots; take necessary risks and burn the midnight oil, as you work towards getting your accomplishments done. You may be experiencing heightened sexual energy, the potential to create what is missing from your life is at an all time high – and I’m not just referencing children. As your block, the Queen of Swords demands that you stabilize your goals with a concrete plan. Establish a daily list of things to do on an hour basis, so that when you are ready to work everyday, you come in prepared, already knowing what will be accomplished and feeling that you are advancing daily. The Queen of Swords is direct with their intentions and do not waste time getting the work done. You have more than enough time to socialize and daydream in the summer, the winter is spent preparing for those months ahead, use this time wisely. The Queen of Swords has no doubts regarding her direction, nor does she procrastinate. You are being called to channel her energy in order to make the most out of February. Spirit wills you to utilize help from the past, perhaps you have resources that you have forgotten about that you can still access in order to get to where you need to be. The 6 of Cups is about revisiting old ideas, unfinished business and finding closure within them by settling them once and for all. It can also allude to some one in from your past entering your life to gift you something positive. If you are open to receive, you will get more than expected from the most unexpected places.

Aries // 8 of Swords + Ace of Pentacles + Ace of Wands

The 8 of Swords represents exhaustion, struggle and the inability to think clearly. This represents a theme for Aries’ this February 2017 that can be more mental than reality itself. The 8 of Swords illuminates the castle of your dreams that is directly behind a wall of swords, keeping you from reaching the destination. It will take will power and effort on your behalf to eliminate these mental blockages that keep you from attaining your goal but you’re the only one holding yourself back. A bit of effort is required for you to go the extra mile, you may be met with defeat and rejection but don’t let this be a reflection of your own beliefs. Keep yourself motivated and spiritually nourished by the loving support of friends and family; don’t be afraid to fight for what you want. The Ace of Pentacles is representing a blockage this month; it is important that you welcome new beginnings with open arms and don’t overlook any innovative ideas coming into your brain. If you find yourself mentally stuck, then expect a burst of insight to come through to pull you out of the struggle. The Ace of Pentacles can allude to new opportunity granting you phenomenal income and the ability to enhance your abundance. To have a blockage in this area can mean that you need to explore your self-worth regarding your ability to create new avenues of success for yourself. It may just be the case that you are receiving guidance regarding the current path that you’re on. For some, there may be a better, more efficient way to do things, even if this means take the independent route. If a door doesn’t open for you, do not hesitate to make one from yourself. The Ace of Wands is your direction this month; you may be feeling the pressure and the excitement to perform bigger than ever before. This is a burst of energy that empowers you to take matters into your own hands and do what you’ve hesitated to do thus far. You radiate magnetism, so use this to your best advantage and get noticed!

Taurus // 9 of Pentacles + Temperance + 4 of Wands

The 9 of Pentacles should find you in a comfortable routine towards greater success and confidence. This is a card of luxury, indulging in the pleasures of life and not necessarily negating one’s responsibilities and obligations, but being able to juggle it all while tending to your personal needs & care. It can be a month where you feel exhaled, like a God/dess, on the rise, in anticipation of the finer life. Whatever you are doing, continue to execute; the more you check in on the quality of your Spirit, the more you can ensure that your own sense of abundance is paying off. The blockage that is coming through for you this month is represented by Temperance. Perhaps you are failing to see the bigger picture or are not thinking to pace yourself for the long road. Temperance’s best lesson is in humility and faith, sometimes the road we believe we’re on is much more narrow-minded than that which has already been planned for us. If things are taking longer to execute, have patience, enjoy the journey and savor the experiences you gain along the way. Broaden your horizons so you’re sure you’re not missing out on any opportunity; you have the ability to take something small and make it bigger than you’ve ever have before. The 4 of Wands represents your aim and direction for this month, this card encourages you to complete any unfinished projects and see that you fulfill your goals. This card speaks of great prosperity, teamwork and phenomenal accomplishment but it can also bring the promise of a stable and strong committed relationship. It is to be noted that your rise to the top won’t be a solo act. The illustration in the 4 of Wands implies that there is a team that has achieved victory together. More joyous occasions are to be guaranteed and the fact that you will be able to actualize your dreams is undoubtable, but the possibility of achieving something greater than you, may come into play this month. Stay open.

