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The High Priestess rules our internal divine self, here lies all the information you will ever need if you only took the time to reflect upon it. The High Priestess rules the domain of esoteric & occult mysteries, knows intimately of her shadow side and downfalls but can still navigate herself successfully by being keenly aware of her triggers & her strength which is her wisdom. Much is being revealed to you now: thoughts, emotions from the past and new connections are surfacing for your awareness. She encourages you to explore yourself with an open mind, to discover how your perceptions are helping or harming you. Your intuition is heightened at this time and here are several factors to be made mindful of: The 5 of Pentacles reveals an aspect of ourselves that is to be healed. It is a component within our left bodies, the feminine side, that is in need of full acceptance and articulation. In some aspect, you feel “less” than yourself, this card shows that there is a need to welcome this component in, instead of feeling shameful, guilty, unworthy or undeserving. Ask the Oracle within: What do I most need to do to support my healing? Trust what immediately appears. In this time of instant manifestation & fast timing, anything can happen at a blink of an eye. Be proactive in the process of your own healing and discover your own frequency toward certain themes in your life. Write down where you currently lie & where you’d like to be. The 5 of Swords underneath you can allude to self-sabotage – holding back on taking necessary action or preventing yourself from attaining happiness through comparison or self-belittlement. Focus on yourself & your strength during these months. Chances are you know exactly what you are doing to harm yourself; when you know better, you do better – act on that wisdom. Not everyone around you has the best of intentions; detachment from shady behavior, chaos & inconsistency will enable you to focus on your priorities more strongly. The 10 of Cups is the promise of emotional health, happiness, joy & vibrant renewal. Visions of your future is real; reach for it.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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