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Root: Queen of Swords: You would feel more grounded by eliminating distracting influences from your life; the truth frees you from limitation & oppression. Be proactive in expressing your authenticity but also organizing your life where you know you can meet your goals at a feasible time, concretely.

Sacral: The High Priestess brings awareness towards sexual partners & activities we choose to engage in. You already know what resonates w/ you; this is a time tap into your wisdom & trust the information your womb is letting you know. Negating your intuition causes havoc in your world.

Solar: The 8 of Cups informs us that in order to do what we must, we must free up space & let go of things that obstruct us from our true path. This is a card of independence – perhaps a sacrifice is needed in order to act on your full power. Don’t get emotional about it, see it for what it is & detach yourself from its effect on you.

Heart: The Magician communicates the power of your Magick when you lead with your heart & trust the information revealed to you. Much is being presented where you can manifest instantaneously or utilize your immediate resources to get further ahead in your goals. You exude immense power; be mindful of how you project that and who you lend that to now.

Throat: 3 of Wands points to an elevation in the way you express your thoughts and perceptions. This is a maturity where you seek for more ways of articulating your point of view. You are also engaging in different ways in providing value to others. There is a wise decision in leaving poor expression, criticism & comparison behind & rising to seek new ways that you can be honest & communicate your spirit to others with the power of your voice.

Third Eye: The Hierophant is ownership of your own perspective; approaching life by considering various angles and now they work with your belief systems. This card suggest that you view life as if it is all happening in your favor. You are your own spiritual leader & guru; how do you give meaning to your world, knowing that truth?

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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    This deck is so beautiful! Where can I get it?

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