Gemini // Page of Wands + 10 of Swords + Ace of Pentacles

The Page of Wands dares you to expand beyond your fears and attempt to explore uncharted territory. It may be time for you to leave the familiar behind and trust your internal navigation to lead you into new and exciting experiences that will enhance your personal growth and taste in life. It does appear that you are growing on all levels; most of this is induced by your own curiosity and ambition. What would happen if you went above and beyond your own expectations? This card is prompting you to go in that direction and prove to yourself that you can. The 10 of Swords as a blockage can represent a willingness to give up, to resist the inevitable and to put your hands down in defeat. The battle does not end here, just because something is not working in your favor does not mean that it is the end. Don’t be lazy, think of other options in which you can approach your challenge and make the best of it. It is important to be lead by your higher wisdom; take some personal space and quiet time to contemplate what your higher self is communicating to you now. Take action on that guidance, it will never fail you. Spirit is pulling you in the direction towards stability and grounding. You may be gifted with unexpected money, a new job or ideas that help you create additional income to support your goals. The Ace of Pentacles reminds you that there are more resources than you expect, go out there and claim them. This can symbolize the beginning of a long-term commitment that pays off with time. Regardless of what form it takes shape in, it is up to you to recognize this opportunity when you come to face it and to put in the work to support it.

Cancer // Page of Wands + 3 of Pentacles + 2 of Cups

Beautiful developments will be made for you this month that makes you excited and eager in anticipation of the future. Stay centered; focus on the present moment, no matter how rewarding the future can appear. Things can change at an instant and the universe is filled with surprises, so remain humble and focused on your current success. It is indeed a time to transcend past experiences, expectations and to lead your heart to greater things and to support your evolution. The Page of Wands may be prompting you to relocate, travel, move or expand beyond your horizons. Do not hold yourself back, this may be an independent voyage, or may require that you work in tandem with someone close to you. Regardless, the time to progress is now. The 3 of Pentacles as a blockage can represent an avoidance of your own agenda and plans, fantasizing rather than focusing on personal moves. It can allude to being selfish with ideas, concepts and wanting to collaborate with no one, instead of harmonizing with a team to advance. In addition, the 3 of Pentacles as a blockage can represent lack of proper planning and strategy, allowing yourself to react to life rather than taking initiative and steering it with your own hands. The 2 of Cups bring you closer to a beautiful relationship, that shows the promise of healing your personal wounds and insecurity. Perhaps it’s a great time to share your vulnerable emotions and future plans with your partner, as they can play a valuable asset to your direction. This can be the month where you find more harmony and alignment with your own spirit as well. You may not be resisting what your soul is communicating to you and can be learning how to be more of your own soul-mate rather than relying on a loved one. Additionally, you may be on path to meeting a vital person that can shift your life, as long as you stay open.

Leo // Queen of Wands + The Fool + Knight of Swords

You may prove to be quite influential this month, feeling the full effects of your personal power and confidence. The Queen of Wands is assured that she can have it all and has no problems in executing action in order to claim it. This card represents the theme for you this month, leadership, being in command of your own sexual energy and using your mystical abilities to advance in life. The Queen of Wands is ruled by fire is always seeking a way to motivate the masses through personal action and can also be a natural charm. Trust your own magnetism this month and flaunt your best assets. You may also want to try dabbling your luck in the entertainment or media industry; you may discover hidden talents that can work in your favor at this time. The Fool symbolizes your blockage this month; it’s time to take matters into your own hands and leap into the future knowing that you have what it takes to make it happen. This isn’t about following the leads or finding validation in the opinions of others, this is about owning your Leo nature and being fearlessly independent and unique in your personal path. If the Fool is appearing as a blockage, it may be the case that you are fighting against this nature, inhibiting your freedom and creative expression or you are being too careless in your approach. You may find yourself slipping and losing faith on your journey; if so, remind yourself that the Fool is not necessarily foolish, his approach is of unwavering faith and determination. He knows that he will reach his destination but is not clueless to know that he’s unaware of what steps he needs to take to get there. Sometimes this information isn’t clear, rather than lose momentum, he follows his excitement, pacing himself and taking one careful step at a time until the next direction is presented. Spirit wills you to take charge and be super honest with your approach and direction at this time. Is it something that needs editing or more boost to the fire? You need to create a new plan or temporarily focus on something else? The Knight of Swords is about aggression, mental and verbal; saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Go for it all, don’t just half ass something. Stay alert to messages flying in your direction that can give you a sign.

