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August’s Theme
5 of Pentacles + 6 of Swords + Ace of Machetes (Reversed)
August pulls you down to the ground to consider all of your personal needs, first and foremost. The 5 of Pentacles represents our position for this month; the need to come back to self, to listen carefully on what our bodies, minds and souls are all communicating to us and how we may recover from excessive work and struggle. This is a great period to dive deep into the healing process and how you can make this a daily activity rather than one that is acted on when in great need. When you learn how to water yourself consistently, you never need to worry about getting drained or losing energy while placing increasing your drive and focus on other matters. You are forced to consider the impact of your work on your wellbeing and how to maintain balance in these areas. Will you be needing to change your diet, implement meditation and exercise into your routine, slow things down, rest more, or find solace in more positive & encouraging thoughts? Possibilities on how to sustain your health and peace of mind are open for you; take this month to commit to yourself and well being, it will enable you to do more and receive more of what the universe has to offer. The period of hardship and struggle are at an end this month; embrace the flow of what is so that you become more flexible with life. When you cease to resist, you open up your vessel for miracles to occur and become the epitome of wealth and abundance. On a conscious level, the 6 of Swords has you realistically contemplating a departure of sorts. Be it mentally/spiritually or physically, you are to embark on a journey that has you leaving the familiar behind. This resonates deeply within your heart as something you know you must do but may be unsettling for most, as you are uncertain of what lies ahead of you. Cultivating mental strength, faith in self and a healthy body, mind and soul, ensures that you meet your destiny successfully prepared for the unexpected. What lies ahead is better than what you’re leaving behind but you must make the choice in whether or not you believe so. Subconsciously, the Ace of Machetes in reverse may have you feeling helpless and lost; the chaos around you will reveal that you have no control on the external, which can make you feel internally powerless. Meditate on what you do have control on, which is your perceptive on what is currently transpiring and how to make the best out of your circumstances. It is not a time to act out of impulse but to rest and to make strategic plans as to how you will direct yourself from here on in. Your best bet is to go with the flow with an end result in mind and bend in accordance to where the wind will take you.
Leo // 5 of Cups + Justice + 2 of Pentacles
August’s positioning for you is manifested as the 5 of Cups; the biggest lesson this month is detachment and how to continue the commitment towards self-improvement and emotional wellness. This card can denote emotional heaviness and the amount of power you hold over your thoughts and expectations. It may have you reflect on how you’ve dragged on to the past and how this affects your current stance. You may be prone to look at the darker side of things rather than see how past circumstances have enabled you to grow and bring you closer to what you do want. In fact, situations that have not panned out in your favor, truly brings you directly next to your destination if you are willing to see beyond what is transpiring and at the bigger picture. It is a time for newness; a new philosophy, new work, love, lifestyle and to cleanse what no longer works for you. Focus directly on your current blessings because this is what will renew you and allow you to reinvent yourself in a dynamic way. What is lost was not for you anyway; demand the best and be open to receive the best. Consciously, you find yourself to be demanding the truth more than ever and being transparent in your emotions and intentions. It is easier to create when all angles and emotions are laid on the table. You don’t have time to be passive aggressive or deal with impasse approaches from others around you. August is a time for great discernment regarding all aspects of your life. You may be questioning whether or not this really what you want, if your mind and heart are connected and if you are living in the best way you can. Important truth is to be revealed to you and it will help you make sound decisions regarding your future. Trust your instincts rather than second guessing your impulses; you hold more power than you think. It’s an excellent time to reestablish new rules, boundaries and structure in your life for your new birth cycle. Decide what stays and what goes; what you no longer want to carry and what you are willing to be patient on. Subconsciously you may be prolonging acting by weighting several options and not truly listening to how you feel about things. It can be emotionally overwhelming if you hoard your emotions from past experiences without properly allowing yourself to feel and be truly vulnerable. The reality is, you already know what to you, you may be clouding yourself by avoiding reality and truth. Authenticity is an act of rebellion; be courageous with yourself and confront what’s lying beneath and the reasons why that prohibits you from taking action on what you know you must do. Follow your gut.
