Illuminating the New Moon in Aquarius: Friday, January 27th, 2017

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The first New Moon of the year falls under the sign of Aquarius who grants us a strong drive to be independent and authentic yet allows us to seek ways serve the universal collective. Aquarius encourages us to find radical ways to be a visionary in our own lives, to lead in ways that we’ve hesitated before and to seek the liberation that we’ve always desired. Akin to the theme of Death & Rebirth, today also marks the Chinese New Year in the sign of the Fire Rooster; giving us the opportunity to make this revolution a profound one.

We are all being called to renew ourselves, like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes; who you were will be completely irrelevant moving forward. Some of us may be feeling a slump of energy, a lack of self-worth and beaten up all over but this doesn’t mean that you are avoid what you are to do. What needs to be shaken off? What will you no longer take and will feel the need to fight against? This is an exciting time because most of us have felt the remnants of 2016 still lingering much to our dismay but with the New Moon, we will finally connect to the transformation that’s been waiting for all of us.

We’re prompted to think outside of the box, to flaunt our eccentric natures and to embrace our inner-freaks but also to bring further value & meaning into our lives. Topics involving the collective & our state of humanity will be heightened, as you may curiously explore how to express yourself regarding these power struggles & changes & what you can do to bring balance to the people. The New Moon can bring about feelings of discomfort and repressed emotions, actions and where we are limited in our own lives. In some aspects, we may be having to face the facts and deal with the unavoidable in a mature and conscious matter – to fully utilize our resources and be the rulers of our own lives.

This energy collides with the fantasy of Venus in Pisces, we may finally see that things are not made out of Jasmine scents and Rose Pedals – reality is brought to us in the form of a universal smack down but at least we’ll know what to do to face it clearly. Don’t avoid your responsibilities; it’s truly a dynamic time to appoint yourself Head Boss of your own empire but in doing so, know that it’s up to you to make that a success or a failure. True love is showing up for yourself instead of waiting for another to do so. Use your expanded sense of conscious to plant the seeds of the future the way you’ve always wanted to.

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