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During our transition from one level to the next, we are to place our balance into priority. Change is constant and as one level crumbles, we struggle to find the equilibrium between one moment to the next. Temperance gifts us the insight of patience, not a waiting game but the wisdom to know what your purpose is in that moment. Do not invalidate the small moments, for they lead you directly to your end desires. Sacred moments are at play, when you slow down you begin to see the beauty in simplicity and can articulate your heart with full expression & connection. The Hermit advises introspection & analyzation; what is your intention in the things you do & what motivates you? Detachment from poor influences is shown here but also the inspiration to know yourself more intimately. What are the habits that you are aloof too or make excuses on? The 4 of Cups is an ability to look away from what is clearly presented to you. Opportunity surrounds you at every moment, you can nourish your own cup through imagination and willingness to impart your own wisdom in any situation. The King of Swords urges us to discipline ourselves on the things we know we must do but have been holding back on. In many ways, we are being mentored by those we choose to have around us. What can we learn from their mistakes & successes? This is the time to be proactive on something that has been lingering in the time for awhile. The Star aligns the cosmos so that our desires can be attained almost instantaneously. Things are transpiring in your favor now but you must take immediate action on them. The 4 of Cups is the habit of procrastinating or waiting for others to show you something that you can do yourself. Therefore the King advises us to be mentally proactive and defeat resistance through will power & self-motivation. A system needs to be in place so that you are certain that you are doing all you can to achieve your goals. When in deep research & contemplation over your next moves, the Hermit ensures that his focus is singularly on himself & his spiritual/mental growth. Take advantage of the present moment.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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