Virgo // The Magician + 2 of Swords + 9 of Brooms
What won’t you create for yourself this month, Virgo? August positioning for you is represented by the Magician, the belief that you are in all things and thus can create all things through directed will power and intent. Somehow, you make it all work out; it is a month of limitedness possibilities, of taking full advantage of your creativity and truly initiating new change in your life. The Magician may have you reflecting on what it is you can do with the resources that are currently present in you life. Everything you need is contained within you; it is time to expand on your wit and innovative thinking to see how far you can stretch your limits. There is a confidence to you this month that assures you know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to create what you envision for yourself. Consciously, the 2 of Swords can be your logical mind, second guessing whether the formula you’re creating is even effective. You have several choices to make that not only impact you but others as well; it is not a month for stalling or doubting your power. Your intention will make sure that you naturally make the right decision but don’t allow the emotions of others to cloud the choices you need to make right now. The faster you are able to respond to life, the faster things keep moving along. Subconsciously, the 9 of Brooms illustrates hesitation, paranoia and a resistance to the momentum that you are already on. A part of you desires great change and a shift from the old; yet this requires full commitment and a consistency that may be bigger than what you’ve taken on before. It’s time to trust, not only the path that lays before you but the people that can help you with creating what’s in store in your future. Worse case scenario, you are prepped with the tools to respond accordingly to save yourself from any challenge; best case scenario, you exceed your expectations and help others attain their goals as well. Let your guard down and have faith in what is unfolding for you.
Libra // 6 of Pentacles + Page of Brooms + 8 of Cups
Your positioning for the month of August is shown as the 6 of Pentacles: assurance of power, control over your personal resources, flowing with the dynamics around you and exchanging wealth (spiritual & physical) in balance. It is a month to absorb much knowledge and information about yourself and who you are willing to spend and share your resources with. Your time and energy are extremely valuable, equating to wealth in their own forms; August will highlight how you have been spending these to your advantage or disadvantage, while providing information on efficiency and self-leadership. You have much to offer to the world around you but are your prices fair to you? What are you gaining out of every scenario and are you ultimately expanding or contracting your spirit in the process? The 6 of Pentacles promises the awareness more self-respect, your natural abundance and the support system of your community or environment. It is the law of cause and effect: What are you giving and taking? Is this fair for you? If not, there is no point in getting mad because you are consenting to this exchange – take your power back. Consciously, the Page of Brooms is a period of great exploration and expansion for you. You may be excited to move on to a new chapter in your life or feeling the passionate urge to investigate what else is out there for you. Something will be pulling on your heart strings and it suggests that you heed the call that is tempting you. The Page of Brooms is excitement in your approach towards the future. You may be eager to deliver your message or perspective out into the world or to try things from an entirely different angle. It’s a wonderful time to be courageous and confident in your direction; you are the creator of your world and are given the current opportunity to build it as you see fit. Engage in all your passions now, especially after assessing what different approaches you will be taking from the 6 of Pentacles. Subconsciously, what you can be suppressing is the need to do things your own way and to take a radical approach that most do not. Detachment is what you’re longing for but you can be resisting the need to take action on it. Do what you must to empower yourself, what your suppressing will make itself known this month.
Scorpio // Queen of Pentacles + Knight of Pentacles + The Star (Reversed)
The Queen of Pentacles is all about ensuring what is hers through dedication and hard work; she peers into the golden pentacle, a symbol of her physical and mental efforts in manifesting all that surrounds her. As
relationships benefit you greatly and provide for you the tender care that you need this month. Consciously, you are driven towards success but may be stubborn in how you achieve that. The Knight of Pentacles has his own consistent and progressive flow, but tends to be very narrow-minded in maintaining that. Bear in mind that there are more than one way to do things and something the way you did not anticipate working out in your favor is the best route and the fastest route to go on. You are ready to take action on an unexpected financial opportunity that has been delivered to you; it will take some mindful cultivation but in the end it will be worth your time and effort. Subconsciously, the Star in reverse can hint at your ability to sabotage yourself every time you get closer to your dreams. This may be because you feel unworthy of success or are fearful of taking a full leap of faith in order to attain it. Confront your fears but driving yourself daily to do all that you can to accelerate your dreams. And question: What is it that you’ve got to lose? All odds are in your favor this month; don’t let your fears stop you.