Virgo // 2 of Wands + 4 of Wands + The Chariot

You hold high hopes and much expectation in your future; your demands are at an all-time high and it is possible for you to exceed your expectation and have your stake in the world, as the 2 of Wands shows. It will, however, demand much focus, discipline and sacrifice. The 2 of Wands symbolizes the theme for Virgos this month. It is alluding to the amount of preparation and proper cultivation for what you are about to step into. Greatness is an understatement at the rate that you’re going. The 2 of Wands makes sure that he calculates everything from his past to learn how not to make the same mistakes again, or to be able to repeat his blessings. The 4 of Wands is representing a blockage this month, for some Virgos, you may be exerting too much effort and energy on attaining your goal. The 4 of Wands guarantees that you will be successful and meet your needs in every way. It is an indication, however, of a long journey and a partnership that takes years to cultivate. Enjoy the ride; there is no need to rush to the destination and lose faith and fun along the way. You could be anxious about your own stability and place in life; it’s time to cut yourself some slack and appreciate where you are. If you must be harder on yourself, then make sure you’re disciplined to stick to that commitment but don’t just deprecate your spirit for the sake of. You are trying your best with the consciousness that you have. Raise your consciousness; Raise your potential. At this point, the gates are open for you to move smoothly through without any opposition. The Chariot elevates your will power, raises your confidence and gets you operating at maximum capacity, allowing you to accomplish unfinished goals and projects left unattended. A healthy dose of competition wouldn’t hurt during this time; you are determined to come on top and this is likely, especially if you are centered on your purpose and know what you can deliver. Look out for your own interests during this time and be fixated on your goals.

Libra // The Chariot + 2 of Wands + King of Pentacles

The Chariot symbolizes the theme for Libra for February 2017. This is a strong need to exert your will power on environmental influences, but yet to know the balance between self-control and aggression. It is important that you express any aggression in a healthy manner, be that through physical exercise, harboring artistic endeavors or verbal/written expression. It may be the case that aggression will be the factor of this month but you can use this excess energy to propel you along further in your direction, or to keep you lashing uncontrollably towards all directions. The only thing stopping you is yourself this month. The 2 of Wands as a blockage tells you that things will take their time this month, use this extra gift to plan things out more thoroughly; alternatively, know the difference between lingering too long in the planning stages and failing to take adequate action. When you see an opportunity, take initiative like the Chariot prompts you to. Additionally, the 2 of Wands as a blockage can allude you to feeling inadequate, self-critical and not trusting your own leadership abilities. This is normal to feel from time to time, acknowledge this and still move forward. Assert yourself as the King of Pentacles, someone who is completely assured of their own direction, is stable and grounded with their pace and is patient enough to cultivate a route that leads to success. The King of Pentacles shows the will of Spirit for you this month, meaning that you are to be financially secure and comfortable in a position of great abundance. Patience is your ally this month; slow and steady wins the race. It is possible for you to establish many profitable hobbies or ambitions, set your sights on growing one successfully and then make your way to the rest.

