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Isis, thrives within us all as a balance of the divine masculine & feminine. Both magical, loving, sexual, yet fierce, willful, determined & wise – her spirit lives in us during this time of turbulence. We must let go & purge ourselves cyclically, to focus on our physical bodies, be it our healing journeys, advocating for others, or achieving our greatest potential – Isis has transcended great pain & loss, becoming immortalized & attaining magical abilities in her process of transformation. We are called to do the same, everything laid before us is a test of fortitude, of faith in self; you must continue onward, your strength & will (not force) are growing. Do not surrender until you the impossible happens, but accept what you cannot change. Feminine strength is unwavering devotion & determination, a willingness to assume water & flow w/ what is, not to resist w/ force. Miraculous circumstances happen when you accept your purpose & your power. The Pyramid of Light is the truth of our Ascension: we’re all growing rapidly on a spiritual, emotional & physical level, truth is occurring & illusions are revealed. As we expand in light, darkness gets more attracted to us. Laugh in its face; nothing can interfere w/ you unless you grant it permission. Remember your power of choice & awareness, nothing merits that you step off your throne – remain calm & secure in who you are & choose your best reaction. The reality is this world is energy & manipulation of such is magic. We all must learn psychic protection to strengthen our compassion, love for self, boundaries & center. Do your research: meditation, crystals, occult healers, herbs, education can all benefit you now. Your journey is about personal mastery & to gain freedom from fear. Enter the Chamber of Healing speaks of a change & gift that you can expect shortly. You will recognize it by how it makes you feel, not by how it looks necessarily. Make sacred space so you can focus on being authentically you for those moments in the day & you can connect to the source that you are made of.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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