Sagittarius // The Magician (Reversed) + The Hermit (Reversed) + 7 of Brooms (Reversed)
August’s Magician Reversed will highlight all the areas in your life where you are giving your power away or are making unnecessary excuses for yourself. Just as everything is accelerating for you, you may feel the anxious tug to perform better, do more and transform into something greater. You will need to know how you stunt your progress by being alert of how you consciously & subconsciously gift away your power to others or to circumstances around you. The Magician Reversed, can also hint that you may not need to be so forceful with things at this time. Self-discipline is a must, but controlling yourself is key; if you find that you are placing too much attention on external circumstances beyond your reach, then you know you’ve overstepped your boundaries and are wasting time on nothing. Consciously, you’ve gathered all the resources and knowledge that you need to progress. You can be feeling more confidently social in your ability to articulate and take action on all the information coming your way. Adding on to your repertoire of knowledge is always suggested but don’t utilize it as a crutch and don’t use “healing” as an excuse to harvest more time away from the things that you know you should be doing. All signs point to “go,” any other reason to stay in a shell is resistance and you may be feeling exhausted of holding back on yourself. You’ve taken all of the time you’ve needed resonate on any truth being presented to you from these prior months; now is time to take action on that and shape the world with your presence. Subconsciously, the 7 of Brooms in reverse, reveals that you are no longer willing to resist your path. You want to dig a way out of the chaos and may be exhibiting a restlessness and stirring inside, waiting for the right time to do so. It is a time to defend yourself and doing what you told yourself you would set out to do. Don’t assume that you will be overwhelmed by what lies in the unknown; by remaining grounded in the present moment, you will be able to tackle anything on with a level head and common sense about you.
Capricorn // Page of Machetes + Ace of Brooms + 7 of Pentacles (Reversed)
The Page of Machetes requires swift thinking on your toes, being solution oriented, instead of wallowing in anxiety about the future and complaining about situations that you need to clean up. August is an exciting time to grow from an older self that may have been very limited in thinking. You are getting thrown so much information, left and right, that is ultimately beneficial to your growth but requires that you analyze how you will use this in your favor. Study the facts only; August is much more productive and efficient in your personal developments if you keep your emotions aside and focus on the real for now. Consciously, you are in the mood to burn anything that stands in your way down. You are consumed with passion, sensuality, heightened awareness and creative ability that does not dry up. This is an intense drive that can motivate you to be courageous in anything that you would normally fear. You may even exhibit a side to you that is very different from your normal self. Friends and family may question how you got to this new stage in your life but by removing any draining emotion you’ve succumb to, you’ve freed up space for your authenticity to shine. The Ace of Brooms suggest that you have some innovative ideas stirring within you and will be needing to find various outlets in order to express this; if it cannot be done now, do it later. It would be a disservice to put these gifts to waste. Sexuality will definitely be heightened during this month, so take extra precaution with protection and birth-control, if that’s not an intentional plan for you. Fire fuels creation and fertility from spirit in all forms; you have the choice to select the way you give birth and what that will be. An exciting time overall, the Ace of Brooms invites the purging of the old and renewal/reinvention of the new. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you are aligning with your potential and have the momentum to match it. Subconsciously, you are rushing yourself and may feel anxious to get ahead of the game before everyone else. If you are competing against other, you lose. Not only does your focus get averted from your own personal agendas and lessons that are thrown into your path along the way, but you’re no longer in tune with your own blessing or life; your power is exerted away from your body for the wrong intentions. Focus on yourself; the 7 of Pentacles in reverse shows that the more you do this, the faster your achievements will come into fruition. Everything bears its own season; do everything you can to ensure that your crops’ needs are met in every cycle.
Aquarius //  The Chariot + 8 of Cups + 3 of Cups (Reversed)
The Chariot is highlighted as confidence beyond confidence; somehow you’ve achieved a great milestone that has you feeling elevated. Whether this is done independently in thought or through physical creation, the drive to create more or dive in deeper into what you’ve discovered inside of yourself is consistent – follow through. Beware of your ego and moodiness – if you are on overdrive, you may be prone to getting an inflated head or a burn out early in the game. Allow this energy to influence you in ways that have you conceptualizing how you can create your legacy now. The energy of the Chariot is always about progression; in what ways are you progressing this month? Spiritually, things are developing interestingly enough; the battle between being independent, potentially single or working with others, in addition to focusing on your romantic partnership (if you have one) can be a battle if you are making such advancement in your life. The Chariot only sees what he must attain in that moment and seldom does he make space to take others along with him. This may be something you will seriously need to contemplate, especially if the 8 of Cups is appearing on a conscious note. The 8 of Cups is the decision to detach yourself from something that is no longer brining you the emotional satisfaction or completion that you need. You may not even know what it is that you do need but are certain that you can find it on your way if you choose to go another route. This is card of much courage and empowerment, for the road up ahead is unknown yet still illuminated by both the sun and moon – meaning that your decision is a balanced and guided one. Subconsciously, the 3 of Cups may hint that your inability to relax and have fun during this month. You can see the work that lies ahead of you and/or may be placing extreme expectations on yourself this month that indulging in activities that stray from your end result, are simply not an immediate option for you. The 3 of Cups reversed can also hint towards conformity, losing your essence and quality that makes you unique because you are working so closely with a group that is not entirely of your vision. Take heed of the Chariot’s intentions to succeed based on your creations, if others want to share and partake in that victory, then it is a joint success but make sure that your own insights and visions don’t get muddled amongst the rest. Take a break from collective scenes to build up on your genius.