Scorpio // 9 of Wands + The Magician + The High Priestess

Use your sharp intuition to pick up on anything suspicious or of concern to you. It is a month to refine your approach towards your goals but to also keep things secret and secure. Move without letting others know of your plans and you can go farther than expected. The 9 of Wands speaks of caution and heightened awareness this month. You’ve been spending sometime preparing something phenomenal for yourself and you will need to protect it by using your wisdom and courage. You have made it this far, but this does not mean relax and allow life to slip through your fingers. Stand firmly for what you believe in and be willing to defend yourself, if need be. The Magician as a blockage could represent you inability to believe in your own magic and what you are capable of creating in this world. If this is the case, then all is lost and you will not be able to create the life you love. Align your thoughts and beliefs with proper will power and be certain on your motives, intentions and actions. You may not be clear on what steps to take next but with faith, everything will be revealed. The Magician requires that you utilize the laws of the universe to your advantage. Don’t move in ignorance; create a more dynamic life by supporting yourself with these laws and experimenting with them. Rather than think your way through everything and sabotaging your own abilities; the High Priestess advices you to know with all your heart and to begin “feeling,” and using your own discernment whether something is right or wrong. This inherently is your intuition, it is time to kick it into high gear this month and use it to move past any blockages and insecurities. The High Priestess can never steer you wrong if you give her a chance to communicate to you directly. She normally appears in the cards when we often forget the value of our own inner voice and guidance. Remember this month, that you always have it at your disposal.

Sagittarius // The Queen of Cups + The Wheel of Fortune + 3 of Cups

The Queen of Cups makes you creatively in tune, perhaps more than ever before. You are a vessel for brilliant ideas, concepts and have the ability to communicate these messages with ease. Many individuals may feel soothed from your presence as you could be exhibiting immense empathy skills and divination talents. This could mean that you are to be of great service and also may be psychic receiving information on how to provide more service to the masses. Your sensitively and detail to beauty, could make you create effortlessly making life more meaningful and easeful to live. In addition, you could be exhibiting maternal vibrations, and in caring for others, you alternatively heal your own wounds and pent up pain. The Wheel of Fortune is pulled as the blockage for Sagittarius this month. This shows that you may be hesitant about the unknown, the Wheel of Fortune is the process of change and not knowing what to expect next. You may be placing too much credit on external forces and not enough responsibility on your own free will. Be mindful of the quality of your mind, you are in control, the only bad luck that is created is the one that you generate yourself. Do not get in the way of your own blessings or allow the sensitivity of your nature to dip into the dark side at your expense. The 3 of Cups represents success, renewal of feminine energy, rejoicing with loved ones over great news and feeling sensually invigorated. Prepare yourself by expecting to hear the best, the 3 of Cups does guarantee positive news and energy that gets you up and going. Alternatively, you may receive valuable information or a gift from a loved one that is just what you need, when you need it. There is much to say about sharing energy with people who have the best in mind for you; this month, you’ll need all the positive reinforcement you can get.

Capricorn // 2 of Swords + 2 of Wands + Page of Pentacles

Analyze all the pros and cons before making any important decisions and take the time that you need in order to do so. It’s important to know the difference between stalling and actually using your time strategically to make a good move. The 2 of Swords represents an unwillingness to act on your free will and choose for your best benefit. Perhaps it is because you are afraid of making the wrong decision that you avoiding making any decision at all. The longer you procrastinate, the worse the scenario may become. It’s best to use logic during this situation and assess what option brings you the most value. Being emotionally impartial is your best bet at this time. The 2 of Wands warns you not to leap into the future without learning from your past. You may be falling into the same karmic cycle as before and avoiding responsibility for ending any cycle that can be sabotaging you. The 2 of Wands may give you anxiety or fear of what is to come, because you anticipate that it is bigger than you. Take small steps and focus on how you can enhance every one with your gifts and talents. Being present minded will keep you from focusing on what does not exist for you yet. Once confidant, take the leap and present the universe with your action. The Page of Pentacles is prepared to put his ideas out into the world because he has complete trust that they will be able to float on their own and be a success. This means that you will have to be proactive this month, it is not a time to stall and deny your own genius. It is an exciting time to take advantage of resources around you and to generate energy for your own endeavors. Be practical and reliable; if you set your mind to do something, commit to you. You’ll only be hurting yourself otherwise. Common sense will lead you to success; the Page of Pentacles just may be the beginning of a great venture that provides amazing results for you. Learn all that you can to enhance your money making abilities and dedicate yourself to attaining more wisdom as you go along this month.


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