Illuminating the Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse // Thursday, August 18th, 2016

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The Full Moon in Aquarius is marked as the end of a cycle that begun in March 2016; this involved revisiting the past and assessing what it is you truly desire for yourself and what are the things you must let go in order for this to happen. It may have included fears, untapped energy and new creativity that were in need of exploring but you have held back on until now. Certainly, this is a time of great closure and endings to what was and a beautiful beginning to what will be, but it will also be presenting you with all the lessons that you’ve learned thus far. You get the opportunity to wrap things up once and for all, in order to progress forward, powerfully. Take the time to meditate on what has impacted you greatly; that which you can integrate successfully into your psyche and subconscious as value and that which may need to be reflected upon for some time before you can truly grasp its message for you. Your individual journey is just that, your own. There is no need to belittle, criticize or second guess your voyage nor the amount of times it may take for you to learn things; everyone is different on their paths and everyone has their own share of baggage to alleviate.

This Full Moon carries a partial Lunar eclipse with it, which has the same effects of a normal eclipse but does not cast a strong enough shadow. This will make it clear which way you should go, if you don’t already get the hint. You will not be able to hide from the universal signs or prompts to change for the better. Up until this point, it may have been extremely difficult to find the positive in things, let alone even strive towards progression. The air is clearing up for a new cycle to occur that welcomes effortless abundance and exciting times to come, however, most of must may be uncertain of what lies ahead and how to cope with such mystery. Prepare to allow your higher consciousness to lead and the universe to show you through coincidences and synchronicities, on how to release control and follow a more aligned path for yourself that is not entirely logical.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will illuminate the mental patterns and unconscious habits you have the hinder your progress. We may also have feelings of isolation and loneliness surface, if we take things personally. This is the ideal time to reinvent ourselves and break free from the old, the eclipse allows us to release the patterns that keep us blocked and stuck in the same dynamic. Change can happen in an instant. Focus on releasing any opposition in the mind; the anger, frustration, doubt, comparison and vibrations that control you. Why is your light hiding and how can you motivate yourself consistently to make it shine. The universe is demanding now that you indeed shine; don’t hide from yourself.

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  1. Conjurequeen August 18, 2016 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    Excellent article! Will def be doing some full moon rituals tonight!

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