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The Hermit encourages us to become a bit deeper, to live our lives with intention & purpose in every single moment. This is a time of much needed solitude; so much is transpiring & the wheels are turning quickly that it can be challenging to catch up or to truly see what is real & what is an illusion. You may be shown the true motives of others around you & can be thrown off if you’re not prepared for the truth. The Hermit is the act of protecting your energy & space, becoming a recluse so that you can observe other’s intentions & analyze their motives from a safe space. You are not apart from this equation & the universe may be inviting you to take a deeper look into your expectations & the energy you allow around you. It’s a time of healing, becoming more intimate with self & allowing the real you to express itself. The 7 of Cups illustrates all the distractions we accompany ourselves with, be it social media, poor habits, dramatic energy or chaotic organization – we are advised to slow down and not fall into the appealing allure of bullshit. It’s a time where we must summon the courage to place ourselves as a priority for once and to speak truthfully & confidently about our emotions, feelings & boundaries. No one can occupy your space or disrespect you unless you give them the green light to do so. You may have to discover why you have been doing this on a conscious or possibly, subconscious level. We are called to become fully accountable & responsible for our ways – there are spiritual practices & perhaps a pursuit of your own that allows you to get further in tune with YOUR essence & not of any other. The Hermit archetype’s duty is to show you the light through allowing you to travel in the darkness. The courage you will need is about journeying within & discovering your true self & how you fear you. Everything around you is a reflection & if you want to rectify those projections then discover what messages teach you. The 7 of Cups is to keep your brain on check. Things are easier when conscious of your breath & present moment. Pace your spirit.

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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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