Pisces // 9 of Brooms + Queen of Brooms (Reversed) + The Empress (Reversed)
August’s positioning with the 9 of Brooms is all about perseverance but the paranoia of having more unexpected outcomes flying your way. It is certain that you’ve endured your fair share of surprises, the 9 of Brooms can hint towards feeling guarded, and mistrusting of what’s to come or of those around you. Everything that is transpiring is building up endurance and intelligence inside of you; you have the wisdom now to avoid what may knock you down in the future by seeing 10 steps ahead of you based on your past experiences. This card teaches you that preparation is key for success and you cannot live in fear but you can do your best to be responsible with what you know. You are keeping up the pace with the current momentum of things and are learning how to act immediately towards situations that require swift thinking and decision making. Consciously, the Queen of Brooms reversed, gifts you with the skill set of patience and properly awaiting the divine time to do things in. The Queen of Brooms in reverse, has you holding back your tongue or thinking more carefully on the next set of moves that lie in front of you. You are not looking to be an instant fad or a passing phase, longevity is in your mindset and this requires that you develop the proper pace and mental stability to do so. Be mindful of “having it your way and your way only,” syndrome; you may lose your charisma and flow if you insist on being stubborn and difficult. Seek multiple solutions to whatever is ailing you now. Subconsciously, the Empress reversed may have you questioning your ability to manifest, love and create the dream you’ve always desired. This internal doubt will surface as you move forward towards more progress and promise of what you truly want. You may be doubting your creativity, or are experiencing set backs along the way that have you questioning the timing of things. If you find that you are experiencing scarcity, checking in on your mindset: your thoughts and opinions form your reality around you. Once you realize how everything can work in your favor and is already doing so, you’ll be back on track.
Aries // The Tower (Reversed) + Death + 8 of Swords (Reversed)
August’s positioning as the Tower reversed shows tremendous improvement from past months and the ability to properly assess and attend to any potential chaos, with calmness and intelligent action. You may pride yourself as an effective problem solver who does not wallow in fear or anxiety but takes initiative to resolve any issues that you may surrounded by, even if they come from an unexpected source. Don’t rationalize “why,” things are unfolding the way they are, the lesson is to go with the flow and allow the universe to do its work. Change here is inevitable, you may be completely thrown off course or believe to be when actually it is the best outcome that could happen now. There is the reminder to act with a sense of urgency; if there is something you must do, don’t wait until the last minute to do it. You can be getting the red flag about people or circumstances around you that regardless of what you do or how you try, are unwilling to listen to your wisdom or change for the better. Major lessons will be presenting themselves to you that encourage you to move onward toward the path you know is best for you. Don’t fear making that decision. Consciously, Death is associated with the process of eradicating the old and making room for the new. Chances are, you have seen this coming for quite some time, but did not know what to expect or did not expect things to transpire the way they are doing so now. Your lesson is to make room for what makes you truly happy. Many scenarios are shifting for you and you can be extremely sensitive to these changes but it’s important to know that you are ready to elevate your life. Embrace the unknown, knowing that it is exactly what you have wished for. Looking back on this time, you will find great appreciation for what it has encouraged you to do and who it has molded you to. A loss is to be expected but it may be you who initiates it, if you have enough courage to do so. Subconsciously, the 8 of Swords in reverse, tells you that you will be liberated and the most happy from these changes – it just may be the case you don’t know how you’ll live your life otherwise, which stops you from advancement. You are open toward self-acceptance, more love and ending any victimizing traits. Here, you are presented with a way out from feeling controlled or stuck in any way. August is an excellent time to reflect on what is or is not working and to take full accountability in your life, knowing that it is for your best.
