Daily Tarot Meditation for 1/7/16 II Four of Cups + Seven of Pentacles + Fighting

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The 4 of Cups alludes to our aloofness, the state of detachment from our spirits and lack of awareness. We are to be mindful that the universe is conspiring in our favor, to bring us daily rewards, advantages and blessings that can benefit our current state of being. If you are working on manifesting something in particular, make sure you know how you’d like the end result to feel; chances are, you are being presented with what you need to advance, but it’s not appear in the package that you expected. You must shape your eyes, mind & heart, to recognize opportunity and advancement when you see it. When you’re so hungry for growth and success; you can easily make something out of nothing, but there isn’t a need to “rush” to get to your destination. This is an ongoing process. The Seven of Pentacles appeared to us yesterday; and it’s reminder for us today, is to slow down our internal states and reflect on the growth and lessons that gotten to you to this point in time. You cannot consistently run to the finish line, without evaluating your best & worse assets. Have faith that you have shifted tremendously from an old frame of thinking, regarding your creativity and ability to generate abundance for yourself. Never lose sight of that victory. Every moment is a new opportunity to take advantage of; you are meant to learn from your mistakes or those whom have caused you misfortune and grief. Instead of fighting against what is, learn to work with it, as they say “when in Rome…” You are to be conscious of your re-actions and triggers regarding money and self-esteem. It can be easy to fall back into old patterns of victimization, why me’s and feeling stuck & lethargic at your current point. Your frame of mind is the foundation for all actions; work on the garden of your mind and see how everything else is affected as a result of that relationship. You may encounter challenges or entities that trigger your need to defend yourself. You should be so secure in your being that you don’t have to pay attention to that call; you don’t have to fall into that particular level, making you just as inefficient & low vibrational as the perpetrator. Ignoring goes a long way; even ignoring those thoughts that tempt you to think lesser than yourself.
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As a professional tarot reader, I’ve utilize the Tarot as a therapeutic service that offers clarity regarding our personal subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, life cycles & our journey along the way.

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