Magic is a component to be found within; it’s existence relies on us claiming our power as the divine beings as we are and acting on that reality.

My Urban Illumination: Tools + Services for the Mystically Inclined

My Urban Illumination, is a portal of insight & wisdom aimed at demystifying the taboo of spiritual, metaphysical & ritual work & to provide accessibility to these ancient healing systems, for all in need. The intention is to assist you in further developing inner peace, knowledge of self, higher vibrations & to aid you to define your own connection to spirit through the Sacred Arts. The inspiration is to serve as a resource for others to gain food for their spiritual knowledge & provide support in your personal quest. Inspired by my years of working in Pagan/Occult stores and Botanicas (spiritual supply store), I wanted to facilitate an online space that promotes self-autonomy, accountability & enchantment. One that is harmonious, empowering & welcoming to all spiritual practices and religious denominations – regardless of experience or history. It’s no coincidence you are here; may you find something meaningful to add on to your journey.

What is an Intuitive Tarot Session?

Intuitive Tarot Sessions do not rely on prescribed definitions, it’s a connection between you and I, that enables your energy to be accessible in the cards, therefore the reading is intimately connected to you. Unbeknownst to most, it is quite a comfortable and relaxing process; I shuffle with the intention to access your current vibes and energy patterns, to see what are messages are in store for you. You will never be told what to do and session do not define or limit you in any way but you will receive clear insight on the energy of your present circumstance, pattern/cycles you need to be aware of, and feel centered after experiencing an affirmation of your intuition.

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