Taurus // The Chariot + The Wheel of Fortune + The Emperor
August’s positioning as the The Chariot for you, is a phenomenal time to finish up any last minute projects and truly put 110% in all that you do. The Chariot is a dynamic card of charisma, vitality, positivity and will power. If you knew you could only succeed, what would you do with this time? This card exhibits the ability to have a strong sense of control on one’s actions and the ability to assert yourself, regardless of the circumstances. It’s a month of power and proving to the world just what you intend to do with it. You may gain much awareness on what you are capable of but also see where your current actions can potentially take you in the long run. Your mental frame is ready to overcome any opposition; never lose focus or motivation because you are closer than you think. Consciously, the Wheel of Fortune is the universe placing all these fortunate opportunities in your path; it is a card that teaches you a great deal of your cycles and patterns, encouraging you to hold on and expect the best. You are learning how to make the best out of any situation and how to roll with unexpected factors thrown your way. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of luck, being at the right place, at the right time; new options are presenting themselves to you where there were none before. It may feel that these changes and shifts are hitting you directly and are more on a personal note; expect the unexpected – this is the lesson for you this month. Subconsciously, the Emperor is directing you to have more structure and organization in your life. You want to be the ruler of self and establish a legacy that you look back on and be proud of. Consequently, you may be too rigid in your beliefs and approach in doing things. Reevaluate your direction and whether or not there are alternative ways to do it better; you may have to release your sense of control of your external outcomes in order to gain more control over what truly matters. Find structure inside of self and see how everything else falls into place.
Gemini // The Sun + 8 of Brooms + 10 of Swords
The Sun as your position for August, provides immense clarity and illumination on everything! It is a blast of positivity and joy; the Sun comes out after the clouds and the moon have revealed the truth that you needed to know. You may be operating with faith that you know full-heartedly what you must do and how to go about doing it with no doubts. August will gift you great healing and inner confidence; it is because you’ve tapped in deeper to your inner child and playfulness with what is, that you find it simple to manipulate the resources around you. It is difficult to pull you down into lower consciousness because you have a clear understanding of where you came from and how you got to travel to the darker aspects of you; you have no interest in going back. Your mentality is sharp and eager to grow and to discover the brighter side of things; this is because you are embracing your destiny and awaking with such welcoming for what’s to come. Consciously, the 8 of Brooms positions you to put all plans into action; this is preparing you to organize your life accordingly and declaring yourself ready to receive the blessings to come. You are working hard to finish any last minute projects or intentions that you’ve set out to accomplish for yourself. There is an influx of opportunity on its way to you, you may find yourself learning a great deal about how you operate under stress and what you must do to make sure that you are balanced during this time of change. The 8 of Brooms shines possibility on you and requires that you make your move while the iron is hot; this means that you must be strategic with the way you move and prepared to do so with your work & mind organized in your favor. Subconsciously, 10 of Swords may be some internal fear that you will sabotage your success by not knowing what to do or failing in some manner. It can point that you feel unprepared or uncertain of making this giant shift in your life and cannot rationalize why you are worthy of victory and success. You may have a habit of victimizing yourself when nothing has gone wrong; be mindful of thinking of “worse case scenarios,” or holding on to old wounds that appear just as you are progressing in life. Plant yourself in the present moment, focused on the factual but allow yourself to feel what you must. There is a difference between still residing in the past and being grateful for the lesson that it has taught you. You’ve endured a great deal that has brought you here today, don’t lose site of that.
Cancer // 10 of Pentacles + 4 of Brooms + Page of Machetes
The 10 of Pentacles as your August’s position, is the beauty of a stable life, happy home and much prosperity generated due to your positive outlook and ability to turn anything into gold. This is a card of one’s mindset and the ability to flip any negative scenario into the best of cases. The 10 of Pentacles is the promise of a more centered perspective on life, and you may be receiving proof that your work is leading you to a better future; you can practically taste it. August may be the month when you generate great financial abundance or finally address any poverty consciousness you may contain, head on. The 10 of Pentacles is a positive outlook on your present scenario, knowing that things can only get better as you make plans into the future, secured with what is to come. Consciously, the 4 of Brooms is a card of celebration, accomplishment and success. There is much to welcome into your life this month and to appreciate; even if things are not in front of your face, you can still conjure the best for yourself by showing gratitude for what’s to come. You may be feeling more free than ever and more bonded in your relationships as you truly express a new and liberated side to you that is fearless in surpassing limitations. You may be containing some unexpected excitement and thrills over what is to come, blended in with anxiousness of the unknown; these are signs of amazing things to transpire. This exhilarating feeling hints at your expansiveness and rapid growth; do not be afraid to claim your space – the doors are all opening up for you. Subconsciously, the Page of Machetes can reveal that you are ready to expose all that is hidden, to live a completely transparent life and balance every unjust factor in your life. You may be prone to think things through a bit more throughly before taking action or to confront anything that has been bothering you directly. Communication is your best skill this month; use your analytical mind to solve any problems or to teach those around you how to be more competent, if need be.
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